Replay: UCI DH World Cup Leogang 2015

Jun 13, 2015 at 10:59
by Red Bull Bike  

MENTIONS: @redbullbike


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 Chain? You mean bitch string
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 In fact, Gwin improved his time from quali by 1 sec. - without pedaling. What a guy!
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 Gwin: Ain't got no strings to slow me down!
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 Not like he needed it but blame this guy:
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 He basically pulled a Mulally. Only better. Specialized has to make the next gen dh bikes with the top spec without transmission.
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 Snapping a chain outta the gate isn't unusual - amazing win to say the least - really only 1 or 2 pedal sections but he just pinned the track all the way down. Connor Fearon is having a solid season shredding on the Kona and Remi having a smooth run. The track looked like an awesome design and a good mix of everything you'd want in a world cup race. Another amazing race day - great coverage this round too!
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 Aaron was lucky it didn't get caught between the spokes
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 still speechless. insane insane stuff

cant help but feel awful for connor fearon, he must've gone through quite the emotional rollercoaster at the end there. "2nd in qualis, better bring the heat today. Holy crap, I'm up by almost a second and a half!! f*ck Gwin still has to run though. Holy crap he broke his chain out of the gate, I'm gonna win a World Cup event! Oh Jesus f*ckin Christ..."

amazing race
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 Yeah i was so stoked for connor going into the hot seat, though he got beaten by possibly one of the most legendary runs ever so..
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flag luisgerstner (Jun 14, 2015 at 9:49) (Below Threshold)
 Reminds me on Gwins days on a TREK SESSION. Wink
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 This guy is just amazing, to beat the best in the world with out a chain is just some thing else. I still can not believe it.
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 1:53:40 Troy Brosnan “You mother F@ck0r”
Aaron Gwin “the suspension works good, when theres no chain”

Hahaha wow Aaron, you da man! Congrats!!
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 chainless massacre
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 No chain, no kickback, fast run! Also, notice that remi thirion who is racing with a Commencal supreme V4 which is built to minimize the kickback due to the chain is 3rd here...just sayin'.Same for the trek factory rider who did an amazing run last year without a chain. companies should work more on this instead of Boost, 27.5+ or whatever
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 Specialized has claimed this for years as well- FSR is independent of braking, pedaling, and chain forces. So they say at least.
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 Sure, any bike with a single pivot design can put the pivot in line with the chain and you'll get 0 feedback through the chain. The Commencal supreme uses an idler put the pivot much higher so the wheel has a more rearward axle path while still avoiding pedal feedback.
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 2016 Demo now comes with optional chain....
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 and shifters, cassette, crankset.... think of the savings!!
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 They can call it the Ltd Edition Gwin model, and charge more. Wink
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 Rather, some company step up and develop a bike that's designed without drivetrain right away. Kids learning to ride bicycles (nowadays) also get something without drivetrain. Learn how it reacts at speed, how to turn, how to balance. When you've got that down, you can throw in a drivetrain and brakes. But only once you've got that down. The same could go for a downhill bike. You can have whatever high pivot is ideal, huge flange distance on the rear hub (or just a narrow hub), very short cranks (or a different platform altogether). You're not only saving weight (and money) from the components you leave out. Imagine how much force is being applied to the chain for it to snap (ok, combined with shifting), the same amount of force is applied to the frame and bearings between rear axle and bb. So the frame could be designed lighter/cheaper as well.

I definitely see a market for these. As rental bikes at places with uplift or for people who frequent these places.

So if you read this and you're a bike manufacturer, please make this happen. If you need help and you happen to have these cool lunch rides in good places, you could also employ me Smile .
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 This just in - aaron gwin races xc world cup... wins with no chain
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flag Jamminator (Jun 14, 2015 at 11:08) (Below Threshold)
 Actually have to pedal in XC
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 Gwin was off the chain!
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 Chaint no thing
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 Breaking News: The new 2016 Specialized Demo with real time weight reducing technology. It sheds weight during the race so you can go faster. Mostly getting rid of useless parts like the chain which are not needed even at the highest level of racing.
When you ride a specialized something special will always happen.
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 Gwin wins with no chain. Jesus
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 THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY FUCKING INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 BRB. I'm getting the bolt cutter...
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 In an absolutely stacked field of talented racers, the consistency Gwin has shown over the last 2 seasons is pretty staggering. It seems like anyone in the top 10 can podium this season, but anyone can fall to the bottom of that group, too. Gwin is the exception so far this year.
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 Jokes aside, suspension works better with no chain. Val Di Sole first World Cup round to see someone running with no chain from the start? Makes sense that would be the place to do it!
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 Or breakaway chains. 5 pedals to get up to speed, then it snaps. Or everyone could just use a KMC chain.
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 You mean SRAM
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 FYI - KMC makes Shimano chains.
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 No, KMC does NOT make Shimano chains. Ignorance is bliss. KMC factory is in Taiwan. Shiamano's VIA factory in Japan (for highend chains) and Malaysia (for lowend chains).
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 KMC started it's partnership with Shimano in 1986. It still continues today...
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 Just unchain the beast and look ...
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 Looks like God changed the head wind to a back wind for his man!!!!
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 All credit to the man... he was awesome.
Most impressive victory in MTB history???
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 So in Pole Vaulting, having a headwind/tailwind makes a HUGE difference, and a good tailwind will get you quite a bit higher. In the former USSR there was a track meet indoors in a big hangar. When the Russian pole vaulters were up, they would open these enormous hangar doors, giving them a tail wind. When any other competitor was up they would close them, making the air still.
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 As a pole vaulter myself i can confirm that tailwinds help a lot while jumping. A headwind will enhance your technique but will make you loose momentum, it is good for warming up only.

Where did you get that info from? Looks like an interesting read.
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 My college coach told us that story. I don't remember the source
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 Gwin's performance was just mind boggling. His performance was inconceivable considering the level of talent on the World Cup circuit today. I think the entire mountain biking community is scratching their collective heads.
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 How is it possible?? My jaw dropped when I saw the finish time of off the chain Gwinny!!!
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 AG is the PUMP KING!
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 Just watched this! So stoked for Gwin, so gifted to ride like that. Incredible wildness from Remi too-on the ragged edge!! Sn*ggered at Claudio's comment about having "a short uphill section in Switzerland just so you can't win without a chain.." Hah!
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 The best race of the life for Marcelo Amazing. Atte: El Monta
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 No chain, all gain.
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 Did the rat forget to take is go pro off or has the uci decided they arnt arsed about copyright as they relied there's not as much money in it as they thought?
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 I think it's mounted on the visor...

"After in-depth examination, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) announced today that onboard cameras on helmets shall be mounted solely on detachable visors/peaks that have been provided by the helmet manufacturer for use with the helmet in question."
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 Feel so bad for Manon. That is total bullsh*t. How much time she gained? Tenth of a second? Hundredth? Give 10 second penalty and let her race. This looks appropriate for race run but qualification is just to figure start order. Looks as not very well thought out rule I think.
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 Look at it from UCI's point of view - they can't disregard their own rules. She passed one of the poles on the wrong side, they had to DQ her according to the rules.
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 I understand that. I mean that the rule is dumb and, I think, must be changed.
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 I think the rule is good, but it shouldn't be applied if the judges agree that the rider didn't gain any time
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 Unbelievable although he was lucky the wind had died from earlier in the day. The headwind was ferocious on the pedaling section earlier
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 Awesome, brilliant RedBull coverage. Enjoyed every single minute. Spot on replays and well, I'm speechless of Aaron Gwin's run, that is absolutely insane!!!
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 Rob: Oh its a new bike is it?
Claudio: No not really, we just tell them.

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 Three words: AARON NAILED IT
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 The f*ck was that taping at bottom of that jump? That makes no sense to me at all...

Gwin was amazing though, that was a crazy awesome run!
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 What next for Gwin?

No brakes? .......yes please
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 He already tried that in 2012, didn't work out that well
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 I always knew that AG and Chuck Norris have something in common! (I do not mean only the hair color)
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 In the next World Cup watch out for Manon squashing every jump (ESPECIALLY the finish line one!) and have the men's field doing chain less practice runs!
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 Brings a whole new meaning to the term GWINNING
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 Gwinno unchained
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 Nice race!
But WTH is going on with!
We want to see the full race not only the 5 fastest girls and the top 30 mens!!!
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flag hardtailedawg (Jun 14, 2015 at 8:25) (Below Threshold)
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 Team Chiefs urgent reunion, topic "do we really need chains"?
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 Everybody will start to race whithout chain! I guess...
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 Feeling bad for Manon, and Yelling for Gwin!
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 Miracles do happen!! AG wins!!!!!
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 Insane with no chain... Insane with no chain!!!
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 Gwin Genius!!!!!
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 Feel the weather really had a lot to say on this one....

Can say that?
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 unbelievable..gwin is a legend!
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 "The video you are trying to watch is not available right now. Please check back soon."

On an iPad - what gives?
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 2016 Specialized Demo;

Build 1: No Rear Tire
Build 2: No Chain

Pro Build: No Chain, No Rear Tire
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 I thought that it was live today! Frown
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 it was....
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 AG always rises to the occation!!! father god!!
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 best world cup so far...but feeling the pain for smith....
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 Gwind off chain, now I know what the guys from Scorpions meant.
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 Winning with chain is for boys. Winning without chain is for mens.
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 what's the name of the song during Remi Therion's run?
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 have been trying to find out the same thing, it's driving me mad!
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 I think it's darude - sandstorm
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 So stoked for Connor!!!!!! Been waiting for this for a while
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 It's normal... No chain = lighter = faster !
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 anyone else noticed Blenki riding with gloves on???whats up with that??
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 That fuckin airshock let gwin win!
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 Free hubs not today )
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 calling b.s uci is rigged lol
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