Video: Remy Metailler Rides All the Lines of the Proving Grounds Rampage Qualifier

Sep 12, 2019 at 12:25
by Rémy Métailler  

This weekend I competed at the first ever Red Bull Rampage Qualifier in Oregon: Proving Ground. The idea was to find the top 3 riders in the world to join the 18 other athletes of Rampage.

Kyle J, as well as the other builders created an amazing course. Big drops, large jumps, massive berms. Ideal to have fun. Obviously it's not very free-ride as everything from the top to the bottom was man made and the venue was pretty flat, but it was a ton of fun to ride. The corners and the dirt was not well packed to make it harder for riders to tricks and the landings where a bit small so we had to be very precise.

I rode all the different lines and made a little edit of it so you can see better how a top to bottom at Proving Grounds looks like.

Despite not being super freeride it was a great experience, can’t wait for next year!

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 This seems like a cool comp but it’s not very much like Rampage, it’s literally just a fest course. Rampage is more than big jumps, it’s steep gnarly lines that set up into jumps made by the riders and I think they should have a qualifier that allows the riders to show that level of riding.
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 It's a tricky one (literally in this case). Short of having what would pretty much be another Rampage as a qualifier for Rampage, it would be pretty difficult to have a pre-built course that could offer big hits but also mega gnar. It would be interesting to hear why they chose not to have the qualifier in Utah though. It's interesting to have something new/different but this course clearly favors rides with big tricks. There are riders on the Rampage invite list that wouldn't make the top 3 at this qualifier, and they definitely deserve their places at Rampage.
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 Yup but I'm not complaining. They tried qualifying down at Rampage and it never worked out. An insane course getting built while trying something new in terms of qualifying for the most unique freeride event on the planet is not a bad trade off.
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 Maybe run a speed and style format qualifier at Hardline...
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 @scott-townes: I believe they had rampage qualifiers the day before every rampage finals from at least 2002 (maybe the first year also) until 2015. For the first few years, qualifiers was on a different site (just the next ridge over). It seem to work out well (from my fan boy point of view). I thought they got rid of it in 2016 because by that time, it was just too many riders, builders, and lines and became logistically challenging and too much fighting over lines.

Could they just have a rampage qualifier event at a previous rampage site about a month before or so. Would be less of a zoo than the real thing? Maybe have pre-made lines to reduce/eliminate build times for the sake of scheduling?
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 Would be better if they ditched the qualifier and just made it invite only. Video applications is sick too
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 look at it another way. if you fail here, will you succeed at rampage? Then it does give some useful information
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 The problem is that there are riders that currently own it at Rampage that may not qualify at the proving grounds because their trick bag is too small. They can ride steep gnarly lines with a ton of style and a few key tricks but they cant do a tuck no hander 360 flat spin back flip foot stomp. How do we get more of those kinds of people into Rampage as well as the high stakes slopestyle guys. I like different flavors!
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 @scott-townes:wait, did you just say something positive? better take it back quick before more people notice!
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 @bmar: For real. Some of Remy's line's at Rampage have been so gnarly just because of how fast he's going. Noticeably much faster than anyone else on the hill. If he could somehow showcase his speed, his bonkers scrubs and maybe throw in a massive no hander and some whips I feel like he'd do very well.
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 I like that there are several ways to get into Rampage. Creative lines and course building are going to be better in a video submission. Big tricks will show up in the proving grounds. Then there are the top 10 from last year plus wild cards. Picking from all these sources will give a good variety of riders.
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 @vesania: That's right from what I know. It got too popular and with the limited terrain offered by the new venue, it got scrapped. The DVDs from 2002-2004 (only watched the 2001 event as a bonus feature on the 2002 DVD) showed everything from the qualies, practice to finals. While that would be sick, I'm not sure of the logistics surrounding that because that area is technically public land bordered with a very strict rancher a*shole who runs horse tours onto that public land.

Maybe someone can chime in but I feel like they would have already explored that option.
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 The height of the drop on the last wood feature on Line2 made me pucker. That takes some balls.
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 Man, you people bitch a lot. "It's not Rampagey enough!" Yeah, no kidding, it's not actually Rampage, it's a qualifier. Why don't you just sit back and the enjoy the riding of guys who are WAY better than you?
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 Why did Remy even need to qualify? He's like Travis Rice - makes big lines look super easy when they're not
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 It would seem like maybe the skills needed to trick this course would likely be a general indicator of a level of preparedness for Rampage? Am I right or am I right?
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 Cool shit for sure, but isn't this the opposite direction of which rampage should be going?
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 They consistently stated it was not going to be like riding the lines at Rampage but rather a couple lines with man-made features that would try to replicate some of the features you would experience down there... its almost like people are being let down by their own unrealistic and baseless expectations.
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 @scott-townes: hit the nail on the head...
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 Looks like slopestyle in 2004! I missed seeing guys send it on courses like this
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 Rampage is getting a bit too slope style for me. Not every knarly 70 foot drop needs to be flipped or tricked. There should be more of an emphasis on line choice rather than tricks
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 But obviously the person who DOES spin or flip the 70 foot drop is going to outscore the person who doesn't. The people who are getting top 5 are combining all the elements needed to win (gnarly steeps, creative, and big tricks). I'll admit, I think Lacondeguy should have beat Rheeder last year (lacons run had it all; big drops, fast riding, steep chutes, and tricks), but then again, who knows unless you are actually standing there in real life.
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 Well, it was great to watch 3 more riders advance to Rampage. Great riding everybody.Thanks to everyone that help put on a kick ass weekend! Black Sage was sick and Proving grounds ripped! High phuckn 5 to all the builders that spent time away from their homes and families working their tails off to help give these riders the opportunity to prove it. You guys rip!
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 This new qualifying format certainly benefits the more slope style oriented riders, maybe to the detriment of Rampage. I’d rather be seeing steep techy creative natural lines. Just my opinion, but I think there are enough slopestyle contests throughout the year. Still, massive props to hitting those huge lines!
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 a remy pinkbike post about remy featuring a video of remy
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 That's how it works: You create content and submit it to Pinkbike. Then Pinkbike re edits it, change title and post it.
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 @remymetailler: gotta get those insta followers
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 @trailslayer91: That's how it is to be a professional athlete. You got to work hard.But you probably don't know how that feel to get paid to ride a bike.
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 How is Sloperage a proving ground with something that should be raw and natural? I guess they weeding out the least slope style guys. These guys are all masters with big balls, but please, call it what it is - Sloperage.
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 you realize theres actually very little "raw" and "natural" once the guys are done BUILDING THEIR LINES.. you do remember thats part of the contest right? to dig and build a line, with features to do things on...
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 Shouldn’t a rampage qualifier be more rampagey??
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 I'd say do proving grounds at an old rampage site!!
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 Sick course regardless
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 sick riding @remymetailler will be watching all your rides!
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 Even Gee is doing backflip now, you can do it Remy "whip or no hander?" Metailler
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 That's not the rampage we were looking for!
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flag bigtard (Sep 12, 2019 at 15:51) (Below Threshold)
 You guys don’t get an opinion on jack shit until you produce some parts that aren’t just crap.
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 @bigtard: Rude AF man
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 @bigtard: When did you last rode E13 parts? Surely you have not ride their latest wheels, cassettes and guides.
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flag bigtard (Sep 12, 2019 at 17:50) (Below Threshold)
I don’t need to ride the parts man. I’ve spent enough time sawing their cranks off peoples bikes, trying to make the shifting work on their creaky wobbly cassettes (that is before their cheese metal is worn too much to use anyway) and trying to help people keep their seatposts running.
I’ll admit they’ve had a unique amount of success with their wheels and after 15 years they do make an alright chainguide.
That is if you don’t mind snapping the bottoms off of them on a regular basis.
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 @bigtard: @remymetailler Ew. I've seen this before. Bitchy bike shop employee pissed at life. Check out the recent posting activity, 100% negative comments. Step back and pretend he's not there.
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flag bigtard (Sep 12, 2019 at 18:06) (Below Threshold)
 @S4-916: oh man you know me!
Of course I’m pissed off at life!
After dealing with a long line of YT’s covered in e-13 crap you’d be pissed at life too!
Please don’t ignore me Remy whoooooooos gonna fix your bikes after you get all rad you neeeeeeeeeeeeed me.
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 Well that was uneventful.
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 Did the div have knee pads on?
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 This is such a cool contest. Big drops on big bikes.
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 Its a slope style coarse with BMX jumps mates.
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