Video: Remy Metailler & Steve Vanderhoek Attempt Huge New Features in Squamish

Oct 14, 2021 at 7:58
by Rémy Métailler  

Last Thursday was my first day riding with Steve Vanderhoek since we both got injured this summer. In this video we ride some new features and discuss of bike technique, set up and getting back on the bike after being hurt.

Video and photos by Joel Clifton.

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New video at 8AM PST on the channel http c remymetailler

New video at 8AM PST on the channel http c remymetailler

New video at 8AM PST on the channel http c remymetailler

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 ‘’That rock surface is so smooth you could ride it with a road bike’’

- 2021 Redbull Rampage viewer
  • 30 2
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 I mean, with the moss cleaned off it's just a slopestyle course right? Single crown forks? Pfft. Bring your BMX bike - it's basically a skate park.
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 Too slopestyle
  • 31 0
 He didn't do a single flip or bar spin? Is it even mountain biking???

Dude is so good both at riding and talking about riding. The hop onto off camber slab ride is just ultimate level of bonkers.
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 Might be more ballsy that he trusts ethirteen rims
  • 2 0
 @Kmccann137: Does not seem like I have much (sorry I mean any) issues with my Ethirteen wheels. With the weekly content I put out, by now if I was not stoked on the product or had issues, concerns, you would have noticed. Give it a try, the carbon wheels are rock solids.
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 “Finally, some real freeride content.”

- 2021 Redbull Rampage viewer
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flag nvranka (Oct 14, 2021 at 14:14) (Below Threshold)
 they wouldn't be wrong... rampage is has certainly become more supercross than motocross.
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 @nvranka: Have you ever wondered what the difference between freeride and slope style is? Consequence. Now I'm not saying slope features don't have consequences, they do, just not the same kind of "don't fall or you are likely to die" kind of consequences that makes freeride the spectacle it is. Mountain biking is a sport of progression, and like it or not, freeride is progressing. Bigger, faster, crazier tricks. The consequences and risks are INCREASING. While the polished features and smoother lips and landings give the appearance of softening or dumbing things down, what you are actually looking at is risk mitigation. Controlling the risks you don't want in order to allow the risks you do want.
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 Been to Rampage 4 times, and unless you have been there, I doubt anyone realizes how gnarly it is. I remember the the start of the 2014/2015 and 2016/2017/2021 sites were so exposed I was feeling dizzy. It takes a while to get used to the dirt, the exposure, the wind, but also the building and some the hardest section are the most simple once.So exited to see everyone send it tomorrow. Watching practice made me realize how much I miss it.
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 @letsgoridebikes18: I nearly think its the opposite. the smoother lips and landings allow them to go faster and do bigger tricks which increase the consequence when you screw up. Tricks win you rampage so there is a lot of pressure on them to pull off something crazy.
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 @ajaxwalker: ding ding
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 @ajaxwalker: I don’t disagree at all. Rampage is more freeride now than it has ever been.
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 @remymetailler: Dude, you were fun to watch, sooo fast!
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 @remymetailler: You wanna go back? You boys at rampage would be sick.
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 Remy is really a Surgeon on the bike, precise and clean.
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 I connect with this type of riding rather than with rampage. This is the type of riding I like to do, well not this gnarly, but I like technar janky rock faces.
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 "Such manicured trails, this is basically slopestyle"

- 2021 Redbull Rampage viewer

All seriousness sick video
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 Not being sarcastic, I would genuinely love to see Remy, Steve, and Yoann tackle some of the rampage terrain after the event. No doubt in my mind that they could ride a lot of those lines.
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 @mtshakira: Check out on Youtube you'll find all my runs at the Rampages I competed in.
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 @remymetailler: didn't realize that! Will definitely check it out!
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 Both guys still injured. "Let's do this".
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 Steve it still trips me out that you are doing this on your day off from the firehouse. You are our hero in two different ways. Thank you for your service!
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 It's been said before, but I really like how Remy shows his prep & discussion before hitting features. Puts everything in perspective instead of making it look like these guys just go out there and stomp everything immediately on their first go.
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 Love your vids remy
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 1-2-3 baguette!
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 So people just build these trails and then no one even rides them until Remy comes along?
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 no, just the last slab is new
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 love this so much more connected to this type of riding in comparison to Rampage , but hey thats not dissing Rampage . seeing how they work through the features and over come fears both from physical injuries and the features them selves is fantastic to watch . thats my view !!!!
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 Supreme bike handling skills. Addictive viewing
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 Remy, your braking control on the steeps is second to none! Amazing.
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 Don' worry it will hurt when your older.
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 photos help as I am desensitised
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 Steve and remy never disappoint. Bring back the UFC !!!!
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 "ya gonna flip it?"

- 2021 Redbull Rampage viewer
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 Yeah... not a trail I could even ride but the first one back from being hurt?!?!? fudge. You guys are insane! Awesome riding.
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 Remy, thanks for adding in the tech stuff like tire pressure, etc. That is really useful for us amateurs!
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 Ummm it’s rampage.
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 Meh, do you even know RAMPAGE is afoot? Sweet edit, but so lathered up for the show in the desert!!!

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