Watch the Top 3 Runs From Red Bull Joyride

Aug 22, 2016 at 10:16
by Red Bull Bike  
1st – Brett Rheeder

2nd – Thomas Genon

3rd – Max Fredriksson

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 great run from Rheeder, well deserved win!
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 He seemed so relaxed, confident, and fluid throughout the run. ...and that front-flip step up! Congrats Mr. Rheeder.
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 huge props to rheeder for an amazing run. maybe the best slope run ever?

but COME ON, mehdi gani 8th place you gotta be sh*tting me. flip triple bar, flip whip hip, flip bar tuck, cork 7, flip tuck the cannon, flat flip the last feature. 8th place?????? awful judging
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 @northwestbiker: Internet voting award should be part of this to confront judges with the crowd Smile I'm up for it.
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 @northwestbiker: props to you. Mehdi Gani totally robbed.Why judges so f*cking hate him?
Also, he had winning run on swatch prime line, if compare to rogatkin run trick-to-trick,but only had 4 place.
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 The footage I've seen from this event has been a let down. I'm not sure why they felt like the drone needed to be shooting the event from space. Then there are complete gaps in people's runs. Etc. Photos... been killer. Lot of quality shots from the event. But the video footage... needs to be rethought.
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 The drone was an A-Star with a Cineflex on it. You can't run a drone over a crowd of thousands of people, and there are minimum height requirements for flying a heli too. I do agree on the gaps though. Could have been better, but the budget for pulling this broadcast off is tiny compared to live TV events, so maybe they get a bit of slack.
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 easily the worst webcast of the year, and for the biggest event. definitely let down. genon's 2nd place run was impossible to see the tricks. i was at the event live and excited to see the replay, but the webcast coordination was awful. rheeder's first hip trick? it will be lost with time because its not in the replay. (it was a 440 bar though)
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 @paulwatt: True the budget is not big but it seemed to be terribly managed this time around. You don't need a heli filming a friggen slope contest or DH... unless its Psychosis but that's it. The more simple the camera angles, the better. I really didn't like how they cut to that underside GoPro angle under the hip so you couldn't see the landings. The quality wasn't bad at all but compared to how it was in years past, this was pretty bad.
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YOU GUYS ,seriously it's free, if you don't think it's any good, start your own series and televise it lol
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 @pigman65: free for viewers isn't an excuse to do a worse job, haha. Its been pretty awesome coverage in years past but they dropped the ball this year probably because they were trying too hard.
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 Video production 101- don't let who you're filming leave the shot. This year was bush league on many levels.
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 @paulwatt: Did it have that new P1 L.0.T. controller!?
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 We will never know which trick Brett did on the 5th jump !!!???!!! Massive fail from RB tv!!!

0:19 in the video: " Where is he ??"
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 Switch 450 truck
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 "Where is he?" that was Brandon's run.
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 @micahaalders3: he took a french line through the woods
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 Red Bull media producer- "alright Cam, no matter what happens, we need you to work the phrase 'full pull' into every third sentence.
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 love how they call the boner the giant cannon. Ill use that one later :3
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flag d-set (Aug 22, 2016 at 20:39) (Below Threshold)
 thats how they get paid and in turn fund huge events like this, so yes you do.
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 hey redbull im watching 3 of your videos do i really have to skip commercials 3 times ?
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 AdBlock my friend Smile
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 Rheeder's Trek is sick. Wish they would paint more of their stock bikes like that.
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 Everybody give Martin credit for the 'clean Swedish riders', and for sure, he has alot to do with it. But waaaay back when, before Söderström, before Fredriksson or Thelander, there was Mikael Bolmstam. I would say O.G of Swedish riders in terms of trick difficulty and style. That dude landed his tricks so good that he pretty much Made it boring to watch. Or maybe not boring, just so Damn perfect, every time. It's great to see these Young dude's ride, you see so much Mikael in them, even though many of them probably never got to ride with him. History man, history..
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 Say full pull again. Say full pull agin, a dare you, i double dare you motherfucker, say full pull one more goddamn time.
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 Kids these days won't get it.....hahaha
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 My boner still hasn't subsided.
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 One of the best slopestyle runs I've seen! Superb variation, front flip step-up was amazing, Brett we're not worthy!
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 Where was Semenuk?! And yes I have been living under a rock I've been on holiday with no wifi for a week
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 Slid out on the wood up top in his first run and ended up in the trees, looked like he just disappeared! Then on his second run he caught a gust of wind on the first trick jump and cased it so just flowed the rest of the course. All or nothing!
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 I watched it live and thought it was amazing. Wish i was out there with all those people. Maybe some other year!
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 Thanks redbull, got me pumped! Went to get a beer I got a tuck no hander and 31 bar spins between the tv and the fridge ....
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 I dunno it just seems to much like a bmx contest now. Dont get me wrong the tricks are awesome, but think they need to redesign the courses or something, to try and do something different to what the bmxers are doing?
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 I disagree. When slope style first started out, its roots were deeper in freeride mtb and it was far less similar to bmx. Since then it has naturally evolved in to what it is now because it is what has worked best for the riders, the judging and the fans. Also try to remember that Ryan Nyquist himself said that riding this course was the scariest thing he has ever done. Sure it looks similar to Elevation or Dream Line when you watch it on the telly, but these features are HUGE.
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 Its definitely different. Thats why drew bezanson wasnt able to just come in and start winning. Hell, he was hardly able to even compete.
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 @doe222 man, that first jump after second drop is like half bmx park course (size),lol.Also,flat drops,boner logs,step-down - it's all MTB features, and riders do incredible tricks on this features.
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 coming from a guy that only rides dh, this shit is incredible!!!
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 Gani shold be on the 3rd place!
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 bet the fest guys think the course is pretty cute!
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 all 3 could have been number 1
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