Practice Highlights Video - Lourdes World Cup 2016

Apr 9, 2016 at 8:58
by Red Bull Bike  

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 If Fairclough wins I go down fort william naked on a fat bike at this year's world cup to celebrate
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 i'll join you
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 @karlLad1: Tandem Fatbike , is that two boost hubs or just the one ? lol
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 Gee is looking cold on that trek
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 @theo98 ur mates a nutcase haha
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 you go down but also have to have to do this
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 @kolya: big time, I was thinking the same thing
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 Man. Stevie Smith and Gee Atherton look like they are going to annihilate that course. I can't wait to see this.
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 But lolo he's here today and even more tomorrow !
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 hopefully stevie will annihilate gee and he will be mad like in 2013
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 Danny Hart looks dialed and confident in all of the footage I've seen so far. So does Fairclough. So does Bryceland. So does Guiterrez. So does Smith. So does Bruni. This race is going to be sick.
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 That slow mo of Bulldog's gully crash is horrible. You can see his left elbow hyper-extend the wrong way. No wonder he's clutching it. Not nice!!
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 ugh yeah that was sick to watch. Poor guy.
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 @Mumby: Damn I hope he's alright.
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 Last time I've done that I've ended up with dislocated elbow...Hope he's OK tho.
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 @ 0:54 sec
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 plus his right knee!
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 I can't wait to crack open a beer at 8am and watch the DH finals....and no, i'm not drinking right after I wake up at 8am....I will be staying up all night getting primed!
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 7:45 am. *Plastered and has no idea on how to work a computer.*
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 Whats wrong with Bulldog. Takes a slam where I would have died at and is back on his feet INSTANTLY
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  • 2 0 can't wear a go-pro for races, but UCI lets Rachel use one for practice?!? That's stupid! The reason for not wearing the was the "possible" danger to rider. Well is t that danger still possible during practice? Then they should just wear it during the race too.

Am I missing some thing, or is there a different reason they don't let them, like media rights?
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 Its some media ownership bs
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 @Teebud: well Rachel, Gwin and another rider had them on during he race... Hmmmm
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 Changed the quality down to 240p so it's harder to see Brooks arm doing things arms shouldn't do. What a doozie
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 'kin stoked dh WC, and BMX from Manchester tomorrow night live on Bike TV, ride in the morning then plot up with beer and deep fried heavily salted snacks
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 Reme and Gee were looking super smooth! Second only to the birth of my twins, this weekend is ahead of the rest!
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 Just me or does Gee's session look too small.
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 I was wondering the exact same thing.
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 Did brooj mcdonald cut his knee open when he crashed? looks like a whole load of white flesh to me !
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 And the crowd goes wild !
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 Gwin looks just like Aaron Paul in that last clip haha!
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 haha i always describe him to my wife as the one who sounds like jesse from breaking bad
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flag marcsb95c (Apr 9, 2016 at 16:05) (Below Threshold)
 @d7teen: Kinda like how I describe to my wife any person from the UK as "the one that looks like they never brush their teeth"
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 So cold, Blenki's wearing gloves.
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 Gloves and back protection, French rules.
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 I'm sure a 'rat' can find his way out of this!
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 How come Rachael was the only woman practicing?
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 she was the only one with spotlight in this footage, she was not the only one practicing
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 @dmadness: my point exactly. Why don't the other females deserve any spotlight?
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 Rachel rides like a guy. I mean that as a compliment.
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 or a really fast and dialed gal.
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 Be more specific. I'm a guy and if she rode like me, she'd never get points to show at a World Cup. Unlike all of you guys here Big Grin
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 @WAKIdesigns: I up propped both of you for being right.
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 Was stoked to see Gwin back on Spec. for that audi commercial at the start!
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 So good to see all the riders back in the pits!!
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 brook macdonald's elbow goes both ways
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 needs more George Brannigan
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 Aaron Gwin would make a great stoner.
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 F**k you Redbull player
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 Yeah, free content, how isane!!!
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 Red Bull players sucks. The only one in the world that cant go fullscreen button and cant manipular the time... Why?

Track is insane..
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 @mudmandhbrazil: WTH? It can do both of those things... maybe not smoke when you're on this
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