Video: Remy Metailler Explores Mont Sainte Anne

Aug 23, 2023 at 22:31
by Rémy Métailler  

Words: Remy Metailler

Mont Sainte Anne is famous for its legendary World Cup Track, and a bit less for the rest of the mountain that features long laps, some flow and of course the classic gardens that will keep you on your toes! I managed to ride a few of the main trails, and it was fun!

This year the World Cup will have a different start... but also a different date. It used to happen in August, but the schedule got moved to October. The weather might be questionable, but the colours should be absolutely epic.

I connected with Frank Kirscher (@franckkirscher) AKA Franck The Tank, a local shredder sponsored by MSA to show me the best trail and lines and it was awesome to follow him down. Next year he will show me a trail he has built that's supposed to be the hardest trail in Quebec!

Thanks for watching and see you next week.


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 I've been to Mont Sainte Anne twice. Ride 1 day and watch the DH the next. La Vietnam is freaking fun but I never came close to the speed they ride. Watching the pro's ride the DH track is unbelievable, Watching on TV is good, but seeing in person makes you realize just how fast they go. Highly recommended.
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 Headed up in October for the World Cup. I am staying at The Black House, which states it is 500m from the trail network. I cannot wait.
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 The spot where you both stop in 1837 (I think that's the name of the track) at 18:29 is just insane! Just looking at the rock garden, how tricky and steep it is let me think..... I propably cannot do that lol.
Nice to see you riding different tracks in the Quebec area!
Hope you enjoyed
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 esti de rock garden de monsieur ça! lol
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 That was intense. Thanks as always Remy.
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 Holy Frank! That dude rips. Great video as always Remy.
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 MSA keeping it real. That is mountain biking, that for the thrills Remy.
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 Keep it up Remy, love watching your videos !
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 Saw his bike in Bentoneville at bike fest and man it was sweet in person!
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 Is MSA really that rough or just blowned up ?
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 msa is really rough on bikes and bodies. Chunky as hell, no maintenance at all but the tech trails are insane and challenging !
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 It's pretty messed up. There is fragmented rocks & 4-5 inch roots everywhere. I went there once and the difficulty is just that higher from everything I ever ridden
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 Its both. There is maintenance (mostly from riders themselves when it comes to double blacks) but its kept minimal, just enough to have the trails be rideable, and maybe remove a few overly dangerous catchers and what not (relatively speaking).

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