Video: Remy Metailler Meets BC POV to Ride His Trail in Abbostford

Oct 21, 2021 at 8:14
by Rémy Métailler  

If you have watched Youtube Bike videos, you must have seen Eric's video on the BC POV channel. Last year during the pandemic he built a trail and we met up on Tuesday to ride it.

Thanks to all the trail builder and the

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New video with BC POV here https watch v EDjdqNo9JyU

New video with BC POV here https watch v EDjdqNo9JyU

New video with BC POV here https watch v EDjdqNo9JyU

New video with BC POV here https watch v EDjdqNo9JyU

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 It was fun showing you the trail Remy! Thanks to Bobby Wallace and Chris Friesen at Independent Cycles in Mission for their work in middle Rock Diva!
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 power to the builders!
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 nice work getting highlighted on PB, i hope it lands you some more YT followers.
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 @BCpov i've ridden your trail. nice work and building to all who contributed.
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 Awesome build & lots of fun trails at Sumas!
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 Funny how pinkbike doesn't cover any youtube content unless it's related to Remy or Yoan. I don't particularly care but it's interesting where they draw the line.
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 most of the youtube crowd just isn't at their level - unless I'm missing someone?
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 @shredddr: Yes, Skills with Phil, but the skill of the rider is not directly proportional to the level of entertainment. For example we just watched Eric, who is a great rider, but very far from the level of remy for this entire video...
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 @shredddr: only other YT guy who I've seen that can ride a bike is Phil Kmetz (sp?)
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 @lefthandohvhater: Eric's a good rider and good dude, but again, respectfully, I don't see why PB would post it. His content is relatable, and it's cool to see what I might ride if I went to some of the same trail areas, but that's not what I tune into PB for. Phil sounds interesting - i'll check it out.
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 @shredddr: he’s a goofy guy, and I almost wrote him off entirely first time I came across him, but he rips and is an all around great ambassador. I guess that’s why GT picked em up
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flag nvranka (Oct 21, 2021 at 14:36) (Below Threshold)
 @lefthandohvhater: “great” haha, I suppose it’s all relative.
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 @nvranka: It is! He's a lot better than the average rider! Not saying he's a pro. I'm sure you're a really good rider Wink
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 I don't think they are drawing a line, it's probably just who they know and what they like to feature. Maybe being familiar with particular people allows them to be sure they won't put a link to something 'off brand' for PB.
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 @nvranka: Yeh he can ride but I can't stand the guy. Just make me shudder.
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 @makripper: hahah! I felt the same, not sure why but he grew on me. Only seen a few of his vids, but one where he follows wynn in Whistler was pretty neat
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 @shredddr: I find myself drawn more to quality of content than pure skills. My top mtb channels on YT are: Berm Peak, Van Girl Yuka, BC POV, Skills with Phil, Mark Matthews, Bernard Kerr, Wyn TV, Fox (Dialed). I'm sure I'm missing a few... I get why these channels aren't usually covered on PB, but I am stoked to see this video
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 @shredddr: Pinkbike's roots are in the Fraser Valley where this trail is. They were based in Chilliwack before moving to Squamish. I think this coverage has alot to do with the local Lower Mainland trails and builders as well as the local Youtubers too.
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 @fasian: nope. Their roots are in Calgary lmao. That's where they started. Kids these days!!
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 A few reasons:

PB is more “core” MTB so PB knows their average reader will not be a fan.

Most YouTube channels could be considered a media outlet. Why would you post your competitors content?

If it’s cool enough to be featured on the front page, you’ve probably already seen it anyways.

Just like the audience, the staff may have slight bias against non-pro YouTube content. I know I don’t like watching my bald, fat, aging butt ride a bike in slow motion.
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 @shredddr: Trail Peek too!
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 @nvranka: He has definitely calmed down. there was a period back 3-4 years ago that Phil was a giant douchweasel diva. back when he rode for Evil....had a Karen-esque meltdown at the Sedona MTB fest.
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 Maybe Pinkbike's line is covering legitimate riders and not weekend warriors talking into a GoPro while cruising down "EPIC AND DEADLY MASSIVE JUMP FLOW TRAILS TRIPLE BLACK DIAMOND I DIDN'T THINK I WOULD SURVIVE!!!"

Youtubers already get too much attention, we don't need Pinkbike flooded with their janky content.
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 @makripper: yes that's where Radek started but they spent most of their formative years in Chilliwack. If you want to get into the semantics we can go down history lane.
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 @makripper: i forgot Karl.

In its early years, was run from the basement of a house in British Columbia, Canada. The name was originally thought up as a joke, the antithesis of names like "" and "".

Good luck with your fact finding!!Smile
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 @fasian: wasn’t it originally geared towards women ? LOL f*ck my friend always told me that and it sounds it isn’t true lmao
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 @conoat: really? Wtf lol
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 @shredddr: e. G. @trailmole @trailslayer and so on
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 @shredddr: Sam Pilgrim?
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 @Burningbird: Van Girl Yuka is Eric's wife I believe, and my problem with her content is she's a hard-charging, no-fear ride with limited skills. She's often over her head and if not crashing she's promoting the wrong way for progression IMO. Remy & Yoann are almost the opposite: world-class talents who teach you how to avoid and mitigate risk as you push your riding. The latter is a repeatable strategy even for us mortals while the former gets you on Friday Fails.
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 @fasian: VanCan and Dale Stone focus on FV, shore and nearby areas with far higher riding IMO
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 @fasian: Former BC boy now Calgary... old man. You're both right, though now Squamish, and the result is the Whistler corridor gets a lot of attention now. We'll probably get a lot more Boulder content pretty soon Smile
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 @plyawn: Each to their own I suppose. I appreciate the thought and preparation riders like Remy and Yoann put into line choice and the decision of whether or not to hit a feature. They hit things faster and bigger than the vast majority of riders so the consequences are bigger. Personally, I enjoy watching Yuka's videos and don't think she rides irresponsibly, but I haven't seen every video. I find her ability to commit to scary lines to be inspiring.
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 @plyawn: agreed but they haven't built a trail yet in the former websites backyard which i was trying to explain the reason for Pinkbike's coverage.
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 @nvranka: Jeff Kendall-Weed would like a word with you.
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 @fasian: what are you talking about kid? Why would I need to fact find? You didn't know they started it in Calgary lol maybe you should do more fact finding before posting?
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 @makripper: Sure i knew the brothers are from there, but Pinkbike the website got started and took off here in BC, specifically the Fraser Valley. hence the coverage of a local trail, local builder who also happens to be a youtuber. But if you want to keep typing feel free. I see you just throw stuff out there.
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 @fasian: nope. It started in Cowtown. That argument is invalid. where something started 20 plus years ago has nothing to do with what current site visitors want to see as far as content goes. Keep it up junior
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 @makripper: lol this isn't argument. if you want that find a mirror, you're better off doing it with yourselfWink
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 @fasian: wow that was clever. Congratulations on using both brain cells for once.
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 @fasian: literally the first picture on pinkbike is from Calgary lol. Give it up lil guy
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 @makripper: Sure will. That photo must mean it’s over Happy Friday!!
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 @fasian: you are never wrong so it will never be over pahahaha
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 @fasian: I don't open sketchy links from sketchy people
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 @makripper: ok big dudeWink
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 @orcrash: good call, forgot about JKW…dude rips for sure.
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 @Burningbird: that’s part of their schtick lol, they aren’t nearly as cautious as they portray. Sure, maybe on a really high consequence line, but most of the ‘gnar’ they break down is pedestrian.
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 @makripper: truth!
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 Remy needs to go ride Skinnies with Pinkbike OG Dangerous Dave.
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 Was thinking the same thing!!
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 Yukka would do it.
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 Probably Smile
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 @BCpov: "Okay, Let's GO!" - Yukka
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 Yukan do it drop proves that.
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 Remy always giving out a handful of knowledge in each video. Thank you. In my opinion he is more of a relatable rider than most.
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 I think he's an alien, but we can learn much from his advanced technology and teachings.
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 I love Abbostford
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 I've never heard anyone say they love Abbotsford before.
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 @kwl1: I love abbotsford too
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 The trails and Fieldhouse Brewing, sure! Razz
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 @kwl1: I didn’t. I said I love Abbostford
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 @O1D4: Hahaha yup. Love Fieldhouse, just gotta get out and try the trails. And then have an excuse to go to Fieldhouse after.
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 @arcatern: I love slurrey
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 Anytime I’m watching Remy video, I willing to move to pnw so bad
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 Easily the coolest trail in the valley! Great job Eric!
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 Huge push for free stuffs next year
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 Captain Slabs meets Captain Weenie!
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