Watch: The Winning Run at Red Bull Joyride - Crankworx Whistler 2017

Aug 20, 2017 at 14:12
by Red Bull Bike  

Brandon Semenuk is at it again: 5th win at Red Bull Joyride! After conquering 4 times in a row between 2011 and 2015, he did it now again. What a ride!

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 How he manages to do all this yet crash while throwing a lazy whip in his celebration run is a mystery
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 too much water
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 pressure was off
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 i think this kid has some potential
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 A spoiler alert does not work if you say who won in the title
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 Spoiler at main page, why you do it pinkbike
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 We blew it. Sorry.
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 @brianpark: as if its a surprise every year ????
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 @brianpark: Maybe PB needs a 'no spoiler' tab like the MotoGP site....
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flag Jokesterwild FL (Aug 20, 2017 at 18:15) (Below Threshold)
 @bikercarl: maybe who cares? honestly, why does it matter?
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 Why do you even visit PB if you haven't seen the event yet?
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 @leopaul: not everybody can enjoy online translationin time. btw they changed headline, so it`s not spoiler anymore
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 @nvidia: just don't go on PB then. I had to watch the replay to events so many times but never got spoiled, because i avoid social media and bike websites before i've seen it
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 underrated part of that run was the tailwhip before the last two jumps. so effortless
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 ...spoiler yet you announce he won in the title Idiots
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 Wow after not ruining the replays for ages again Pinkbike is putting the winners name on the homepage. Please don't do this shit for rampage.
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 Seems to me he wasnt satisfied with his run, probably wanted to do flip combo on a bonerlog and doubletruck onto the last feature.. I'm stoked for him to take his fifth (!!) win, on the other hand, I'd love to see what he's been hiding in his sleeve for his second run.. Hat's off mr. Semenuk, we're all lucky to witness your magic !
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 He was doing Backflip Barspins (or maybe even Double Barspins) off the Cannon Log in practice Saturday night so I'm sure he wanted that trick.
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 I guess he also want halfcab bar from first drop (cause he did it even at last year Joyride practice), and yeah, doubletruck up and flip bar to can (possibly?) on a bonerlog.
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 @Hyperx: how about you?? anytime you wanna crack some nuts I have them nutcrackers waiting just for you
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 @zelkova: anytime you are moronic shitbag, who read probably all pb posts to find every my comment and write some conceited shit
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 @Hyperx: this is between us you & me max, we'll see what kind of nuts you've got
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 @zelkova: that's kind of psycho disease I guess...what's wrong with you, really? You really want to be rogatkin ass-licker, okay. Do u know that you on the f*cking internet?Everyone has own opinions, and a normal people usually dicuss it. And u just keep writing some rogatkin-ass-lick shit and try to threaten me. Why? Is he your brother or what? You even see rogatkin shit on non-rogatkin topic (I don't give a shit about him really).
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 @Hyperx: lick my @ss max. I told you this is about u & me. I know you max. next time i see you, you'll wish your mommy was there for you
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 @zelkova: in your imagination - maybe. I don't care about u,I don't know u, so it's only your trouble. Calm down, or just simply go to the bar, drink some beer, fight with someone as smart as you. That's your level, I guess. And do not push this shit to a mtb website.
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 @Hyperx: your english sucks max.
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 @zelkova: why are you keep writing my name? Smile To show your google abilities?
Anyway, you really have issues. I feel sorry for your sickness and simply would create a new PB account, maybe it will be good for your frenetic shit about following me.
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 @Hyperx: I have known your name here on pinkbike, it's very easy. You've been trolling ever since so no need to google. you cant even construct proper english sentences so why don't you answer me back in Russian? you're a disgrace to the motherland. . you're the biggest hater of all just like what @fatfingur said but you're nothing compared to any FMB athletes. You've got nothing to prove to everyone else, you cant even upload a stylish video to prove it. Enduro riders dont like you... Even your dream-boyfriend and your crush semenuk dont love you or even care about you.
But dont worry because i do care about you and i love you max and i hope that 1 day were gonna get married
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 So Sick he did it again!!!
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 So much confidence from Semenuk these last years… Best (free)rider in the world?
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 I've seen it already but spoilers?
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 This is just trolling pinkbike!
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 Uhhh are you serious? You can’t say spoiler alert and then put the winner in the title
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 Have to admit I'm gutted that Rogatkin missed out on getting the triple crown... Frown
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 Is the a PB account setting that hides "spoiler articles"...
Putting the winner in the title really was a scumbag move.
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 NBA has this on their site, it's great.
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 89.8 seems kinda low...
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 Semenuk had the first run of the entire event. The judges didn't want to start the scoring at 95.
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 @rezrov: Ah. Makes sense.
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 I recommend muting this and open up this one in the background:
start it at 3:15 and watch the replay
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 Wait, who won Joyride?
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 Ben Boyko.
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 @slumgullion: where has boyko even been the last 5 years?!...
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 @slumgullion: Okay, thanks Smile
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 @cameronumf: working 9-5
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 @cameronumf: quit slope after sponsors turned him down. still riding underground after. He's one of the freeride legends now.. such a great rider
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 No one noticed flat drop bar hop..
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 Last trick looked like a blackflip candybar to me, not a flip one foot can
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 The guy is just so smooth, so comfortable looking!!!!
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 Almost too tricky for me, it's becoming like Olympic diving speed, and technically, but lacking style.
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 I'm surprised no one has mentioned the spoiler alert fail...
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 Can someone else win for once
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 Why have a winner at all? Just hand out participation trophies
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 Flips and spins
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 not surprised
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 I don't think you understand the term; "spoiler alert"
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 This man is just like drinking coffee doing those tricks! Damn!
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 Semenuk needs some McTwister moves, yes?
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 no twister ?
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