E-Bike Randoms - IAA Mobility 2021

Sep 11, 2021 at 15:07
by Ralf Hauser  

The Simplon Steamer PMAX is available in two travel configurations with 150mm or 170mm of rear wheel travel. It's equipped with Bosch's Performance CX motor but uses the smaller Bosch 625Wh battery with the option of using a 500Wh extender sitting on the bottle cage mounts for a total of 1125Wh. Head angle: 63,9 degrees, seat angle: 78 degrees. 468mm reach for a size M, 448mm chainstays.

The 150mm version with matching fork pushes the bike to a 64.7-degree head angle and 79-degree seat angle.

The shock is rotated by 90 degrees to give more room for a water bottle or the optional battery extender.


The new Conway Xyron is available in a carbon and aluminum version, running on 29" wheels, stepping up over the older 27,5" version. Shown here is the Xyron S 4.9 aluminum model with 150mm of travel and Bosch's new PowerTube 750 battery, LED remote and Kiox display. Five frame sizes should make for a proper fit.

New colorway for the eWME 8.9 MX in flipflop and chrome. Using Shimano's EP8 motor, it's using a large Darfon 720Wh battery. The eWME is available in mullet and full 29" versions.

So shiny ...


The Scott Patron has already been launched but the engineers developed this display to show what's hidden inside.

750Wh Bosch battery.

The Patron eRIDE 900.

R Raymon

The R Raymon AirRay is a lightweight e-bike with Air Drive motor, developed with Yamaha, which delivers 50Nm of torque. The AirRay frame weights 2.8kg, offers 150 mm of travel and fits 29" wheels. There are four support modes: Eco+, Eco, Standard and High. R Raymon is talking of a steep 74-degree seat angle to help with climbing (don't want to know what they consider a slack seat angle), but at least the head angle of 65.5 degrees fits into today's understanding of all-mountain capable. Shown here is the AirRay 10.0, using a 500Wh battery and weighing 20.2kg. Price is €5,499.

Chainstays are loooong at 475mm.
The Yamaha Air Drive weighs 2.9kg and offers 50Nm of torque.

AirRay 11.0 with 500Wh battery at 19.9kg.
The 12.0 top model is only weighing 19.4kg, with a removable 410Wh battery, for a price of €7,299.

The aluminum TrailRay 160 E 11.0 with 160mm of travel is equipped with Panasonic's new PW-X3 with 85Nm of torque and a massive Simplo 835Wh battery. .


The Fazua Ride 50 Trail is the evolution of the Fazua Ride 50 Drive System with more power (58Nm of torque compared to 55Nm previously), 6% weight reduction and a freewheel with 67% more teeth (40 now) for quicker engagement. The motor is 10% more efficient. The continuous nominal power is 250W, maximum power is 300W, but it's able to provide 350W for a short time in a new mode. By pushing the handlebar remote for three seconds in any setting, you'll switch into Attack Mode, getting that extra power for a few seconds. The USB cap that used to be screwed on can now be opened without the need of any tools. There's also a second version, the Ride 50 Street, with the only difference showing in a different layout of the radiant cooling structures on the outside of the drive pack. Ride modes can now be fully customized via an app.

Multiple remotes to choose from.

You can set different profiles and even adjust them during a ride.

The USB port for diagnostics is now easily accessible.
Charging port on the battery is now protected by a rubber cover. Thankfully you can now simply activate it from the remote.

The bottom bracket assembly is still the only unit that needs to stay attached to the frame.
Trek's E-Caliber with Fazua system.

Riese & Müller

More of a travel bike company, they Riese & Müller now also have e-MTBs in their lineup. The Bosch-driven Deline mountain has 150mm of travel and a 625Wh battery.

There's also a Superdelite mountain version with an additional battery in the top tube, coming to 1,125Wh total.


FIT is offering its own range of components to match different motors. They are offering remotes, displays, and batteries (from 555 to 960Wh) including motors (at the moment Brose, Panasonic and Amprio Rheinmetall) as a package to companies and act as the service provider for all those components. Updates are possible over a cloud-based service through a port that's compatible with all variations.

Apparently, they can do any sort of programming with their units. Even to guide Super Mario towards Princess Peach.

Another concept bike, with full integration of FIT's concept components.


With 3,000 Lumens and 450 Lux of the high beam, the M99 Pro 2 is now the brightest light in Supernova's lineup in accordance with German road law. It's also got an integrated power buffer to manage the power surge of components with short-term high power consumption. There's also a low beam and daylight running light (shown in picture).

Bonus Oddities

That's what you get for wandering off from the bike-specific halls.

And now I'm going to fly home in my carcopter. Because apparently, I can these days ...


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 Yamaha, I expected more than seeing a square taper spindle on that thing. If there is one standard that should have been dead and buried long ago - it’s square taper. I killed so many cranks as a kid and have seen countless wobbly cranks rounded out and hanging off lol
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 ^^^ This needs so many upvotes. ^^^
Square taper is the worst.
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 @scott-townes: Rotors mounted on a square taper
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 What?! I didn´t notice that until you called it out!
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 Damn 6k€ bikes sporting tech from nastiest walmart deathtraps.
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 @kanioni: yeah man. When i was 15 or 16 not even riding hard or doing anything spectacular, friends of my age too were damn near loosing our minds with how badly we were wearing square taper cranks out on our Giant and Saracen hardtails lol. Shimano and sram, square taper couldnt stand up to kids messing about. I would hate to think about riding one now on an expensive e-bike. ISIS was a great bit better but i find Shimano Hollowtech is absolutely trouble free. Not one spot of bother out of 6 or 7 year old SLX cranks that ive sent to hell and back lol.
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 The Yamaha "e-mtb" motors all have splined BB spindles. Looks like R Raymon has re-branded Yamaha's "budget" e-bike motors. I wouldn't point a finger at Yamaha for that, R Raymon is cutting corners.

Here is the actual e-mtb motor, and it is splined:
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 @scott-townes: Well, there have been more resistance against pedal assistance than against heli-drops so I suppose this one was just developed for this particular crowd. The helicopter for mountainbikes. Just don't quite see where you need to put your bike. Near the tail rotor (I suppose it has one, doesn't it?) or next to the door (so that you can't enter or leave the vehicle when the bike is in place. On the front is probably best, on the roof is probably the worst option for your bike rack.
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 @enki: Looks like Yamaha has a total of five models of ebike motors. Three have square taper spindles for city bikes and two have splined spindles for mountain bikes.
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 @enki: Looks like an ISIS drive spline (which is also tapered). A bit better than square taper, but not by much. I probably saw just as many wallowed out ISIS cranks as I did square-taper cranks when I was a mechanic.
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 @WinoBot: Wasn't the problem with ISIS that the larger diameter axle in the limited euro BB allowed for too tiny bearings or the the spline also cause issues? Seems to that this wouldn't be such an issue with mid-motor e-bikes as the motor assembly allows for larger bearings. At least in mountain unicycling (MUni) ISIS splines keep up just fine (and there is room for big bearings, obviously).
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 @scott-townes: I want an e-pedal powered helicopter, and I want it right goddam now. Seriously, iirc cal tech has had competition's with other schools to design and fly a human powered heli and somebody I think actually flew one. With e-power? The skies the limit. See what I did there.
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 When yamaha started with there "proper" ebike engines and previewed them years and years ago in Haibikes - i asked them if you kidding going with a square tapered?! They said: Never had an issue in testing! First customer of mine went out lost his crank multiple times and it started at some point to creak super bad! And thats just a small thing to review from Yamaha!
That was 2012/2013.....the innovation and design until now(display & buttons) feels like its from a RadPower Bicycle! Sad because i think yamaha would be able to compete proper with the big boys!
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 @KotsosK: I knew I saw something like that at one time and was too lazy to look it up. Thank you. I might have to see if it's been tried as a helicopter.
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 Every time I see one of those Scott "hidden shock" frames, I imagine this kinda conversation at Scott Corp HQ:

Engineer: We have a handlebar remote that allows you to lock out the shock remotely!
Sales: Our customers say they don't want that, because they can just reach down and push the lockout lever directly...
Engineer: hides the shock in the frame so you can't reach it without a tool>
Engineer: We have a handlebar remote that allows you to lock out the shock remotely!
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 Right I understand Scott is trying to be innovative, but no one cares if the shock is visible or not. And why do I need to worry about locking out my shock on an ebike? I prefer easy access to the shock for maintenance and so I can swap it out for a different one if wanted. You have very limited options with Scott’s proprietary frames.
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 It looks like a bunch of photos from the late 2000s...... cant see myself ever parting money on one until the battery tech gets smaller.
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 I wish more people agreed with you, then I might be able to get my own hands on an E-bike before the end of the year. I think the Simplon looks great, sure some of the others are a bit ugly but hey, they probably dont make pretty non-ebikes either.
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 @justanotherusername: that khaki simplon just looks right and I think its the fact its beefy everywhere, not just the downtube.
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 I'm almost 47yo, still in good shape and sending it well, but unless I get enhanced myself in a near future, I'll fatally buy a moutain moped when my body will ask for (or may be not).... and yeah: looking forward to seeing the progresses that e-bikes might show in the next 10-15 years.
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 @danstonQ: I'm similar. Probably will be in the market for one in 5 - 10 yrs time so keen to see how they progress. There is still some way to go with e-mtb design I reckon.
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 @danstonQ: 66 years old, tried one of those pigs two years ago unless I lose a leg hoping to go 10-15yrs before trying one again.
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 @lake-st: macho macho man….. I wanna be…. A macho man….
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flag hypa (Sep 13, 2021 at 9:17) (Below Threshold)
 @lake-st: yeah, chances are you don't need all of that power whilst cycling to your pickleball game along rue St Denis...
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 @justanotherusername: I'm with you. That said, the Simplon looks like a knock off of my Devinci AC. Great bike with a ton of ability, so I get the desire to copy it for sure.
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 @danstonQ: i hear you. Same here, Im 46. Its just a matter of time. I will say a few of these, especially the Simplons and Conways, are the best looking ebikes I have seen yet. May the Force be with us.
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 @hypa: f*ck you a*shole.

And news flash you too will get old.
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 @lake-st: I'd rather fly off the side of a cliff in Whistler, than turn into a crusty old twat like you. What's wrong Pierre, your little limp dick got you down?
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 @hypa: So slagging someone you don't know because they are "old" to you makes me an old twat, your logic fails me,
As I said you will get old, but if you do decide to fly off a cliff please film it, so I know where to go to piss on your sad grave.
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 @lake-st: Are you actually 66 years old, did you actually just tell someone to filmy themselves flying off a cliff (difficult in itself) so you could 'piss on his sad grave'.... wow.

Had too many tins tonight old boy?
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 @justanotherusername: Actually 66 yes, didn't tell him to film it asked him after he suggested that rather than become an old twat like me he would fly off a cliff.

So I don't know this guy from a hole in the ground, but he thinks that because i am 66 yrs old I should be playing Pickle Ball in Montreal.

He wants to give it to an "old twat" he f*cking well better be prepared to take it.

His statement was asinine, and saying that he would rather fly off a cliff than be an "old Twat"
is proof.

He will get old but on the off chance he does "fly off Whistler" well it helps the gene pool.
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 @justanotherusername: @hypa: @lake-st: please just stop. You're all acting like 6 year olds. Being a grown ass person getting into a name calling match really isn't a good look...
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 @inked-up-metalhead: Neither is being a grown man considering himself an 'inked up metalhead'....bro.
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 @justanotherusername: but that's exactly what I am, regardless of age. And I made the profile when I was 17. And I still wouldn't have resorted to name calling. Grow up and stop being petty, instead of doubling down on it.
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 @inked-up-metalhead: Not sure I have called anyone any names, other than 'old boy'? Aside from that I have just labelled people as they label themselves (in your case), I left the other guys to the name calling, a bit like yourself calling me a 6 year old?
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 A Simplon Steamer sounds like a variant of a Cleveland Steamer.
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 "The Scott Patron has already been launched but the engineers developed this display to show what's hidden inside"

yeah a f*ck ton of cables.
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 I wonder how many people will ask if they can get it in transparent finish :p
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 To be fair, they aren't all integrated so you also get a f*ckton of cables outside.
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 @m47h13u: wasn't it 11 from the left hand side of the bar alone?
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 @Will-narayan: I don't even care if the plastic will fail. Transparent is so hot right now! I have to have it!
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 The see-through Scott is actually pretty cool.
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 Everybody loves Raymon
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 What's up with the red bi... err, motor-bike ?
Not talking about the gigantic stack but about the frame, is it made of carbon or alloy ? There's some carbon plates inside, but there's also some carbon on the red parts, but why is there welds ?
Is it full carbon with some fake welds ? Or is it alloy with some fake carbon wrap here and there ?
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 Is the car copter powered by a Bosch motor? If so, that's cheating.
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 Tell me about it; hate it when E-coptor cars overtake me on the climbs.
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 Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty.
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 The Simplon and the Conway have clutches that aren't engaged. And it bothers me.
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 Could you please say a bit more what does that mean exactly?
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 @goroncy: The clutch on the shimano derailleur is in the open position, allowing the derailleur to slap forward under heavy impact. It's a nitpicky thing that salty bike mechanics like me would notice.
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 Bet the rotors on the carcopter arnt as strong as the Magura ones
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 Really looking forward to riding that Simplon and smashing my ankle bone on the piggy back.
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 all I see is a bunch of ugly shit
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 “Ebike bad!”
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 74° SA for better climbing. Lol. Welcome to 2008 airray
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 Why is everyone making emtbs with massive battery capacities? I want smaller for the reduction in weight.
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 So many new manufacturers trying to cash out on the e-bike hype.
  • 22 17
 You do realise thats what a business does, dont you?

Any good business identifies trends and develops product to suit the market - but I forgot, profit is a dirty word in the bike industry - how dare they 'cash in' by making a product people want to buy!

I imagine you are still riding a rigid, cantilever brake, 26" wheel bike then?
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 @justanotherusername: Thanks for the economics 101, had no idea.
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flag justanotherusername (Sep 13, 2021 at 3:26) (Below Threshold)
 @laars: Clearly.
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 ebikes are not hype anymore... oversized batteries are
  • 6 6
 @justanotherusername: the kids have wasted too much time reading commie memes on IG
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 Maybe because people are riding them and in many cases companies are selling emtb’s quicker than traditional bikes. You’d be a shit business if you didn’t capitalize on that and would be bound to fail.
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 I believe it's actually a Panaphonic. No wait. It's a Sorny.
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 Can simplon release a regular version of the steamer? I want a non-ebike with a 79 degree seat angle...
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 I see the front page ad for the Yeti ebike is GoneZo. Too Soon?
  • 3 0
 Saw that too, someone pressed the wrong button in advertising by the looks of it.....
  • 1 0
 @justanotherusername: I bet it's live now!
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 Those Conways are giving me big Canyon vibes... anyone else???
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 The future of Mountain bikers 55 years up like me :-)
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 "Simplon Steamer"


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