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Video: Full Highlights From The Fort William World Cup Downhill

Jun 5, 2019 at 8:33
by Red Bull Bike  

It may have been torrential downpour throughout the weekend in the Highlands of Scotland for the second round of the UCI DH MTB World Cup, but that didn’t stop the tens of thousands of spectators from cheering on their favorite downhillers! In true Fort William fashion we saw more than a few tough hits taken by riders like Tahnee Seagrave, Loïc Bruni and Aaron Gwin.

The Women’s finals was what Rachel Atherton calls ‘the most nail-biting thing ever’ between her and Australian, Tracey Hannah with Hannah up in spilts 2 & 3. In the end, it was a British victory by just 1.611s.

In the Men’s race, after nearly crashing over the handle bars at the finish it was Commencal rider Amaury Pierron who put down the fastest time of 4m 28.578s. Aussie pinner, Troy Bosnan took second now putting him in the lead for overall points and last man down the mountain Loris Vergier went in third.

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 Thank you Red Bull for not hitting us with a 2-3 mins highlight video
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 Excellent summary of an excellent summary!
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flag carbonbootprint (Jun 5, 2019 at 22:41) (Below Threshold)
 They really need a new announcer. Shit's so cringey, sounds like he's about to nut. No person on earth is truthfully that excited about mountain biking.
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 @myfriendgoose: This ain't horse racing, lad. But don't pretend it's not the same idea. It's what race commentary is...

Personally, I'd like Red Bull to hire Helen Mirren to do DH commentary.
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 @myfriendgoose: you are very wrong, but at least you are a minority in your cases.

Excellent job Eliot and great podcasts.
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 Rad video! One for each round then patch them all together at the end of the season please!
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 Elliott is doing a great job of the highlights! Is he still racing as well as filming these?
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flag carbonbootprint (Jun 5, 2019 at 22:42) (Below Threshold)
 Eliot is a king and should be announcing instead of this embarrassing shit.
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 He's not racing anymore...
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 Elliott is all smiles. I like smiles. Seems like a good guy to have around. That said, all these athletes seem like such great characters. Rachel is still very complimentary to Tracey, Troy is still so positive after being bumped off first place for the so manyth time.
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 The best highlight video from DH I've ever seen... and one of the best World Cups in a long time!
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 Agree! Got all the tidbits.
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 Great coverage: Elliot + Warner + Claudio = winning team! Smile
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 @cool3 : Sir you best not forget CATHRO!!!!
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 @rockchomper: Of course not! Smile
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 Warner and Claudio for the "what"
Cathro for the "how"
Wyn for the "who"
And finaly, Eliot for the "why"
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 and Gee!
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 @kennyken1015: Sure, Gee for the "where"
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 Tracey Hannah is a freaking beast.
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 The best wrap up video yet. Great job.
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 Hands down the best Red Bull DH highlights I have seen. Really liked the way the interviews were done for the women's field mixed in with the race recap and Warner's commentary. I thought that was better done than the latter half with men's field which was still good but not as informative and story telling.
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 What a fu**ING race !!!!!!!
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 Hi Elliott, appreciate to chat with you, a big fan. So you asked about Ideas for future videos, i thougt about something like a sitcom season, with 120 episodes, season 1-3000, do 100hrs of filming at events, cut it with comments or so, and stream 3-4 episodes every evening. you could do fest-series, CX, ews, goto places and so on, and please team up with the Master brothers, Troy, Greg and the boys. Maybe do even a 24h Big-Brohter live Stream thing at events with cams and mics allover the place. I think that`s all, thank you very much
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 Keep up the great work Eliot! Really enjoyed this and the positive vibes you spread! It makes an already amazing edit even better Smile
As you asked how the next one should be: for me pretty much the same. You got all the interesting bits of racing and mixed them up with very nice interviews. I also liked to see the progression of the event from qualies through to the race. Maybe add some juniors racing? (I also wouldn't mind if the vid got longer...)

thank you!
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 Killer job Eliot!! Amazing the effort you and your editing team are putting together in such a short amount of time!! That recap everything we wanted to see
On the other hand... Don’t leave the microphone to Finn ever again (USA the best country in the world) yeah right...
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 I read an article recently about black people basically never being part of the mainstream of road racing even when winning. It made me think of elliot jackson and how if you couldn't remember his name you'd probably describe him as "that dude who's obsessed with stats" before you'd even think to mention his skin color. And maybe that's why the sports of DH and enduro are so small compared to road and XC, because only the purest of humans prioritize smiles and experiences more than social status. And that's the same type of person who just doesn't notice skin color.
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 Just love the DH WC series. Managed to get to Fort William in 2004 (Minnaar took the win on the Honda), and haven't missed a race since. It just gets better every year, and Rob Warner is just as entertaining if a little more professional than the early years.
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 Fantastic Elliot! Keep up the good work and a few more interviews with the girls post race pleeeze!
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 This and Elliot's other Fort William videos brought an insider's view--"racers have been coming here for years, but here's what's different," etc. And Elliot's tone was smiling but not clowning or hammy--there was no annoying mugging for the camera, just genuine psych. My favorite commentator moment from the weekend (not in this clip, but related) was Elliot, Wyn, and Ben conspiring to get their hands on Gwin's crash footage--that was hilarious.
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 I've had a long break from MTB riding as well as any related media. I'm back into riding and have been loving the coverage of the downhill events. From the commentary to the track analysis to the interviews, it's been so great to see. Thanks for the killer coverage!!!
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 Such a great video. Elliot kills it. Between this and Cartho's stuff - best covered WC ever. Keep it coming... now I gotta go learn to turn chunk into a flow trail like Amaury.
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 I feel like the camaraderie and sportsmanship of World Cup DH is unmatched in any sport.
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 That was fantastic Elliot! I’ll look forward to these as much as Wyn TV! My wife didn’t want to watch the whole thing, but after watching this she’s all fired up!
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 Well, I thought that was some A+ material and production and. Love the editing and music choice. Love the narrative weave. Love the longer format.

So my only feedback is change nothing. You're killing it man. Keeep it up.
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 you ask us about comments and what would we like to see more?, well this is just right on the ding dong! Wink ) Thank you very much Mr Elliot! Great reviews even greater vibe! Cheers dude!
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 Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you!!!!
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 Amaury Pierron is psycho !
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 The cool thing about Perrion's win is it proves how important amd durable carbon wheels are. Now lets hear the haters' newest reasoning.
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 Solid wrap up video coverage with great interviews and comments from the racers after it all went down!
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 Aaron gwin crash there are brutal, be he walk like a boss Big Grin
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 Well done Elliot that was epic coverage and recap!! I like the different style too!
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 Hell yeeah!
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 Elliot for president
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 Elliot Jackson, what a babe!
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 That was amazing! Thank you!
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 Cha boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Love your work Eliot xx
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 Troy inside line was sick
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 F@(K I love this sport
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 That was dope
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 That was really good!!!

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