Video: Behind The Scenes of Remy Metailler's INSANE POV

Nov 24, 2022 at 9:28
by Rémy Métailler  

bigquotesThis video was not about the riding but really about creating a cool shot involving other sports. Nick McNutt is one of the best skier around, and someone who spends lots of time climbing around Squamish in the summer. We had chatted about the A Print of the chief and how there is 5.7 climb on a section where I could ride my bike down next to the route. It's more of a scrambling than a climb, but you still need good shoes and the use of your hands for it. The riding part had been done several time in the past, and even though it is way steeper and more slippery than In And Out slabs, it's not the hardest feature around, but it's not that easy either, since the run out ends up on a cliff.

Nick and I went there on Thursday, but we missed the good light by a few minutes, so we decided to head back the next day, and I randomly called Braden Dean to see if he had planned to wing suite the Chief that day. Funny enough, he had plan to do it at the exact same time... Too good to be true, so Dylan Wolsky also joined to try to capture a photo of the action.

In the end, the timing for a photo was a bit off, but it was still a really cool moment!

Check out @nickmcnutt @bradendean @dylanwolskyphoto and @remymetailler
Remy Metailler

Original Clip: Remy Metailler Rides Pass Free Soloist While Wingsuiter Passes Overhead

Photo by dylanwolskyphoto


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 LOL so many people passed instant judgement on Remy for riding too close to the climber.
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 Its very strange they didn't realize this was a setup shot.... haha
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flag WE-NEED-MORE-ROOST (Nov 24, 2022 at 12:56) (Below Threshold)
 I mean fair enough. It would be pretty douchy to ride that close to a climber with no prior planning. People did jump the gun to condemn him, but given how dangerous that would be, can we really blame them? My first thought was "what a jerk", but then I read the description.
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 @WE-NEED-MORE-ROOST: If someone didn't know immediately that it was a setup, I am not sure how that person figures out how to put pants on in the morning.
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 Yeah given that the climber was clearly in the shot before Remy even dropped in and wearing bright colors, it should be pretty obvious.
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flag WE-NEED-MORE-ROOST (Nov 24, 2022 at 14:20) (Below Threshold)
 @skiandmtbdirtbag: I mean't like people scrolling through their Facebook who weren't into mountain biking, and weren't aware how conscientious pros often are about safety.
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 @scott-townes: it's not, a lot of stupid people here on PB and in general Big Grin
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 Also the guys crawling on his hands and knees to make it appear that he's climbing something you could walk up
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 I mean it was kinda the point though wasn't it? Create an outrageous shot for social media because controversy and craziness drive views big time. No reason to blame people for getting pissed at Remy, it makes him money in the media game.
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 @skiandmtbdirtbag: Exactly. I honestly figured it was sponsored by the Squamish A&P/tourism board. People not understanding this is a planned shot is so indicative of the paucity of critical thinking in our society.
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flag ElDebarge (Nov 24, 2022 at 21:20) (Below Threshold)
 @skiandmtbdirtbag: yah bro, ha ha we were all totally in on it. Only DBag losers weren’t right bro?!?! Right?!? Ha, ha…we’re cool now right??? Right?
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 @ElDebarge: I mean, not to disparage, but if you didn't at least pause when watching the video to think it might have been planned, you might want to take some time to calibrate your critical thinking, otherwise you're going to be thinking the earth is flat and that children are trafficked through online furniture sales before long.
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 Took me forever to figure out i had to watch the vid on instagram first, then youtube, not just youtube haha.
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 @skiandmtbdirtbag: "My first thought was "what a jerk", but then I read the description."

So didn't put any effort into finding out what's going on first? This is basically how the whole of people on the internet now function, then head into real life to be polarizing a*sholes causing family and friend dysfunctions.

That's my first thought...
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 @ryanandrewrogers: Everyone who got pissed at Remy for this are all very dumb people who are incapable of thinking critically and they rely on other peoples' reactions to inform them of how they should feel.
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 @scott-townes: I don't consider the vast majority of people very bright, I reckon Remy saw that as the probable and preferred outcome given how controversy makes things go viral. Expecting people not to jump to the dumbest conclusion is like expecting a bear not to shit in the woods.

Personally, I feel as if the creator is equally responsible for how content is perceived. I like Remy a lot, but this shot was kinda lame the way it was staged to create outrage. He knows what he's doing, and its about driving up a crapton of views on social media.
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 @ryanandrewrogers: just a quick note here: that was stage to create a cool video, not to create outrage.
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 @iammarkstewart: I mean I thought that for about 12 seconds between when I saw the headline and read the description, so I'd say I did put some effort into finding out.
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 @ryanandrewrogers: Personally I feel the people watching the content are wholly responsible for their reactions to said content. Crazy concept, huh? LOL

Welp, enjoy the boost Remi!
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 @remymetailler: I appreciate your response, but it isn't surprising people found this outrageous.

@scott-townes: Reactions are emotional responses. People watch/read/listen to entertainment because they want to feel something, be it outrage, sadness, enlightenment, etc. If everyone were "thinking critically" the way you describe a movie could never bring tears to one's eyes, and TV show characters' triumphs couldn't give you a sense of elation. One would callously deduce entertainment was fabricated and therefore meaningless.

Ignoring the audience's emotional response when creating entertainment misses the point of creating entertainment.
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 @ryanandrewrogers: You're right, its not surprising to find out people are this dumb
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 Yeah, it was obviously staged from the beginning, but who cares. Super cool shot.
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 Pinkbike moan alert...

If it takes behind the scenes shots to show how incredible the action is, a GoPro is the wrong tool to film the main event.

It would make the storyline pointless, but many of us are here for the riding (and wingsuit/climbing awesomeness).
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 Cool idea and video. But there are def a few tricks used to make this look steeper and bigger than it would look like with the naked eye. That being said looking at this photo ( there is no way I would ride that Big Grin so who am I to judge?
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 I looked at that pic so many times before I realized that Remy is in it. Ha ha
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 @jsnfschr: where?! I don’t see it.
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 @nateb: check the brightest finger of light that goes between the silhouetted trees. He's on the top edge of the underexposed foreground slab, with the light on the wall behind him.
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 @BrianColes: I think I see him… looks like a music note? Just above that tarantula with the blue Easter egg?
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 @BrianColes: If you're not a photographer, this is one of the most epic descriptions of anything I've read. It's taken me a few minutes but there's not much more to do to Tolkien this up a bit:

Seek the brightest finger of light that snakes between the silhouetted trees. There goes he, atop the ridge upon the shaded slab in the fore, where the light bathes the wall behind.
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 have you compared Remy VS Gee on that frontal huge ridgeline in Utah?... I mean yes Gee... So Remy is absolutely into another level on steep slabs really...
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 But that is insane! This footage really helps to appreciate the steepness of the slab, the speed of the flying man, and the total insanity of it all. Beers on me.
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 Wingsuit dude: "I'm just glad I wasn't on the bike!". LOL!
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 I've had longboarders flying down Mt Seymour Road tell me they would never mountain bike, too scary. This was a few months before one of them got killed by hitting a van at the bottom. Perspective. Stay safe Remy.
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 Remy does a great job conveying the skill and joy of MTB. I don't care what he does, he's actually out there doing it, not just commenting on what others do. I watch everything he does because he rocks! Go Remi!!
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 Incredible work on all fronts: creative, skilled, daring and beautiful area.
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 Props to Oli for opening the line
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 From watching Remy's videos, he has always seemed very respectful of his surroundings and the people he is with. Keep up the creative content!
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 Other than the Moab situation
  • 7 3
 @stormracing: that lines been getting ridden for forever, tippie has clips on it like 25 years ago. Not that it makes a difference because its rock it doesn't erode from mountain bikes
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 @luckynugget: I think the point of why it is controversial has been missed by many… has nothing to do with rock or eroding the rock
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 Nice tree root over rock acton at 9:05
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 Here for all the "that's easy" drivel.
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 Damn.... Ride more hate less.
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 People should be rude to Reno about posting illegal Moab lines that jeopardize local access in The Sand Flats Rec Area instead of this video. UNPIN YPIR POST REMI, all your sponsors already took it off their sites.
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 If ever there was time to be wearing riding shoes with 5.10 rubber.
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 Do they do a wingsuiting line?
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 Its an honour to the apron to set up a shot like this on it. Amazing playground for all the perfect sports.
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 Insane: in a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill.
I find it troubling that so many videos these days containes contet which are, or made by, mentally ill. Cant anybody help them pool souls...
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 @brianpark Clickbait headline for clickbait movie that hardly should get room at Pinkbike at all. And not a must watch! filler content for youtube not pinkbike!
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 Much as I love Remy, I have to agree.
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 Thanks for your opinion Boss. Sounds like you should be running things around here with all your great ideas.
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 @ldg i have to agree, this was a very disappointing movie. Not at all what I expected, the climber was not really "climbing" that was more like a scramble and i get it is steep to ride but just not something worth posting at this point.
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 Wingsuiters are waay cooler than us..
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 @luckynugget: you nailed it
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 totally bonkers
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 Someone's gonna die copying this soon enough
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 squamish is just a circle jerkoff town of adventure influencers all trying to recreate the exact same rock slab drone shot reel as each other using the exact same trendy song that we've all heard 60,000 times
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 @luckynugget: What has happened to Pinkbike? Haven't been here for a while but I have seen a lot of negative sentiments like this today get more upvotes than anything else and a lot of negative, derogatory stuff that isn't just being said but upvoted. Wild.
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 @Jvisscher: The internet is rife with contrarians who get a dopamine hit from poo pooing people.
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 No, on the last post, everybody were saying it is super easy in real life and bla bla bla. Family were walking on that rock, nothing steep there so no danger for beginner mtn bikers! (sarcasm, just in case people don't get it)
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