Is This the Steepest Rampage Line Ever? - Video

Oct 24, 2017 at 10:11
by Red Bull Bike  

Things are heating up out in the Utah desert - take a look at the gnarly chute that Cam Zink, Kyle Strait, and Pierre Edouard Ferry are planning to ride.

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 Well huck a cliff and call me bender. At what point do we just consider it falling and not riding?!
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 We call it falling when they dont ride away from it at the bottom rubber side down!!!
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 That's falling with style.
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flag pinnityafairy (Oct 24, 2017 at 11:45) (Below Threshold)
 Who all is running the new unbreakable carbon fiber Wheels? Laughing my f****** ass off.
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 next year, you'll have to ride this line with no front wheel to win.
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 @punknicehole: or 3 into it. instant chickenskin looking at that.
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 @properp: Actually that is a really interesting point. Is anyone running carbon rims at Rampage?
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 @Xorrox: if they're as good as pinkbike claims you would think everyone would be running them.
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 @Xorrox: @Xorrox: I might have seen ENVE wheels in an M16 bike ? McFarlane may be ?
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flag NYShred (Oct 24, 2017 at 13:58) (Below Threshold)
 I doubt theres a single person here riding a carbon anything - frame or rims. If someone is, please share, the peanut gallery here on PB wants to know.
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 does it matter? that drop isn't gonna be picky on what it effs up.
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 @NYShred: Welcome to the peanut gallery!

I personally don't see the problem with riding a bike with a carbon frame for this kind of thing - a good carbon frame can easily be as strong or stronger than an aluminum frame. However, so far I don't think I would trust a carbon rim over an aluminum one if my life depended on the rim not cracking or failing in a bad way if you hit it directly on a rock. We will likely get there eventually but I'm not convinced we are there yet. That's why it would be interesting to know if some of the pros have enough confidence to ride a carbon rim at Rampage.
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 you guys know the tore pressures these beasts use ??? I bet no one goes sub 30 something....
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 @Xorrox: The problem with carbon rims is that when they fail, they completely explode. Aluminum rims also have a much smoother ride because they have a bit less stiffness than carbon ones. Since some parts of these lines are between life and death, I don't think any of the guys are going to be risking it just for saving a pound or two.
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 @Xorrox: Binggeli I think.
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 @NYShred: I believe Semenuk's Session is carbon.

He also mentions that he's running XO1 carbon cranks in that same interview, and throughout he constantly talks about how "this is the Rampage setup."
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 @Lagr1980: In the bike check I linked to above, Semenuk says he's running about 35 psi in a 2.7" Minion. Yikes.
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 At my hometown collegiate (university) races. The event orgsnizer’s husband decided to climb up this ridge and ride down. My dumbass and a few others decided to follow. When I got to the top I was talking a bit with the guy and saying how gnarled that ridge is. Turns out the guy was Josh bender. Ever sense then he has been at every race of ours and is the nicest guy ever (and his wife and dog). Telling me all these stores about how crazy the stuff he did and seeing thst. Glad it’s finally catching on!!
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 @NYShred: YT Tues frames are carbon, no?
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 @NYShred: Pretty sure the Session Park is carbon. There must be a few frames there.
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 That's the Tom Petty lineSmile
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 @fullbug: Jesus, 3ing into it?! Eek
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 @Geoff-Smith: That's not entirely true. All major carbon wheel manufacturers adhere to UCI safety regulations that in the event of an impact the carbon hoop cannot completely explode and must retain a [mostly] round shape. My Zipp 303 cracked, but did not explode, when I got hit by a van this spring and the Zipp rep explained their testing procedures to me when I showed him the damage. They do various "curb" tests that involve front-on collisions, lateral impacts, blowing tires off, etc and they must retain integrity and not splinter completely. Pretty interesting structural engineering in fact. Real old carbon like the tri-spoke Spinergy wheels, or bad batches of Shimano's recent Pro Trispoke (seeing a theme with tri-spoke wheels) gave carbon a bad name. Most modern carbon wheels will fail similarly or under much harsher conditions than aluminum and could be trusted. Just maybe not here in the comment section of pinkbike.
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 That’s so cool! I love Bender. Always at the edge. @LkWebz:
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 holy shitballs!!! stay safe, guys.
People commenting (including CG) how Rampage has missed the original spirit of ridding raw by taming the terrain, chipping, shoveling landings, throwing tricks, etc... Well, there's a limit on what's duable raw. If you wanna go bigger, at some point raw is not enough; also when everyone is as gnar, the one throwing a 360 is the gnarliest.
That's the way Rampage evolved because that's the way riders (freeriders) made it evolve, let it be.
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 Exactly, there is everything at rampage!!!
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 I think that the concern is that riders who have big chutes like this in their lines typically don't do as well because they lose a lot of elevation when they descend 200ft in 2 seconds, instead of 5-6 trick jumps. In the past judges have favored a greater number of "medium" features instead of a few big features, but judging is always difficult to predict so I hope things go well for these guys!
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 @iamsx: Same, but I really don't think it'll score well. They're pretty much just going to have the one chute and the jumps at the bottom.
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 @Frenchemetalheads: not everything. You don't see carbon wheels in there for instance :-)
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 I pray no one else gets hurt
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 I'm seriously worried about that line, imagine losing it at the top and tumbling down...
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 @bigburd: agreed. Especially after watching Rogatkin fall last year (or was that 2015?) from a HUGE cliff that wasn’t anywhere near that gnarly. I still can’t believe he stood up, let alone got back on his bike.
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 I sincerely hope so too... I shit scared. Stay safe boys!
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 Such mixed emotions watching Rampage. I love watching riders pushing the boundaries of what possible, but also hate seeing the big injuries (esp. Paul Bas)
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 Are we going to see Claudio Caluori’s Line preview?
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 @Toofastnotsofurious: Claudio's preview really hit home what the Rampage course is really like. Claudio is 100x better rider than I will ever be and he was shitting bricks from top to bottom.
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 @StackingItSince1991: chill mate...having a laugh sometimes it is good..
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 @StackingItSince1991: I'd likely soil myself just standing at the top looking over the edge.
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 I never watch Rampage live. I don't wanna see anything really bad go down live. That said, knock on wood and pray to whomever, Rampage is upon us!!!!
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 @PNdubRider: sometimes I poo myself for no reason, just the odd lil nug here and there mind
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 @Wincobankchef: one time, I woke up, and then I took a shit, like usual. Except this time, I did both at the same time. :/
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 Love to see cedric ride that.....
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 We ve seen kind of his racing background back in the days. Would you like to see deep pedal there? That would be faster than Metailler for sure
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 I would also like to see the current guys ride with 2001 bikes.
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 Whatever that guy at the back at 1:44 is doing does not look safe.
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 damn if he ain't chipping away at the ground he's standing on!
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 check him for heat stroke. His brain is not functioning properly.
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 Sick line!! Will the judges see it that way though?!.....They need to start giving credit where credit is due! Seems like they’re more impressed with tricks rather than gnar...
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 competition hasnt even happened yet, seems like you've got it figured out though.
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 isnt bender a judge these days? i imagine raw line choice and huck scale count for more in his eyes.
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 @laxguy: Based on previous years, he kind of has a point. The one year Zink did a back flip and then just nothing else, he came in 2nd, then the following year when he had the crazy near vertical start, but didn't throw a super gnarly backflip/360, he finished 6th,
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 In the past, steep raw lines have not scored well.
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 @charmingbob: I understand, but everyone is getting down before anything has even happened. Lets just hope everyone rides well and the judges have to do their job
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 I don't know about you, but I have 0 clue how to compare those different types of runs. My experience of mtb, despite being fairly good, is still lightyears away from the riders and the judges.
Maybe there are good reason to rate " trick lines" higher than those impressive chutes, I don't know.
I am always relatively happy with the results and let the judges the duty to discuss 89 vs 90 for that guy, or that guy, that's their job after all. I'm here to enjoy those runs, and I've been doing fairly well so far!
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 @charmingbob : to be fair though, if you remember or rewatch semenuk’s last year run, it has some pretty vertical bits too, AND he throws sometricks in the line too...
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 @Aprilfisheye: Agreed! Semenuk's run had it all, I think it was a well deserved win.
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 Fucking insanity
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 It´s rampage, its like christmas, birthday, eastern, holydays, weekend, end of working day, don`t know, end ofthe year, beginning of the year, spring, summer, fall, winter...sunrise, sunset, day, evening, night, noon, midnight,
it`s like sun, rain snow, mud, dust, waves, mountain views, singletrails, big mountain lines, wind,
like gwin in the rain, hart in the rain, hill in the rain, the rest in the sun
i mean
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 yes, and stay save
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 Beautiful, man!
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 wait wait wait, but how many head set spacers are they running...?
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 47 5mm spacers for each of them
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 First they must check if their head angle is compatible with that level of gnar!
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 Of COURSE it's Zink and Strait, etc that are cooking up this insanity...
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 normally this is called BASE JUMPING! Crazy
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 Only without the parachute this time.
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 Screw canyon gaps and 360's, this is the gnarliest feature I have EVER seen at Rampage. 20 bucks to whoever can manual down it!
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 Time for another Bernard Kerr stoppie challenge...
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 Ive got a massive rampage boner right now... Idk what to do with it, I just keep hitting it on the counter...
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 Only one thing for it: stick it in a huge gap.
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 "fun to ride", are you kidding me
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 This would be a good place for you guys to test out these warranties on all these new latest and greatest unbelievable carbon fiber wheel crap you keep pushing.
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 Sorry. You are disqualified from the free fall competition because your wheels touched the ground once between the top and bottom of the cliff.
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 f*ck you PB commentators.. tell me this isn't "big mountain" enough for you.
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 CG says rampage has no real old school big Mt Welll....
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 we all know looking at that drop from miles away that this drop is the $$$$$$ shot every photo nut has dreamed of. We have come this far people please hold strong and RESPECT this line. Do not belittle the years of work and design that the Mountain Bike Industry has evolved into. Today. This is their day and I support this drop 110%.
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 Surprised they don't make them wear hard hats out there digging, way too much loose rock even if no one is directly working above you. Any mining site would have this requirement, this should as well.
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 This just daredevil business. Obviously the riders are skilled beyond what most will ever attain, but I gotta wonder if this competition is really about skill, or just balls. Big giant leap of faith semi-suicidal balls. Like, honestly, no normal person would ride that. Danny Macaskill can pretty much do anything on two wheels, but doubt he'd go near that. Even if you theoretically know it's "doable", who hasn't bailed on a root going like 10k an hour? Mistakes happen, but mistakes on that are not worth the prize money. Maybe it's worth the glory? I have no idea.

Whatever it is, it's amazing to watch, but I hate to think about the guy who hits it on a bad day, though.
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 Nobody in here actually commented on the topic of this post? Am I the only one in here old enough to remember Tyler Klassen's line? That drop was pretty vertical and (not to stir the pot CG got boiling) but there wasn't a team built take off or transition either. Just commenting as to the subject of steepness that's all
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 Ok, this is rad. Bringing big mountain back!
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 you have to build a real good line making it as smooth as you can because at that steepness and distance the speeds are going to be krazy out of control. and if you fall you keep going down to the bottom
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 Quick question, will they test a new safety accessory that complements helmet, pads, neck brace, called "parachute"?
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 Fkn sick!!! Zink, Strait, and Ferry actually pushing BIG MOUNTAIN riding to the next level.... leave it to the legends!!! Theyve already won in my book!!!
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 Is it called a "chute" because you need a parachute to go down from it? Whew steep!
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 Seriously. Just by looking at it, makes me nervous. Man, I hope everything is going to be alright. Every year is getting as insane as it can get.
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 For all the old school rampage cry-babies, this is steeeeeeeeeep!
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 Holy ... Junk the bike and get a chute.
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 Peep the dude at 1:44 picking at the rock he's standing on
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 is this big enough for CG’s YouTube channel?
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 Bernie would stoppie it
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 I love that they call it a steep face.... I am pretty sure it is a straight drop
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 sure @ -0:24 .... stand on the edge of a cliff, on a rock and then try and break THAT SAME ROCK with a pick-axe ... genius
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 Stop with all the hype! Just let the guys work and let us see it when they're ready for the show, wholly crap.
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 That’s Ludacris 2 Fast 2 Furious
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 chrispy would plop it no probs!!!
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 not far from doerflings line last year
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 Huck to flat! Whoever survives win!
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 Is there a reason my comment was deleted? Any Mods around?
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 Snack on danger, dine on death!
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 Anything for that "W"
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 who goes first?
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 Damn son
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 Gnarly doode
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 Are they riding BOOST hubs? i think that's the important question.
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 Bloody ridiculous !
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 Soon,the winner's prize will be a coffin...
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 Soooo sick
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 I'd hit it.
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