Video: Remy Metailler & Matt Bolton Ride Extremely Steep Trails in Squamish

Oct 7, 2020 at 23:01
by Rémy Métailler  

Riding some of the steepest features out there! This line is pretty crazy. It is a huge rock face that slowly turns into a drop, then a super steep dirt section into another drop! I really wish this feeling lasted longer!

Props to Honza for building the line!

Looking forward to share a complete video with Matt on that zone.

Gopro Best Line

Gopro Best Line


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 Your name is...Michael Bolton?
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 No way! Why should I change? He's the one who sucks.
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 I hope Matt has seen Office Space
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 no... it's just a just coincidence Wink
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 Some people put on a parachute and call it base jumping.
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 lol 100m is like our highest gain in elevation to ride within 60+ miles drive. Ooooof thats steep!
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 I’ve seen this line in person and it was hard to even walk up and down (the dirt part, not the slab or drop duh) so huge props to builder and riders. Progression at its finest!
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 "sounds like you drop 10 meters"
"yea it's a freefall"

"let's do it"
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 I'm not sure they kept a safe distance of at least 6 feet the whole time...
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 Yeee Bolts
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 That last step down... Oh boy thats something else. Incredible riding obviously and I get that professionals like Remy are getting a kick out of lines like these, but isn't it kinda dangerous? Like, duh, it is obviously very dangerous and thats part of the fun. But where do you stop? Where comes the point in your progression where hitting a line just isn't worth it? Especially if you're a sponsored pro rider, don't you also constantly have to think about not getting injured?
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 Remy is one of those riders who isn’t “risky” per say. He is extremely calculated and has a good decision making process with the skill to back it up. He is very good at knowing when not to hit something due to conditions, weather, proper gear/bike set up, fatigue, ect.

It helps that in his videos he often shows his decision making process. It reminds me of Cody Townsend’s the fifty project quite a bit. Different sport but a similar process and mindset shown in the videos.

Some pros are extremely talented but also just have massive balls. But they are also the ones that end up crashing and hurting themselves. I think remy has had only one injury that kept him off the bike in his career thus far.
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 @danielomeara: Thanks Daniel, yes I feel like I'm extremely calculated and I probably take more time than any other pro before doing a new jumps, gap or whatever. I'm very scared to get hurt. Mountain Biking is basically my only source of incomes, so I do also take that in consideration. Accidents can happen at anytime, and are not necessarily due to a mistake and I'm well aware of it but when I ride a line it is because I have no doubt that I will ride it fine. If I'm not sure, I do not attempt it.
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 Good question. The way to think about it is stuff like this is actually in his comfort zone... which is insane.
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 I commented on his YouTube channel that basically there will be a time when downhill racing will be, just drop from the top of a mountain and see who gets down the fastest without a trail. Remy has incredible skills and this isn't his first crazy drop. His brain seems wired like an extreme athlete where it goes in slow, controlled motion. I've never considered Remy's riding reckless and free. The guy is like a mathematician on the course.
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 This is awesome! I love Remy's videos!
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 So good. Riding with Remy looks terrifying in all the right ways.
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 Step down looks so good
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 TOOOO Good! nice edit!
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 Who blows up more secret trails? Remy or Gully?
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 I think you might find #theremyline on more trails. If you see this, know it's probably UN-rideable.

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