Best Rampage Runs from 2001-2003 - Video

Oct 23, 2017 at 9:50
by Red Bull Bike  

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 idk looks pretty raw like no built landings so maybe people are going a lot bigger but they are also building giant smooth landings. Just an observation
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 I would like to have a rb rampage RAW/old school edition.. No shape needed or almost nothing. An event where the real freeriders would win... thinking about guys like Berrecloth.

Its heading slopestyle these last years... tuck no ganders and backflips one footed can are not freeride tricks. Whip, table top, suicide and superman are.
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 I think it was 2004 (won by Kyle Strait) which is when they went wild with digging stuff. Then it rained, dried and packed so hard that loads of riders got injured.
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 @RedBurn: How can you have a problem with riders doing more difficult tricks?
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 @RedBurn: Berrecloth's run last year was no doubt filthy. But that spine of death drop would have had no landing if it weren't for a massive # of sandbags. It is a balance game, guys need to build landings for stuff to be safe/rideable but where to draw line for what is too much digging gets muddy. Also Semenuk's run last year, sure had lots of tricks, but the whole top half was pure freeride glory. Either way I can't wait for the madness!
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 @RedBurn: I don't think you understood the definition of FREEride correctly.
How can you order people to only do certain tricks?
Everybody can make their version of freeride. That's the beauty of it.
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 @RedBurn: So one No hander is ok but the other isnt? Do you realize how foolish that sounds??
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 "That looks like a fun bicycle ride."
-My 3-year-old daughter's commentary on the video.
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 That Cedric run was revolutionary ????
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 Super-inspirational. Bet you a dollar everyone this year will ride with their backpacks on too!
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 Yeah first one to try and fit tricks and flips in. Mad crazy dude back then!
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 @plyawn: Nah, either a fanny pack or stuffed into SWAT storages, crank axles or steerer tubes.

The run with the backpack was after the finals. I think it contained the battery for the helmet camera. Have you seen the kind of beasts (helmet cams) they were using when filming The Collective? "It is like a hardcore song."
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 Monster T the fork you were sure you needed...
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 Yeah lol. Now "way too flexy me" -(random Pinkbike users) are seen hucking off drops taller than my house lol.
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my rig from back in the huckster only weighed like 172lbs....
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 I meant to type in *boxxer*
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 @preach: thats awesome! you still have it?
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 @specializedhaybailer: sold long ago, but to be fair it basically hucked aided by it's weight helping gravity along...
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 @preach: that brake routing hurts my brain lol
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 Progress @ Rampage
2001: Maybe just maybe I could do that one day, but probably not
2002: Harder than I'll ever ride
2003: Harder than I'll ever ride
2016: Harder than I'll ever ride
2017: Pretty safe bet it'll be harder than I'll ever ride

Really enjoyed watching it though!
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 What ever happened to "Super T" Tyler Klassen?
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 His part in JIB was great!
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 Iirc he opened a bike shop.
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 Nice! Wade Simmons infamous double drop at the very first contest to score him the overall win. To say the event has progressed far beyond what we all thought it would back then would be the understatement of the year.
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 Canadian bacon!
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 Times have changed. The bikes and suspension are so much more advanced and the landings and take offs are butter smooth. Its almost like they are cheating these days Wink Props to all involved.
For more content,,2/2017-Red-Bull-Rampage-Line-Building-and-Scoping,9909
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 The picture of Wade and his bike in the magazines after winning the first one is the reason why I bought my RM7DH.
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 Those runs are insane even by today's standards Wink
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 Gotta love that pelvic thrust to help get that cork out!
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 Anyone knows what happened to Steve Romaniuk and Garett Buehler? I haven't heard about these guys a while especially Romaniuk. He used to have videos and stuff here on PB as well.
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 Romaniuk is now a local DJ in BC. He plays all the clubs, I don’t think he competes anymore which is a shame. Garret I have no idea, a lot of guys just aren’t interested in competing/laying it all on the line and risking death for peanuts and 14th place.
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 Those bikes!! Lol
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 Cedrics cannondale gemini tho. Love that bike
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 Glyn O'Brien legend
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 These bikes are scary small! Cedric so cramped on his gemini.
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 Wow! I didn't know that Gracia was so cool!

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