Lenzerheide DH World Cup Highlights - Video

Jul 10, 2016 at 15:51
by Red Bull Bike  

MENTIONS: @redbullbike


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 I love the look in Danny's eyes when he sees the green. You can see the moment he realizes what just happened.
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 2nd rider to win with a neckbrace after Sam Hill.
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 I love it when someone who's been trying for the top spot, and been so close on many occasions, they finally bag it and ever other rider is totally stoked for them. It was the same with Bruni, no disappointment they've lost just buzzing for the winner.
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 He looked subscribed to being anywhere on the podium except 1st as he crossed the line - when he saw the time, his reaction was priceless!!
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 its his initial reaction the the crowd going wild which does it, then he has to check the clock to see if its real!! hopefully first of many for Danny!
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 what a moment! awesome
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 Live streaming missed A LOT of good sections Looks Like two different events
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 Wow, Danny Hart broke the 8-word mark in an interview. It was good to hear from him.
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 Hart deserves this. Good to see some new faces on top of the world cups.
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 No wonder Danny's so fast being sponsored by WD40 Smile
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 wd40 on the brakes
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 @alejandrolz1250: It could because I'm sleep deprived from a newborn baby, but your comment made me LMAO, thanks
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 @bassnotesteve: congratulations on your newborn baby Smile
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 Redbull.tv needs to continue with post race podium and interview coverage like F1. Rob and Claudio are forced to plug a Red Bull air race and.......out. No Bueno.
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 What a decent guy Hart is. Full on respect for the legends around him when he just beat them all in both quali and race.
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 Better angles than Redbull TV
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 I wish they could/would offer a full playback with all cameras from at least the top 20 or 30 runs...it would take a while to watch, but I'd take it on happily!
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 This was a long time coming! A well deserved win for an outstanding rider! Congrats Danny!
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 How about that triple !? Fearon made it look easy.
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 redbull tv is working ? I must be dreaming
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 I cursed my computer a few times before realizing it just doesn't work in MAC Safari at all. WTF. Opened it up in Firefox and it seemed to work OK. Huge props to RedBull for making a movie player that only works in specific browsers...jeez...
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 @dirtdiggler: Why on earth are you using Safari?

I use Chrome on my Mac and have never had an issue.
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 @dirtdiggler: Using Chrome on my Mac too and seem to be the only person that didn't have an issue with the live stream, worked perfectly for me and caught all the action.
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 Using Chrome on a Mac here as well. Usually no problems. Recently moved across the country (USA) and went from Charter to Xfinity. All the same equipment was used. This time on the replay video was a hair stuttery, and audio was absolutely awful.
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 Well done for Dany Hart !!! Men division is very competitive every race. What a exiting race this week end !!! Tahnee come close to for woman but Rachel win again and again.
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 So, did Gwin ever get that damned champagne bottle open? Saw another clip that went much longer and he was still working on it.

So stoked for Danny!!!
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 Muito Top esta corrida! Nice.
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 One the top step above Gwin and Minnaar must be a pretty sweet way to get your first win! And Greg has the class to spray him with champagne. #allclasspodium
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 The entire MTB/DH community have been waiting to see Danny on the top step for a long time. Well deserved man! Congrats
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 Bout time Danny.... Great job!!!!! Up the ef'en Irons!!
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 Yea Danny! cant wait until the next one and Loic is in the mix. Good racing!!!!
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 So let me get this straight: Tahnee's Dad is named Tony?... Hm.
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 So stoked that Hart won!
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 Way to go Danny, you deserve the win! Stoked for Gwin and Minnaar too.
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 George Brannigan's corner.
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 Best race of the season, wow danny, congrats!
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 Right fucking on Danny Hart Congrats Cheers
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 what's the name of the song?
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 f*cking great race......finally figured out rebull player didn't work in Safari....comments noted above but worked with ipad app.....have to get fire fox.
Song is redbull "houseband" Awolnation-"Woman, Woman"-looks like they have a sense of humor-check their film clip on youtube especially if you like naked women with strategically placed musical instruments. I like the song......
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 Good on you Danny you deserve it!
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 Is there a FULL replay somewhere?
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 About time, too!
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 Danny best .Smile

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