Video: How To Scrub with Remy Metailler

Oct 12, 2022 at 12:58
by Rémy Métailler  

This has been my most requested video for over a year. The scrub is a technique that allows you to stay lower to the ground and therefore make a shorter trajectory on a jump to go faster. You are less likely to overshoot and as a result do not have to brake as much coming onto a jump. Every downhill athlete uses that technique to win races, but it's also a very good skill to have for any advanced rider sending it in the bike parks.

Photo courtesy by Matthew Tongue
Video by Alexander Chapellier

Photo by matthew.tongue


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 How to scrub: hanging out the passenger side of your best friends ride.
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 step1: give James Stewart a big f*cking shout out
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 Stewart didn’t invent the scrub he just perfected it
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 @jimmythehat: he was the first to ever adopt it as a technique in racing
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 @jimmythehat: That's like saying Rodney Mullen didn't invent the Ollie. Ok, maybe technically he didn't. But the ollie skateboarders learn today was invented by Mullen
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 @Pinemtn: Don’t be silly, try searching Jo Jo Keller scrub
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 @chrisclifford: Next you’ll be telling me Jordan invented the slam dunk
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 @jimmythehat: I grew up in NJ and raced all the time at Englishtown where Jo Jo was a staple. Such good memories.
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 @chrisclifford: common sense is so refreshing.
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 @Pinemtn: Get a room lads
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 How I scrub:
1) Decide to really boost and whip a big jump.
2) Banish all fear from my mind.
3) Approach jump really concentrating on popping as late as possible.
4) Resist urge to pop too early.
5) Bottle it, pop too early, do a scrub.

This technique can also be modified to perform a racer's jump and nose bonk/manual.
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 You forgot
0) start morning with solid sockeye salmon breakfast
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 Step one: have a BMX background.
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 moto doesn't hurt either!
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 I scrub my bike all the time cuz it’s dirty
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 I already know how to be a scrub…, thank you very much.
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 A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly And is also known as a busta
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 @Remy: Does it make it easier to land seated? I am asking for a friend.
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 Never forget the basics for the landing:
- arms too stiff and fully straight
- legs too bent
- feet pointing down
- hips in front of BB
- handful of brake the moment you feel something wrong

Extra style points for sunnies with full face helmet and no show socks
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 Step one: Buy a Spindrift…
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 Use code Remy10 for a 2% discount.
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 @chriss78: gotta support the guy that doesn't work. And doesn't race. And doesn't build. Wait, why do we support?
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 Gotta love the way Remy makes his "channel" sound like a perfume and not a youtube channel.
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 Explain it like I’m 5, so scrubbing takes the speed and converts it to a sideways motion instead of upwards? Why doesn’t it still result in over jumping?

Entry speed is faster and exit speed is faster?
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 Scrubbing does nothing with speed other than require more of it. What it does do is flatten the trajectory of your CG. It avoids overjumping because you spend less time in the air and thus fly a shorter distance at a given speed. It soaks up the jump and directs the suspension rebound sideways instead of vertically.
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 Scrubbing is a method to soak up the face of the jump and lower your trajectory thus allowing the bike to get back on the ground sooner allowing you to ride faster over the jump with more control.
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 With or without a washcloth?
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 Scrubs are always so cool to watch but Remy's are just on another level.
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 As a mediocre moto guy who can't scrub his dirt bike... I can tell you that Remy's scrubs are the closest thing I've seen to a good moto scrub. They sure look good.
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 Don't forget to scrub behind your ears!
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 Eagerly awaiting photos of this article. Who has time to watch “how to” videos?
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 This subject would be ok as an interpretive dance
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 Yes but how to scrub without Remy
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 @remymetailler : I'd imagine that it's easier to learn to whip first , then scrub?
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 That would make him either a:
Surgeon, pro mountain biker or a creepy uncle .
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 I got this...
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 Is he a pro?
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 Scrub a dub
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 Chappetta should show us how….
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 Lmao, just no.
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 JS7 should show us
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 @nvranka: right? Lol

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