Video: The Commencal Muc-Off Team Tackle the Opening Rounds of the 2021 DH World Cup

Aug 9, 2021 at 8:16

bigquotesInside Line is a series about the highs and lows of racing plus the moments in-between. But who could have foreseen the extreme highs and devastating lows we'd experience in the weeks since Episode 1?

Episode 2 goes behind the scenes of the new Commencal DH bike prototype. Insight from the engineer and mechanics shows how they worked tirelessly in developing an ideal platform for the riders. Find out about the processes that went into the bike's making, the hurdles the team faced and the resulting achievements.

Our riders have been outstanding in terms of racing in 2021. Thibaut Dapréla and Amaury Pierron got the season rolling in the best possible way, with both riders on the podium at World Cup #1 in Leogang. Then, Thibaut secured his first Elite World Cup win in Les Gets; at just 20 years old, he's now leading the World Cup series overall. Myriam Nicole is on the form of her life and itching to prove her speed with the result she deserves.

Unfortunately, we can't ignore the brutal lows. Amaury's crash at the Les Arcs French Cup one week before Les Gets reminded us that goals and expectations can change in a matter of seconds. Thibaut's dramas at the same event shook everyone's nerves again.

The entire team has been through a mental and physical test in recent times. It's been challenging, but we overcome any problems in our path and keep moving forward.

Welcome to Inside Line Episode 2.
Commencal / Muc-Off By RA

Producted by Riding Addiction
Directed by JR Ceron & Louis Para
Voice Over by Lauren Little
Subtitles by James McKnight


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 No footage of the class Amaury is attending? lol
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 I was wondering if this was going to address the elephant in the room...
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 I’m just glad the muc-off is willing to combat this kind of poor behavior.
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 Sexism = Ok
Racism = bad

You weren’t aware? They’re also becoming green btw. Funny, first and last time I bought something from them it was heavy on packaging and useless plastic and even electronic goodies that went straight to the trash. And shortly after their useless sealant also went to the trash.
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 The image you posted the link to has clearly been tampered with. The original is here.
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flag kfccoleslaw (Aug 9, 2021 at 12:23) (Below Threshold)
 Lol maybe tag that with a NSFW next time?
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 Oh boy this is getting good.
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 @commental: Man if the Photo of the Day was still a thing on Pinkbike, you would have won it hands down !!
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 @Aksel31: I truly wish I could take the credit, but it's someone else's work.
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 yeah downvote.. i wouldnt promote my prodcuts with such commercial..but i dont see the problem with it either.. nor did someone see a problem with such commercial in the 90s either.. zero whine from people then..if a girl want to be a part of that commercial in such way let her do it.. cancel culture and pk police is so annoying..
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 Blows my mind people pay for Muc-Off products.

Clean your bike with water. It's does the same thing.

Buy different brand lubes/sealant. They're cheaper and do the same thing.
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 Not to mention the people who run the company being arseholes.
  • 29 5
 @Allen82 right? Muc-Off is just gimmicky, overpriced shite.

They're so desperate to sell it that they have to resort to dragging one of their sponsored riders over the coals for some marketing.

I will never buy a Muc-Off product again. Ever!
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 @excavator666: it’s usually available from the middle aisle at Aldi. I am on the fence about ever buying any more of that woketard shit, even if they’re not making much money on it.
The pink cleaner is pretty good on motorbike wheels and swingarms. The dry lube is decent. The tyre sealant is absolute garbage.
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 everything muc off peddle is utter garbage, use a hose, ecover washing up liquid and water and hey presto a clean bike every time..
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 Muc-Off is one of the best cleaners I've ever used. That being said, it's so expensive that I'd skip washing my bike just not to waste the stuff. Now, I just spray with Simple Green before I hose down at a fraction of the cost. But to say Muc-Off is gimmicky is out there.
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 @jaame: a friend of mine who works in a LBS said the had a rep in trying to get her to stock it but she said that you sell it in lidl cheaper then we would sell them, so the rep replied with, the lidle/aldi ones are an inferior product with slightly different packaging. she did say the rep seemed a bit put back when mentioned lidl.
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 @chriskneeland: ‘out there’ christ you must of had a very sheltered life..
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 @Uncled: But it works. So...
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 @chriskneeland: Can you honestly say it cleans you bike any better than water?

If you just had to spray it on, hose it off and your bike was clean then it would be worth it.

What ever happens you have to use brushes/microfibres.
So just use water...
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 @Allen82: Ya definitely. On muddy days I'll spray most of the mud or dirt build up off at the bike park, then by the time I get home you can see all the dirt stains because my frame is matte black and it shows all the left over residue. With the muc-off I could spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes, and just spray it off. With other cleaners like simple green I have to brush it and wipe it down.

Do I think it's worth it? No. But it WAS nice not having to brush all the time.
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 @Allen82: That pink cleaner spray, yes. You literally wet your bike, spray it on, leave it a minute, hose it off. The bike will be clean. It will bugger up the paint if you leave it on too long too.
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 Muc-off reeks of hypocrisy. I will never buy another product.
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 Gillette part 2
  • 8 0
 Hang on, let me get some popcorn....
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 By "keep moving forward" they mean without MucOff? Didn't they pull sponsorship?
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 They specified the Commencal 21 team, not the “factory” team. Im not sure of the structure of all of Commencals teams, but I think there is a split between the 21 and main teams.
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 Insane work JR et Louis !
  • 9 2
 fuc off muc off
  • 4 0
 Commençal, I'm OK to clean your bikes with my tongue if you let me do so, but please, get rid of Muc Off. They don't deserve you.
  • 6 0
 Muc off! Can F off.
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 Amaury's actions have permanent ramifications for Commencal and Muc-Off. It's such a shame that one person's actions can have such a big impact. No matter what Commencal and/or Muc-Off do, they are guaranteed to piss of some people.
Such a bummer
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 Yes, allowing a black friend to do your hair whilst listening to a song with bad words in it and reposting something your black friend puts up on Instagram are unforgivable deeds. Still, at least we can console ourselves because Muc-off have removed his black friend's team funding.
  • 3 1
 @commental: Im not speaking out for or against it, just stating that its a shame - it doesn't matter what anyone says or does (in support of, or against) its still just gonna be a shit show.
  • 4 2
 @rallyimprezive: damned if you do, damned if you don’t
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 Maybe it’s Muc-Off’s actions that are to blame for this?
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I wonder how many DH teams actually have a black manager. It’s really ironic that they stop sponsoring the one that does, in an attempt to score some virtue points...
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 @commental: user name checks out
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 Maybe Commencal should drop Muc-Off and find another co-sponsor, can't see the bad vibes going away any time soon.
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 @WishIWazFaster: That would be pretty amusing. Sacking your sponsor.
  • 3 1
 Clearly muc off are so upset with AP they made his the start of their latest promo video. So much for them putting him on t the naughty step
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 best race Bikes!! love Commencal
  • 2 0
 Muc off throws stones but lives in green house
  • 2 1
 Thought mucoff pulled out?
  • 17 0
 It’s not always that easy lol
  • 2 0
 @Matt115lamb: hahaha yes
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 Commencal should have waited for the paywalls before posting this.
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 time for some bobnlarry
  • 1 2
 oh come on! we want the Dirty stuff!!!

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