Rimpact Launches Updated Original & Pro Inserts

Nov 10, 2022 at 8:11
by rimpactmtb  
Photo by @Tiagonunes96

Press Release: Rimpact

Rimpact launches updated V2 inserts of their flagship Pro model and their fan favourite Original model.

Building on our market-leading design, we've upped the performance yet again with this product refresh!

Over the 5 years our products have been on the market, we have occasionally made subtle changes to increase the performance of the inserts; to culminate all the previous updates with some larger, new changes, we are releasing a V2 version of both our Original and PRO insert. Optimised for modern Trail, Enduro and Downhill bikes, the new Rimpact V2 range is wider, stiffer and more protective than its predecessor whilst retaining all the traits users have come to love about these products and being less prone to stretching to boot.

Pro V2
Original and Pro V2

Key Improvements:
• Wider where it counts
• More stable base
• More resistant to stretch
• Tighter on the rim
• Less shrinkage under tyre pressure
• More protective
• Little to no weight increase
• Still retains the excellent ride feel

Rimpact Inserts are available direct from us HERE, and also from a number of approved dealers, a list of which can be found on our website.


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 My partner has asked me to make all the same key improvements this year or else it's game over.
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flag HukClothingCo (Nov 17, 2022 at 5:58) (Below Threshold)
 under appreciated comment
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 100% comment of the year!!!
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 "Less shrinkage"
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 I think improving tightness on the rim is the key key improvement and will get you sorted.
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 I'd say it's low hanging fruit but she also doesn't like that
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 @DizzyNinja: It could be a He
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 Comment of the year
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 @blowmyfuse @rodres: I think it should get a trophy, too, because it's special, just like every other comment. Wink (it was quite funny though)
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 I made all of the “key improvements” and my wife is about to leave me: I now cost more to maintain, I’m much heavier (although much weaker), and of course much slacker.
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 Good luck with Shrinkage!
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 Original V2 is the most confusing model name.
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 Been ultra happy with these. I run an original front and pro rear in my enduro bike. Well worth it.
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 Me too and love that set up.
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 Been banging on about this combo for years
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 With a DH casing maxxis in the rear and a DD on the front.
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 Inserts came about seemingly to help racers get to the finish line, and even then, it seems the start list is still split on using inserts. Inserts for casual trail riding is becoming less popular it seems, the price and install is a deterrent. IF you run an insert AND you destroy a brand new $100 rear tire... *rage*
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 It is unfortunately common to ruin the bead of some tire brands while installing/removing them with inserts in place.

I have had good luck with tires not being damaged while on trail with inserts, but in my garage I have had multiple sidewalls of Maxxis tires get ruined.
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 I kill rear rims much faster without an insert. I also want an insurance policy on rear rim protection, and I think the ride characteristics with running one are better than without. Cushcore is the worst install (the rest I tried are MUCH easier), but honestly easier and less frustrating than doing a full tailored Ride Wrap install.
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 @wda1wustl: huh I install them at least a few times a week and Ive never had to use so much force I damage the bead of a tire.

Now Maxxis in general recently has had a ton more tires coming with warped casings so I assume that is what's happening to you.
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 To be fair to Rimpact, I have DH Casing/Cushcore on my DH bike and DD Casing/Rimpact Original on my enduro bike (same wheelset), and the Rimpact is massively easier to install, a much bigger difference than what you would expect between DH and DD casings.
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Possibly, but my LBS has told me they have had issues with them while mounting. Also, I have noted that wide rims with offset spokes are harder to mount tires in when inserts are involved
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 @wda1wustl: don’t use tire levers
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 beyond being able to ride flat and protect the rim - inserts (especially cush core) dramatically change, dampen and cushion the ride feel, riding a few pounds less pressure dramatically increases traction also
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 I'm not sure you can call it "Original" if it's updated, new and different. /s
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 I gave up and just went back to dh tires
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 I've found Exo+ with an insert to be the sweet spot for me. Not running inserts just requires more air pressure and a resulting feeling of the tires bouncing off everything. But I also dread the day I get a puncture that wont seal up out on the trail
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 @peterman1234: dh tires do a good job of fixing those issues
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 Can't imagine installing a version of these that are wider and tighter on the rim. They are already the hardest insert ever to install. I left a wobble in my front tire for months because I dreaded reinstalling these so much. That said, they really are awesome.
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 These are actually really easy to install. Wym??
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 @JonnyTheWeasel: Tell me your secrets. Also tell all the non-broken tire levers it's going to be ok.
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flag butters1996 (Nov 17, 2022 at 7:35) (Below Threshold)
 @Gray2424: get some pedros downhill metal tire levers and never break a tire lever again. Hands down the best tire lever there is.
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 @Gray2424: Install some Cushcore inserts, afterwards installing Rimpacts will feel like a walk in the park.

That said, I‘ve experienced that the rim/tire combo and width matter a lot when installing any insert.
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 @butters1996: The whole point of them being plastic is to not damage things. Hell, I could just use a screwdriver at that point.
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 @Gray2424: Push the tire bead all the way in to the middle of the rim. You won't get the tire on if one side is already seated in the rim.
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 @JonnyTheWeasel: not totally sure what they mean either. Having installed and removed both CC and rimpact a dozen-ish times, installing rimpact is easier but removing it is insanely difficult, with my rims anyway (i9 Enduro S). I 1000% hope to never have to remove a tire with rimpact out on the trail. I carry extra tire plugs and even a small Stans bottle for insurance.
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 @AlexBreck What wheels do you have? e.g on my Bontrager Line Carbon it's super difficult with Maxxis Tires & Rimpact inserts, while it's super easy on my Newmen SL.A 30

Some combinations just don't work
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 @FlorianTHT: I have bontrager line carbon as well - SO hard to do cush core- the techs just remove that plastic rim liner insert, and tape the rim which results in a deeper channel. Rimpact are ALOT easier than CC
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 @JonnyTheWeasel: this is true in theory, but much harder to do with wide (33-35mm internal) rims that have a shallow profile.
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 I am running Maxxis tires DD front and rear, both with a bad wobble in the casing. they were installed along with Rimpact pro's from new. Now starting to wonder if they would have had the wobble if I had installed them without the inserts.
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 Anecdotal, but the first ride I did on Rimpact Pro after CC, I destroyed an EXO+ on a rocky trail. Frustrated, I went to a DD on my rear, sans inserts (hoping to avoid flats, but want to avoid weight), but now I’m breaking spokes. I’m thinking my WAO is a strong rim, but the forces without an insert allow transfer to the spokes which can’t take it. I am heavy - 200lbs, so maybe I just have to ride CC inserts and live with it
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 Never had a problem installing rimpacts. Work so well on my enduro bike I didn't realise how much I was holding back out of fear of flatting or ruining a rim. Only killed tyres in genuine nasty situations that would have slashed anything. Considering a original for the back of my downcountry bike.
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 I ran the originals for about 5 weeks, went to change tires and all the sealant had dried into a solid chuck of rubber that was bouncing around inside the tire. The front which did not have an insert was fine, and I have never had an issue with sealant (orange seal) drying up like that before. The insert appeared to have soaked up part of the sealant leaving the solids behind.
Really wanted to like them, but if they are soaking up all the sealant then risk of not having a flat repair is too high.
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 Rimpact Pro are awesome for the weight!
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 man those are complicated foam rings.
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 No thanks. Glad to be a casual rider and not escalate the already unpleasant process of tubeless setup.
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 sounds like they're going to be a lot harder to fit, "rimpact, now featuring viagra"
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 I love these and they have ended up on 3 bikes in the garage now.
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 When they come out with a version that doesn't destroy expensive tires on install (warping an otherwise un-warped casing), I'll give them more money. Until then, this is a super cheesy product. Been through two sets of these and they've been problematic with no real help from Rinpact.
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 What tires have you run with these? Just curious as I had really good luck with them on one set of tires and less luck on another set of tires...
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 @i-like-toytles: Various Maxxis casings, EXO, EXO+, DD. Rimpact will point the finger at Maxxis all day long, even though I have verified that the tires go on straight and true every single time before installing with an insert.
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 @ghill28: interesting. I actually had really good luck with my EXO+ tires (multiple different models and widths) but recently started trying out some Teravail Kessels and they haven’t played as nicely with the inserts.
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 Installing these are always such a painful rim job
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 just ride tubes
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 Foam Pool Noodles for the WIN!
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