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Apr 4, 2017 at 3:10
by rasoulution Communication Agency  
Graubünden in Switzerland is an absolute must-see in Europe when it comes to biking. There is no other alpine region that has so many trails in such a confined space. A world of “endless trails” is waiting to be explored by families, view-seekers and gravity fanatics. Over 17,000 kilometers / 10,500 miles of trails are spread over the region and with so much to offer it helps to have a helping hand to keep track of all the possibilities. graubündenBIKE has put together a list of the top 15 bike tours for this summer, to make your decision in this singletrack paradise easier; whether you are looking for the most spectacular views, the most flow or the best combination for you and your kids.

 Scott Sports SA Martin Bissig

While some of us are still waiting for the cold wet wintery temperatures to subside, there is no reason why we shouldn’t start thinking about the summer. To start the thought process graubündenBIKE presents 15 of the best trails and tours throughout the region. Some meander through impressive glaciers, edgy peaks and lakes and others have everything for the perfect, unforgettable family getaway.

The 5 best flow-trails will put a huge smile on your face! The freeride trail ”TREK Runcatrail“ in Flims offers everything a gravity lovers’ heart desires: Wallrides and rollers, pump track and north shore elements create that unmistakable flowy feeling. The 7.4 kilometer / 4.5 mile long track takes you along the natural flow of the mountainside from Naraus to Flims. The semi difficult trail is popular amongst both experienced riders and beginners. If you are looking for a kick that will take you further, then it is definitely worth having a go at the “Alps Epic Trail Davos”. The trail takes you for a wild ride over 40 kilometers / 24.8 miles and has been chosen by the IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) to be one of the best trails in the world. This tour meanders between mountains and through canyons, which is also why it is a favorite of those not afraid of heights.

 Scott Sports SA Martin Bissig

If you are more into absorbing impressive ridge lines and alpine views, graubündenBIKE has also come up with a list of the most impressive bike tours for views. The “Padella-Corviglia-Panoramatour” gives the bikers a number of impressive perspectives looking down on the lakes of Upper Engadin and St. Moritz. The 41 Kilometer / 25-mile long trail takes you through idyllic forests and to the bathing lakes Lei Zuppo and Lei da Statz, where you can take a refreshing dip in the height of summer. A number of huts also look after your well-being. If you have it in you and are up for a real challenge rewarding you with unforgettable views of Switzerland, then why not have a go at the “Uina-Bernina Biketour”. This 193 kilometer / 120 mile beast of a tour connects two spectacular highlights in Graubünden. Luckily those adventurous enough to venture on these trails at least don’t have to look after their luggage, which is transported for them from hotel to hotel. This unbeatable experience through canyons, on flow trails and over mountain passes includes breathtaking sights of Scuol and Val Müstair.

 Engadin St. Moritz Markus Greber

If you are hitting the trails with your kids, then you may not want to tackle the most physically demanding tours. In this case, graubündenBIKE had created a list of the best bike tours for the whole family. One of the best is most certainly the “Flimserwald Rundtour”. This 11.8 kilometer / 7.3 mile long trail includes views overlooking the mountains in Flims and the gorge of the river Rhine. The most impressive spot to look out over the “Swiss Grand Canyon” is in Conn, where there is also a great restaurant offering local delights to refresh both parched parents and hungry kids before heading back through the forests of Flims. Families will also be able to find more demanding routes through the Swiss Alps if they are up for it. One of them is the tour “Biketicket to RIDE” in Lenzerheide. This round trip takes you for a ride through breathtaking nature, down smooth descents, and up slight inclines. Keen kids and parents will only have to overcome 630m/ 2066ft. in altitude – most of which can be overcome by cable cars – while enjoying the wind rushing through their hair during 2,400m /7874ft. in altitude downhill. The trail will take you to great viewpoints looking over valleys and past the wild, roaring river Rabiosa. This is the perfect family day out and there are also plenty of opportunities to take a break at a number of huts.

 Weisse Arena Gruppe Gaudenz Danuser

There is so much to explore and experience in Graubünden. Families, view-seekers and gravity fanatics will find their perfect playground in the Swiss Alps. Find out more about this singletrack paradise on The new YouTube series Trail Tales gives even more insight to some of the best trails available. The first of four episodes has already been released and the second will be watchable from April 17.

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 Did lots of these trails last year during the week of lenzerheide world cup. Once in a lifetime trip. Amazing alpine riding, such phenomenal vistas and an amazing sense of freedom. Left graubuenden feeling so uplifted, a real sense of fulfilment from the landscape and the trails.
  • + 7
 With such inspirational words, you give us no reason to delay a trip to the Alps so that we may experience this for ourselves. Life is short, ride hard.
  • + 2
 @aoneal: Do go, there's no other place like it! And the government here will never let us experience alpine riding like that here in the US, so spend your money where they do allow it!
  • + 14
 I'm not sure how the cheese is in the Albula Valley, but it was abundant in this edit.
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 "Waxing poetic"
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 Went last summer, enjoyed Sankt Moritz, lenzerheide/valbella, Davos/klosters, flimsy/laax, Interlaken etc.etc.... Unforgettable trip. It has ruined me forever, mountain biking on any familiar trail will never be the same again.

I encourage anyone visiting these areas on the cheap to consider the hostel international (HI). For about $40USD you get a very (very!) modern, clean, friendly and English-speaking place to stay. What included with that price? An awesome breakfast, a comfy bed, private showers, and LIFT TICKETS TO ALMOST ALL MOUNTAINS IN THE AREA. And every. Single. Little. Hill. Has a chair lift or gondola going up it. They all welcome bikes. Visiting Whistler cost a fortune compared to Switzerland.

If anyone has any questions about the best riding in CH, I wandered around CH for a couple months, shoot me a message.
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 Oh man, I must GO! Stunning place Switzerland is. Great people, great food and stunning landscapes!
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 There aren't enough drugs on this planet to make that music tolerable.
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 1 month from now - downhill in the alps! Beats Mauna Kea.:-)
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 Thank you so much for doing all those annoying km to miles conversions for us, but if I have to buy gas there I don't know how many gallons there are in a litre.
  • + 14
 no worries... just take the train, it'll get you almost anywhere... good for the wallet and the environment ;-)
  • + 3
 @reto: Thats good .. because after airfare from canada, both (wallet and environment) will need some reprieve. Wink
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 I know you were not serious but like reto said, if you go to Switzerland (or anywhere in Europe) just take the train, you'll cry if you have to pay for gaz there!! Razz

By the way, are you still living in Canada? You're using metric like we are in Quebec, ain't you!? Pretty sure everyone in Canada is and you have to cross to the usa to see gaz price in gallon... ???
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 @reto: dont be fooled here... in reality trains are not that cheap in switzerland unless you have a half fare card which tourists usually dont have.

Just sayin
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 @Iwanttoride: North Americans can buy the Swiss Pass in advance. Save a pile on the cable cars and trains and buses. Still have to pay for the bikes on the PostAuto buses but its not so bad for transport then.
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 Travelling by train + postal bus will take you more or less anywhere in Switzerland, even to really remote deep ends of smaller Valleys, BUT it won't be cheaper than by car, especially if you're travelling in group (or at least two people). Train tickets are quite expensive if you don't have the 50% discount card (which is 185 CHF for one year). There are also special prices on some connections at certain specific dates/times, but you need to book them on-line, in advance. You can also buy a one month "general pass" that will give you unlimited and free access to any train, bus, ship, some gondolas etc for 420 CHF. Also, bare in mind that travelling with a bike will require an additional fee in most cases.

So, all in all, if you're just looking for a connection between Zurich Airport and your hotel in Graubunden where you'll stay for one week and ride from every day, definitely take the train.

If on the other hand, you're looking for more exploration possibilities, changing area daily, travelling not only by yourself, etc, then a car will be much more convenient. The price of gas in Switzerland is similar to France, Germany, Italy etc.

Not sure how it compares to Canada, but you're definitely not going to rent a 7 litres V8 engine pick up here, and the rental you'll get will probably be a modern european sized car with a more affordable and friendly "miles per gallon" ratio Wink
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 So literal. So German.
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 Old wooden trailway....ugghh, no thanks.
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 You have no idea what you're missing..
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 @SRD022: apparently so..

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