Video: Remy Metailler Attempts the World's Steepest Trail

Jul 20, 2022 at 23:09
by Rémy Métailler  
Dead Dog in Golden is often considered as the steepest trail in the world. 306m long, 158m of elevation is pretty unique... The top bit is impressive but the second section is insane, especially when wet and the last part is where all the fun begins.

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Photos and video by Alexandre Chapellier @thefrenchliner

New video on the World s steepest people

New video on the World s steepest people

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 Remy: I'd like to think I'm a pretty good rider but this trail is really difficult and it looks like its my first day on a DH bike.

PB Comments: i'Ve sEeN diFFicUlTeR!
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 People be like : I know steeper. Yeah we get it you saw a cliff somewhere. Bravo. Doesn't mean you can ride it.
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 Trailforks has a fraction of whats truly out there..but that's a good thing
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 Absolutely nobody uses it in the UK or at least where I live. Last time I checked it only had legal trail centre routes. Everyone uses Strava.
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 @thenotoriousmic: noone uses Strava where I live. Everyone just rides
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 @thenotoriousmic: Trailforks is an amazing tool in Scotland and sporadically useful in England and Wales. Some areas it's really good, most it's not.
Yeah, Strava has more cheeky trails, but TF has such superior UX, it's an easy win where it has been populated.
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 @pen9-wy: heat maps op.
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 @pen9-wy: preach.
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 Even the steepest trail in the world looks flat AF on go pro
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 Your mum is flat af
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 Dorothy Mantooth is a saint.
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 Remy 99.999% nailing it with a tiny non-crash where he grabs a tree is somewhat different to my idea of "it did not go well" which would have ended with camera guy googling "compare funeral directors"
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 *steepest on Trailforks
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 Does it tell you the average gradient of this trail?
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 @thenotoriousmic: It's an average of 66 % grade.
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flag kingbike2 (Jul 21, 2022 at 17:44) (Below Threshold)
 @leon-forfar: for the non-rocket surgeon non-engineers 90% grade is vertical.
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 @kingbike2: 100% percent is 45 degrees, 90 degree is vertical. Don't know the grade for sure because I don't know if 306m is horizontal or slope distance, but it's steep.
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 @kingbike2: you are an embarrassment to the Canadian education system.
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flag kingbike2 (Jul 21, 2022 at 20:02) (Below Threshold)
 @kclw: 200% is vertical just like a half pipe. 66% is about 30 degrees , Celsius for us Canadians.
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 @leon-forfar: for the non-engineers that means half the trail is flat and the other half is122% grade.
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 @leon-forfar: nooooo way. Haha.
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 As far as I can judge by the distance from the butt to the rear tire, this trail here is steeper Wink
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 My bad, it's actually "only" an average of 51%. The trail is 300 meters long, and it drops 160 meters in elevation. Still mighty damn steep.
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 @cxfahrer: I’ve had a look around my local woods, most of the trails aren’t on but the steepest one I can find is max gradient 126% but only an average gradient of 25% which doesn’t make sense to me.
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 So you've ridden this trail?
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 That's the start of mount 7 psychosis, right?
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 Yes! Dead dog, moonshine, skidmark and then 5k
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 Hey Remy, not sure if you get to preview the closed captioning on your videos before they're posted. The technology was not doing a great job of interpreting what you were saying this time. I found it super amusing, but among other things, I highly doubt that you said you got " a rock stuck in your dink head" at 15:57. Haha. Keep kiing it out there! Thanks for the great vids.
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 Nobody understands my english, not even Youtube. I have learnt to be ok with it...
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 @boostmaster said "sick" on a recent video but the caption said "thick". I've decided I like that word better and have started using it myself.
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 If only the english speaking persons tried the tenth of the effort we put into speaking their bloody language...
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 @remymetailler: I'm always very impressed when I watch riders and racers from other countries speak english in interviews. Learning a second language is difficult and time consuming, and as a fan I appreciate that you do this.
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 @danstonQ: after enough French people complain that you learned from a teacher with the wrong accent you stop caring that much…
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 @danstonQ: the comment was about the closed captioning tech and funny software translation issues, not Remy’s english speaking skills (which are great, BTW.) Relax …
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 Dropped into this blind last summer. Was an awesome experience.
My buddy who hadn’t ridden in 4 years and had his old Rocky Mountain switch with totems and a 24” double track on the back followed me in. About 5 second on his brakes and the back one disappears on him. The crazy bastard manages to more or less ride the whole trail down.
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 Running elixer or something like that in the brake department Probly
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 @dkendy1: I think it had some old hope tech brakes with steel braided cables actually!
Huge levers of course
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 I personally enjoy the break down and talking about the trials, it really helps put what your riding into perspective. Gives me ideas for stuff to ride and not to ride when I'm in BC. Keep up the good work Remy
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 Why is that camera man laying down. Never mind, he is standing, just looks that way because the hill is so steep.
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 Nice video but .... too much speaking Big Grin
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 Remy has another “raw” channel if you only want to watch him ride. Some people like myself appreciate this kind of format tho.
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 @Soulrebel: yep, always some great little tips in the vids, I love the talk through of what is going on.
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 My12 y/o dropped into this trail last week, I did not, lol. He said the that it's super burly in the first tree section and after that it opens up gets fun, tech and then flowy. Big smiles on his face and he's friends faces when we picked them up at the bottom.
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 Just rode there a week or so ago. I skipped Dead Dog, but rode the rest of the route, and even then it scared me a bit. Skid Marks is no joke.
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 This makes me respect more that average youtuber VanGirlYuka rode it.
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 Nice video!

@remymetailler Don't mind the negative comments, and keep doing the great work!
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 on the brakes the entire time - that could be one of my rides lol
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 @remymetailler hey Dawg are you going to try your chance again at WC DH or not? i'm sure that you've got that now with all the sketchy gnarly stuff you ride!
Big Props for this Video!!!!
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 The hardest part of Dead Dog is trying to ride it in one go top to bottom. Your brakes are cooked, your arms are cooked and your brain is cooked.
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 Remy looks like me the first time i went down AA at snowshoe. Must be insane to pucker him like that.
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 In real life its way steeper than it looks, when I saw it I didn't think anything could brake that well.
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 It comforts me to see Remy ride like me. On a trail that looks as steep on a GoPro as the trails I ride look from behind the bars.
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 Would a mud spike have worked for the day?
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 Maybe a Maxxis Shorty (in between would have been best).
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 @remymetailler: You know a trail is no joke when there’s only 14 psi in your max grip shorty.
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 DVO....The best fork !
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 Love that section..rode it in 2001 and again in 05..
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 Never seen so many spoonsors packed in a front shirt... He might have world record...
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 The Monster in Kaslo is steeper but Dead Dog is actually rideable due to it being maintained.
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 The Monster at the top is probably the closest legal thing I've ridden to Dead Dog but I'd still say Dead Dog is more consistently steep. The exposure and sketchy corners on The Monster were much scarier to me than the fall line skidding on Dead Dog though.
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 @rialb: I would disagree I think The Monster is steeper. I rode it about 2 weeks ago. Regardless, you can definitely fall to your death if you blow out some corners on The Monster. Dead dog not so much. I wish there was another entrance to The Monster after the steep cliff exposure because it gets pretty f*cking sick a bit farther down.
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 Remy! Great video once again! I love your commentary and smooth riding style. Keep 'em coming Smile
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 Looks like your average norwegian walking trail…maybe a bit drier
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 idk man i think easy does it is a bit steeper
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 The main line in Dead Dog is hard AF this season.
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 I´d crash on that steep section...
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 If you've ever made the decision to ride this in the wet... You know
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 Reg Mullet and a buddy did that trail straight for 24 hrs to break the world record. #perspective
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 Reg and Mark rode Summit Trail which is a ride around for dead dog on the world record day. Too risky to try and ride dead dog 27 times.
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 Now let's see him ride it on the Grim Donut!
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 Nordkette Trail Innsbruck: steeper, more exposed

Dalco Trail Lake Garda - steeper, more exposed
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 Its hard to judge what is steeper trail on the world,but who rode Dead Dog on mt 7 knows its steep as f☆ck and last 100m is just hope Big Grin
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 So you did ride them all to compare?
Steepness is just one factor. Dalco 112 is (was?) so difficult because of the loose rocks and the exposure. E.g. Pylon trail there is way steeper, but less difficult and dangerous.
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 @cxfahrer: yep and I found steeper trails in Morzine too then was Dead Dog.But this trail is older than another trails you are thinking of and thats why his nickname is steepest trail.Dalco is harder I think.
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