Video: Red Bull Rampage - Canyon Gap Testing

Oct 12, 2013 at 11:32
by Red Bull Bike  

Watch Red Bull Rampage live on Sunday 13th October on redbull/bike.


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 Rampage this year is gonna be so sick, but I have to admit im kinda scared for some to get seriously injured
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 got a broken femur on the list already...
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 speaking of injuries. all i want in life is for soderstrom to come back and do a steezy nac over this jump.
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 All I want is for all people to be healthy at all times with not even a scratch;
but then again would your palms sweat if you here the name rampage again? No. Can't wait another 3 hours
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 Nice to see some K-town boys down there! Good luck Tom!
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 The landings ramp for this jump is insanely short. I mean you see jumps half as big with landings twice as wide and long. It really needs to be longer, however, short of building it up you would have to dig the ground out I guess.
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flag bigburd (Oct 12, 2013 at 13:10) (Below Threshold)
 Push the jump forwards to the edge of the cliff , add the difference to the landing , If you are gonna provide 60 foot booters at least make them right , it's quite obvious it doesnt work so well.
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 get yourself over there mate , show them how its done !!!!
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 lol, it'd be pretty fucked to tuck, not brake, and go that fast into a lip that big, and still case the landing. these dudes have balls!
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 Yeeeaaaahhhhh Kelly!
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 Im rootin for him to do well
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 Haha 70 foot dead sailor
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 Aggy you are so gnarly ! Every video where you can see Graham ride a bike, it's soo sick, even if it is a short one !

Also congrats to Tom hitting it first, Big Balls of the day Big Grin
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 "SOOOO, looks like it's all ready, who wants to go first....?"


"Looks like you win...!"

ahhh crap.....
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 I don't now how they convince theirself to ride these HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEE jump!!!
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 Just remember this when you are thinking about that 15 or 20 or 30 foot gap on your DH bike. You can case it and probably still be fine. That's what I'll tell myself anyway. Course, they didn't fully case it, more like knuckled it.
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 how did zink managed to overshoot that thing last year?
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 he got bucked forwards, he didn't overshoot too much, but had to bail because he was frontflipping
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 I'm thinkin' Andreu Lacondeguy will be the first to trick it, considering his FMX background!
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 Shit...that is sketch
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 sorta looks like they need to prop up the lip a couple of feet so they can make it over that knuckle.... doesn't look like it'll be possible to trick that as is.
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 If I remember correctly Cam McCaul was kinda the only guy who sent this beast last year, and still didn't end up even near 1st place. Hellloooooo judges?
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 Totally and utterly menstrual...
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 It's like watching E.T. flying across the sky...
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 So so sick ! Glad to see they all rode away.
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 need a lawyer for that case
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 Them guy have some serious balls
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 Totally makes our but hole puker up when they case lol
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 kelly got mad sketchy !!!!
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 ya til une chain tv de difusion
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 this is mad
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 case city
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