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Video: Reece Wallace Rides the Legendary, High-Speed 'Rio' Trail in Kamloops

Aug 30, 2022 at 8:05
by Reece Wallace  

Riding the legendary Rio trail in Kamloops, BC!

bigquotesI was lucky enough to get some final laps on Rio in the days leading up to the bottom of the trail being plowed by excavation. Such a legendary, fast trail—makes you feel like a racer. Here's hoping we can see a reroute and shared land use in the future - Reece

Thanks Tannus Armor for supporting this video.

- Reece

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 Great to see you back on your bike after the crash and concussion. Good luck in Val di Sole!
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 this switcharoo thing is getting out of hand!
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 Looks like the champ is getting back up to speed
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flag nozes (Sep 2, 2022 at 2:01) (Below Threshold)
 Didn't that joke got old yet?
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 @nozes: no and never
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 Where can I place an order for that trail and have it assembled near my house!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
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 Sooo, I mean ya this is sick. But there is literally now A sign on the trail saying stay out. When a non local comes to a town and makes a video of a trail that’s in danger of being shut down it’s totally disrespectful to the local community. Times have changed, this isn’t cool anymore, a video on rio just hurts the locals and the rider gets a few you tube points. Take this shit down or Kamloops will
Lose this trail . Fer eff sakes.
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 It's on Strava, it's no secret, and with housing going up around the entrance to the shuttle road the days are numbered for being able to drive in there. It sucks but I don't think this video is going to make a difference.
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 @wildcatwilly: Just because it is on strava does not mean people should be entitled to ride it.
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 Unfortunately it has almost certainly been shut down. The landowner by the pipeline crossing has put up multiple sections of barbed wire that extend into the trees and used equipment to push trees onto the trail. I agree this exposer does nothing to help but I fear it is too late.
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 Also the kooks that upload it to routes on trailforks have turned it into a bright red streak on heatmaps. Modern mountain bikers don't deserve good trails.
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 @luckynugget: There are multiple labeled segments with your top 10 fastest local kooks on it. Municipalities and land owners have been tearing down trails since before we had cell phones. Welcome to mountain biking...
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 This trail was featured in a production movie a few years ago, named and all. While this doesn't help, I'm willing to bet most of the damage has already been done.
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 When I was in Kamloops riding this was the trail recommended to me by everyone and not a single person explained to us the land owner situation there.

My buddy rode through this guy's unfenced field at the bottom of the trail and I picked him up on the side of the highway.

The land owner came out with his car and aggressively drove around us before parking in a spot so we couldn't leave. He was yelling, swearing, sweating and pointing his index finger at us, talking about private property and the condo construction.

We explained we weren't local and some people told us about it and luckily he loves Nelson more than Kamloops and sided with us and apologized and went on our way.

My point is, none of you "locals" took the time to explain the land owner situation. Y'all lost it yourselves if you do.
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 @skiboot1: Amen.

This video was shot in the early spring before there were any indications of trail closures, land use, signage etc. I was taken there by Kamloops locals, and no one said a thing about the trail being under heat—they were also wearing GoPros. The following morning (on this lap) the bottom of the trail was plowed and I haven't been back since.

I respect the landowner struggle and trail builders entirely. That said, when Loops locals are recommending it, and it's been in full length movies, web edits, and social media for 15+ years, the outlook for any illegal trail is bleak. There was also a Kamloops film crew shooting an out of town rider on it...you can see @ :30.
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 We're our own worst enemy when it comes to trails getting shut down, and Rio is no exception.
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 @WayneParsons: rose hill 2.0
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flag jbob27 (Sep 2, 2022 at 18:31) (Below Threshold)
 @reecewallace: ignorance is an excuse.
Are their videos on pink bike?
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 Rio’s been dead since I last rode it in ‘16. I blew up every berm on the way down, almost taco’d my Slayer’s 26” wheel G’ing out corners so hard. Sorry Kamloops
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 Makes me wonder if he has his own plane for flying back and forth between Val di Sole and BC…
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 Cool to see this trail ridden by a dh world champ
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 The builder of this trail has repeatedly pleaded with the cycling community to keep the profile lower. There have been some issues with disrespectful trail users so the timing of this video going up isn't great.
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 Nice to see the world champ shredding some trails over the pond!
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 Kind of a shame that no matter what Reece Wallace does an how great the videos he puts out are the first comment will always be about the same joke for now until forever. Us pinkbike users really are some smooth brained motherfuckers
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 We like funny haha. Not smart fact.
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 @11six: I guess we have different definitions of funny then and that´s fine, I just feel for the guy
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 @asapyohanes: you must have missed him playing it up repeatedly.
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 @asapyohanes: I'm just messing around lol. Also, I think he might get more publicity because of Wilson.
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 There are hundreds of helmet cam videos of people riding down Rio. Neat. But in a time of trail closure we do not need to see another sub par video of someone clearing rio. Just the same as Mahalo My Dude riding Savona's trails for the world to see. (Protected Land) Look at what just happened to Farwell Canyon. We are not welcome there because instead of enjoying the moment we had to share with all. We need to clean up our act and make better decisions. Fix the problem not add to it. At the end of the day ride your bike for yourself not views.
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 What happened at Farwell Canyon?
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 Peanut gallery is already out in full force.
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 About a decade ago while on bike riding honeymoon we stayed with a mate in Kamloops up in Rose Hill, who told us about his local trail that was kind of flowy and fun. He took us for a lap from the house, and it was only when I got to the bottom did I realise what we'd been down (after idolising Matt Hunter and seeing some of it in Seasons. ) What a honeymoon!
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 Does Matt Hunter allow double crown forks on that trail?
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 Raced the ranch in Kamloops 10 years back. The highlight of the trip was riding Reo though. Such a fun trail.
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 Why has it been bulldozed? I always dreamed of riding that trail
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 The neighborhood to the west of the trail only has one road in and out (technically there's a second access road that's usually locked). There was a fire at the bottom of the valley and most of the community tried evacuating but that one road got completely gridlocked. Thankfully the fire was held by the fire department but people were rightfully terrified that different conditions could have seen the fire sweep through the stopped vehicles. So the city decided to build a second road out. It happened to cut through the bottom of Rio.
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 @joey-d: 1st month of living in Kamloops (Juniper) and I was faced with an evacuation lol, I was like where the f have we moved too?!
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 High speed?

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