Abus Announces First Full Face Helmet - The 'Airdrop'

Sep 26, 2022 at 22:32
by rasoulution  


We are happy to present our first full-face helmet for gravity enthusiasts. The ABUS AirDrop scores big with elaborate details, its light weight, optimal fit and an affordable price. Our new flagship of the mountain bike helmet portfolio is the result of several years of R & D with the direct support and regular input of team riders Cedric Gracia, Richie Schley and Gabriel Wibmer. Gabriel and Cedric were testing the Airdrop on La Palma, Canaria Islands during a video shoot.

Bike park laps, steep exposed trails on the enduro bike or a session on the pump track: when it comes to speed and airtime on the mountain bike, the upgrade to all-round protection is a sensible choice. With the AirDrop, we now has a full- face helmet in its range that offers complete protection, easy handling, and a high level of comfort, while also being visually impressive.

The fit is one of the most important criteria when choosing a helmet: the AirDrop can be adjusted at the back of the head using the practical Zoom-Ace adjustment system, which has been fully integrated into the well-known MIPS system. The cheek pads are removable, washable and available in different sizes for a truly individual fit. The height-adjustable visor comes with a break-away mechanism in the event of a heavy crash. The open design on the front provides an excellent field of vision and suits a wide variety of goggles, while the movable visor allows for an action-cam mount. The padded layers on the helmet’s underside, aptly named Collarbone Protection, protect the collarbone in the event of a crash.

All-round mountain bike talent Gabriel Wibmer was able to test the helmet extensively.

bigquotesI really enjoyed riding with the new ABUS AirDrop helmet. The fit, the performance and of course the light weight makes it a perfect choice for a ride with the enduro and the downhill bike. Besides the performance, the new helmet has a unique and awesome look which perfectly fits my style.Gabriel Wibmer

We relied on tried and tested materials for production. The helmet is produced using the InMold process, which means that the outer shell is durable connected to the shock-absorbing EPS. The chin guard is made of ABS material. The core is improved with the Acti-Cage, a structural reinforcement to optimize stability, which allows for larger ventilation openings. A total of eleven air inlets on the front and six outlets on the back ensure perfect air circulation so that the helmet can also be worn easily when pedaling uphill. Thanks to a further opening at ear level, the Ambient Sound Channel, you always stay aware of your surroundings. All AirDrop models are equipped with MIPS and are QUIN ready, so they can easily be upgraded with the QUIN system for crash detection, which is already fully integrated in the top model only.

Downhill and freeride veteran Cedric Gracia has incorporated his wishes and feedback into the ABUS AirDrop and is more than happy with the result

bigquotesI am so happy about the final product. What I love the most about the helmet is definitely the fitting system. It’s super easy to put on and fits perfectly. Also, the breathability is working perfect, and your head is not overcooking. I never had any problems with fogging even in the summer heat. We know there are a lot of helmets on the market, but I think we raised the game. I am so proud and I think people are going to be surprised.Cedric Gracia

More info at:

Photos: Piotr Staron


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 Look forward to the LockPickingLawyer's attempt at this one later this week. Might be his biggest test yet tbh.
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 I'm sure he'll Abus them soon...
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 This press release couldn't handle the price tag so we can expect another one just for that purpose
  • 4 0
 it couldn't handle any safety certificates too haha
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 890g, price unknown, safety certifications unknown.
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 Yeah, but it perfectly fits Gabriel Wibmer's style, so at least there's that.
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 Pretty heavy for an Inmould helmet without ASTM DH1952. Also who wants a Fullface without DH certification
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 I'm torn. Helmets look cool and will probably be affordable. On the other hand, the people who own ABUS think that women are not suited to own stock or be a manager. And that's only what we know... I wonder what else they think: are women allowed to bike or would that be immodest, as you cannot wear skirts? Or is it just a product and should their religious ideas not matter? E.g. I would not like to buy from a Saudi company that does not allow women to buy their products...

What do you think?

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 Thanks for the headsup; I try to avoid giving money to companies run by religious nutters.
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 This might be the biggest bit of news in a while, I had no idea but I am glad you alerted me to their values-which are polar opposite of mine, won't be buying.
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 Holy shit, wasn't aware this even existed, let alone that most people over here own loads of their stuff. I've got their DJ helmet, some bike locks, probably some locks at home too. I already splashed loads of money on their stuff, wasn't aware I supported such practices with my money. Didn't they actually use Steffi Marth in one of their ads for a helmet recently? Confusing and disturbing stuff.
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 Shajt! I wonder if cedric knows this? I wouldn’t like to be sponsored by such a company. On the other no company seems to want to sponsor me…..
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 And you are sure the thousands of Euros you will continue to spend on gasoline all end up equally in the pockets of male and female scheiks right?
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 @KrazyKraut: I haven't owned a car in over a decade Smile
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 Looks like there's a new kid on the lock in the helmet game. They really want to lock down their role in the cycling industry. If their helmets are a chip off the old lock they're probably pretty secure. I feel like I'm missing some but I'll leave it at that.
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 You have some KEY points here
  • 18 0
 Looking forward to abus load of puns in this thread.
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 Looks like its got the right Combo of features
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 @mi-bike: It's a bird! It's a plane!



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This helmet's a lock to the system / lock doctrine.
People locking in droves to the stores to buy this.
The design is lockful of custom details.
Protection guaranteed when you slam in to a lock on the trail.
The motherlocking puns on this site drive me nuts.
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 The Abus family only allow male members to be part of the board. That’s pretty sick
  • 13 26
flag wobblegoblin (Sep 28, 2022 at 12:08) (Below Threshold)
 I just became an Abus fan.
  • 10 0
 They lock all women out, yep
  • 11 0
 Sounds like Abuse to me
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 A press release with not one picture of the helmet itself, no info on weight, availability, price, etc. Thanks but no thanks.
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 I'm not a marketing guru, but I sometimes wonder whether companies that are really well known for one thing would be better creating a sub brand if they are venturing into essentially unrelated areas?

I can't bring myself to buy a helmet made by a lock company (Abus), or clothing made by a cleaning products company (Muc Off) etc. I'd feel like a Muc Off rep if I was wearing a fleece with their logo on.

The helmet actually looks quite good to me, I like that it has ear holes, shame they are under the goggle straps though.
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 They make BIKE locks, this is a BIKE helmet, kinda related Big Grin
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 All about bike(biking) security?
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 I can't bring myself to buy a helmet from a company owned by people who think women are inferior...

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 They are not new to the helmet market. They have been making helmets for commuters/road bikers/XC for a long time.
  • 1 0
 I have long been puzzled by the phenomena of creating helmets where the side and rear vents are placed so that the goggle strap is plugged and they become useless. After all, it makes as much sense as riding on a flat tireI have long been puzzled by the phenomena of creating helmets where the side and rear openings are placed so that the goggle strap is plugged and they become useless. After all, it makes as much sense as riding on a flat tire
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 Well, it does skid well.
  • 3 0
 That's because he locked that rear wheel
  • 2 0
 Perfect name for those of us who are superstitious about new helmets.
  • 3 1
 The wheels on abus go round and round…..all through the town…
  • 1 0
 This helm seems to err towards the Imperial Aesthetics norm (Starwars - like)
  • 2 0
 Waiting for @AirdropBikes
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 Yeah we got wind of this a while back. Might just let Apple's lawyers handle it though :-)
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 If the chin buckle doesn't have a combination lock I ain't buying
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 That Abus on the top of that Canyon looks dope
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 Cool lookn lid. Available in the USA?
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 Looks like a mainline

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