Video: Remy Metailler Rides Classic Freeride Trails on Bowen Island

Apr 21, 2021 at 22:01
by Rémy Métailler  

Bowen Island has been on my list almost ever since I landed in Canada. Recently made a trip there with local Jay Boysen! Jay has grown up there and now works on this little Island south of Squamish.

The Island has a few trails, but mostly some historical features build by the famous Dangerous Dan, one of the key builders of the North Shore! Some of it still holds, some of it does not, but there is still a lot of fun to be had.

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New video this Thursday at 8AM PST

New video this Thursday at 8AM PST

New video this Thursday at 8AM PST

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 I agree with everyone else, it's time we stop bitching about covid and all the traveling rules, the guy simply rode his car in a forest, what's the big deal. He never said he was anti-vax, anti-mask or whatever...he's simply filming his riding ! I'm an airline pilot, been jobless for the past 12 months now (aviation skills is simply useless outside of piloting except for flipping burgers), and watching those videos bring some temporary joy for those extremely challeging times for me. Keep up the good work !
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 @Charlotroy I think the point would be that we should be trusting that Remy is working within the guidelines, and following the restrictions that affect him as a person operating a business. I think the mistake a lot of people are making is viewing this is as just another mountain biker travelling to ride. Which, of course, this is not.
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 You mean we’re not supposed to cower in fear in our homes for the next 5ys?
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 @SlodownU: You are supposed to, you can choose not to.
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 Man oh man there are so many angry people out there. I thought this was a mountain bike website? Now I get it is PB and the commenters are going to do what they do but give Remy a break. This is his job and no different than the vast amount of businessman and construction workers travelling all over the place except it’s safer as he’s by himself or in the woods. Everyone needs to just go for a bike ride and release some stress! Woooosssaaaahhhh
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 My word, just read some of the ranting against this almost solo trip. All I can say is Fk off you w@nkers. This was about as Covid friendly as you can get.
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 Always thought Bowen Island would be perfect for mountain biking! Awesome trails and riding!
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 @remymetailler Remy, I've always wondered; you have the OneUp steerer tube setup on your bike, but it doesn't seem like I ever see the tool in there, is there a reason for this?
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 Tools sponsor is topeak Wink
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 I wonder why Super T never hit the drop?
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 maybe He lost his cape
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 Have you seen it? Why haven’t you hit it?
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 This dude was awesome to show Remy his home trails he clearly know so well! Remy, of course, looked like the Pro he is and ripped those trails like they were in his back yard!
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 That Bowen dude can shred! I miss it up there. I tried to find trails solo on Bowen once back in the days of gutsploder, got yelled at by property owners for trespassing - clearly I didn't know where I was going. I just love how many microcosms there are in mtn biking and it was rad to get a glimpse of this one.
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 Remy, is awesome what he do. sick ride buddy.. Thats why u go to the mountain and ride to get out from covid politics bitches.
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 Awesome riding as usual...JAY can shred!! BTW I think Dangerous Dans features would make Evil Knievels balls shrink Smile
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 I've never ridden there, but I know those hills are damn steep. As usual my hat's off to Remy and Jay.
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 I’ve noticed a few people sponsored by One Up that have their EDC tool removed from their stem. Can anyone clarify why?
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 The guy is sponsored by topeak or tools
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 Wow awesome riding and trail! We all know Remy has some serious skills but Jay really impressed me too
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 @remymetailler way to showcase Bowen Island and fantastic shredder host, Jay!
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 After watching that I’m inspired to knock off work early today to RIDE
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 That left hander at 18:54. Tasty
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 That trail is ridiculous. Loved this video.
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