Video: Remy Metailler's Favourite Trails of 2023

Jan 14, 2024 at 10:58
by Rémy Métailler  
Part One.

Part Two.

Words: Remy Metailler

In 2023 I was lucky enough to check a few new trails and places. Quebec, Montana, Utah, Vancouver Island but also some stuff right next to home such as Whistler.

Ride with me as I have two mix tapes of the best trails and rides from the past 12 months.

Photo by @wjackdawe

Photo by Jack Dawe

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 Hot take: I actually really enjoy Remy’s calculated, poised approach to riding. The content with Yoann where they talk through process and how they plan to attack a feature is good stuff. The terrain he’s riding is so metal, and yet he gracefully floats down it. I think it’s a welcome unique style in the mix of MTB hardcore shredders.

But it wouldn’t be American of me unless I said, “good thing his riding does the talking, because I can barely understand a word he says.”
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 ...but he makes you feel funny like when you used to climb the rope in gym class? That French accent baby. Mmmhmmm....

Fully agree with the hot take btw. ASMR freeride.
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 I'm not even sure you managed to understand all the local accents you've got in your own country...
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 I sincerely apologize for my strong french accent. I know it can be painful to hear. I try my best to hide it. I also know your lady loves it and that makes you feel uncomfortable Wink
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 @remymetailler: so you're the proverbial "wife's boyfriend"!
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 @danstonQ: and I'm not even sure WE managed to understand all our local accents we've got in our country too ;-)
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 @remymetailler: exactement. Le pire c'est que c'est vrai.
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 @remymetailler: prétentieux Smile
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 @remymetailler: Hahahahahahha oh man I'll get the aloe!
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flag nateb FL (Jan 15, 2024 at 11:45) (Below Threshold)
 If your lady loves that she probly used to be a dude.
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 I think he annunciates pretty well with having a French accent. That said, i notice it's somewhat difficult to understand anyone when they are riding down a trail like a bat out of hell... TBH.
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 @remymetailler: For the record, I think your accent is perfectly understandable to someone who’s heard French accents before. I just had to say something mean, because again, as an American, it’s our duty to make fun of France.

True story though: one time I had a 3rd round interview with an executive whose French accent was so thick, I actually couldn’t understand a single word. It was the most stressful interview of my life, because I had to pretend I understood, and somehow answer questions without actually knowing what was asked. From that moment on, I made it a point to seek out and understand global accents better.
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 @remymetailler: Never hide it! The way you currently speak is just as understandable as any other dialect in North America. Maybe more understandable now that I think about it.
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 @blissindex: Don't keep us hanging, did you get the job?
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 To be honest I had no trouble understanding what was being said. I recall from back when I was a student how it took me a week to learn to understand professors from Japan, Mexico, Italy etc doing their lectures in English. But after that week, I had no trouble understanding them at all. But I can understand Remy right away. Heck, I think I understand him better than a native English speaker like Josh Bryceland.

(That said, you two should be jibbing together someday. The banter should be a treat to the senses!)
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 @IsaacO: The honest to goodness truth is that I declined the job. It would have been me, the guy who interviewed me, and two people I would hire - all starting a satellite office. And I was like… I can’t work with this guy every day, I can’t understand him lol
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 @remymetailler: no apologies needed ever, great accent and we love you and your riding!!!!!!!!!!
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 @remymetailler: I've never had any issues understanding you, I can't say that about all my fellow Americans!
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 @artistformlyknowasdan: Just so you know, I make a lot of gestures and pull faces as I smash my keyboard. I hope you do so too. Remember the majority of human (and animal) communication is non-verbal.
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 Love Remi's videos and riding style. Buttery smooth through absolute chaos.
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 I will never forget the 1st time seeing Remy's video with the drone following, it was several years ago now. 1st time seeing a MTB video with that kinda perspective and really showcased his skills, along with the pilot. It was mind-blowing to me.
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 Incredible year of riding for my top 3 favorite rider, again. Incredible precision and poise, a treat to watch. Would love to see him get out of his local area a bit more though…
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 imagine showing your local spot to Remy. Cool videos from very different riding locations.
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 I am actually quite nervous to even watch you walk there.
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 Would love if Remy and Phil Kmetz did a collab. Two french speaking mtb content creators
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 I wanna ride bikes
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 It would be cool if there was a list of the trails in the video.
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 Right? "My favourite trails of the year"....proceeds to not mention which trails they are Facepalm
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 @mnorris122: There is a card that refers to the full video for each trails.
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 the second trail in part one is just amazing! woodwork to slab berms, what how where
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 Remy should come to the U.S. and make a mix tape of the East coast trails. We have a lot of good riding over here.
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 While I would love to have him ride here, unfortunately I am not sure we anything worthy of his presence lol
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