Watch Bearclaw Training for Rampage on his Snow MX Bike

Oct 5, 2017 at 8:29
by Red Bull Bike  

Bearclaw has been riding bikes and building his own lines for longer than a lot of us. In the winter months, he rides as much as he can but eventually, the sled comes out and he heads for the backcountry. That's changed a little in more recent times, however. Now, with the availability of devices like the Snow Yeti, the Claw can experience the snow while on a vehicle that translates more closely to that feeling of riding his mountain bike, and last winter he took full advantage of that (and the big snow year had up in British Columbia), riding lines and ripping the backcountry with Rampage in the back of his mind.


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 "Running lines like I was on my mountain bike"...except it has a big kick ass gas motor! Wondering what the props would be if it was an e-snowbike!!
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 But at least nobody's pretending that it's a mountain bike, and should have the same access as a mountain bike. It's a completely different animal and it's rad!
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 @iamsx: surely it's called a snotobike?
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flag scott-townes (Oct 5, 2017 at 16:23) (Below Threshold)
 Cartoon- You're an oversensitive piece of trash. That last shot was massive and I'm very jealous he gets to rip around on that.
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 @cunning-linguist: I thought snowmocycle?
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 @cunning-linguist: And I want one.
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 Rad, but I would rather ski that pow!
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 The Claw shreds everything!! Cool Yeti setup.
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 Jesus, e-fatbikes evolved quickly!
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 I've been dreaming about a bike-based electric snow bike for years now. Was a company used to make a conversion for regular mountain bikes (track in the back and ski up front) but of course the 2" track doesn't get you very far, and having to pedal it would not be fun. But with a 4-5" track now possible, and e-motor...I could could probably get on without snowmobile most of the time, and convert to e-fat to replace ATV in the summer, and get like 2 hours back every week loading and unloading heavy, motorized vehicles! Only think I'm not sure on is battery performance at minus 10 deg F?

(before the haters start hating...I'm talking purely for transportation, for work, not recreation. If I want to have fun on a bike, I ride my bicycle, like everybody else here. although it is fun.)
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 Man you have some long chainstays if that yeti kit feels like your mountain bike.
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 Cool, but just when you think theres no more ways to burn fuel.. The sound of skins going up and silent pow turns on the way down is more fitting in snowscapes
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 Causes an avalanche......pumps fist. Legend!
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 That cut out right as he landed, I want to know if he rode out of that huge drop!
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 Damn, The Claw can throw down on a snowbike. I've seen plenty of snowbike video segments from pro riders and his is by far one of the better edits. Seeing most my local trails getting buried in snow I at least have this to look forward to.
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 Just watch out for avalanches. The small ones like the one shown get you.
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 That looks mental fun
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 look at all the Lines in the Snow,he must have slept like a Baby that Night,looks like Mad Fun!
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 To whomever filmed this, kudos to you. The cinematography reminds me what it was like watching a Warren Miller ski movie when I was young and dreaming about what it would be like to ski in the mountains. Thank you.
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 Count how many times his face slams off the crossbar ......OOOCH! Gotta feel that the next day!
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 Can we get Red Bull to video racers doing restorative yoga, swimming, road biking or other non-motorized training in the off season? Probably not.
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 do you prefer to see the Claw doing drops on the snow or doing road biking?
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 @JoseBravo: I'd like to see him doing yoga.
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 @speed10: Not just any yoga, restorative yoga!
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 No video of him digging this thing out WHEN it gets stuck?
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 @racerfacer: You really have to eff up to get these things stuck.
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 Snowbiking is so rad. Wish I could go backcountry without a backpack. I need a film crew Frown
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 James Bond is totally jealous right now. I am too. Awesome!!
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 Yes, that's what I want for Christmas. Oh wait, it never snows where I live ????
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 I wish I could train for my day job on a snowbike.
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 Flip it!
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 Looks like ya gotta keep your weight forward in the air to keep it level - looks rad.
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 Where does he find that amount of snow in October?
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 Maybe he should have used that for Hardline...
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 no sleep till rampage
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 This thing is incredible!
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I’m rich beeeeotchhhh!!!
Suck it tree huggers!
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 This is all kinds of wrongs. It's amazing to see how much shit a electricity assisted bicycle gets on this website and the comments THIS gets... Just the sound of the video...
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 Timbersled=epic fun
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 Want want want
  • 1 0 need rampage
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 Loved it, more please;
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 Fckin huge drops
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 Was he puling a trailer?
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 Holy Huckin Shit Mang
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 Claw slays????
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 Claw rips!!!!
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 You know your going big when your causing avalanches. Unreal video.
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 not at all! Know your risks if you approach the backcountry!
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 Won’t even hear or feel nature’s clues of snow instability
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 Get munched in an avalanche on your boat anchor noise maker
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 But it has a motor!!! Get it off PB!! This is MYB MTB only website!!
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