Marzocchi Press Launch 2008 Line

Jul 1, 2007 at 20:05
by Robert Rebholz  

Marzocchi launched their 2008 line this past month in Cortina, Italy, with a fleet of lighter, more nimble forks and shocks for every mountain application. I couldn’t imagine a better place to thrash a new suspension set up than the beautiful Dolomite range in Northern Italy.

The camp was very laid back and there was easy access to great riding. Ian Millar, formerly of Modest Bike and now of Mountain Biking, was there and we took lap after lap on the freshly cut freeride trail. Loamy dirt, tons of rocks and slippery roots littered the trail and made for terrific testing. All the big names were there to ride and shoot with journalists, including Lopes, Vanderham, Simmons and Schley. Even new school shredders Andreu and Lluis Lacondeguy, Rocky Mountain Shredders Alex Pro and Kyle McDonald and West Van racer Micayla Gatto were there to show just how far the suspension could be pushed.

The Forks:

Marzocchi launched a full line this year in 2008, but I’m going to focus only on the product that was available to me for testing. Perhaps later in the summer or at Interbike I’ll get a chance to whip the ultra light Marathon or jump with the new 4X World Cup, but in this piece I’m going to focus on the new gravity forks.

55 ATA- If you ride all-mountain then this is the fork that you’ve been dreaming of. It adjusts from 125 to 165 MM, covering quite a range of riding. The 55 has the same 36 MM stanchions as last year’s 66, but is amazingly light at 2100 grams. Basically it performs like the 66 but has XC weight. This will replace a 66 for anyone who is doing climbing on their bikes.

I didn’t get to climb much on the fork, but the little I did it performed perfectly. For a light freeride fork it feels like there’s nothing on the front of your bike at all. The air adjust is super easy to use and you can really dial in how you want your experience to be. This is the ultimate fork for a place like Moab, where you’re climbing in bursts, but want to enjoy the long technical downhill. Two thumbs up on this one.

66 ATA- Lightweight, long travel for the park. 888 performance with less weight and much more maneuverability. I’ve ridden 66’s before, but the new weight makes a huge difference. It’s only 2700 grams now and feels great in the air. The ride is supple and didn’t spike anywhere in the travel.
It’s adjustable from 140-180 MM and works terrific at all settings. Marzocchi really nailed the air concept and it shows, especially in this fork. The new 38 MM stanchions and nickel coating make this a smooth buttery ride the whole way down the hill. This would definitely be an optimal Whistler or Diablo fork for sure, especially if you enjoy the freedom of a single crown fork. The fork is also available in a 1.5” steer tube, which opens up all frame options for this fork.

888 ATA-

888 ATA- The new 888 ATA World Cup is now the lightest 200 MM fork on the market. Gone are the days of Marzocchi being the, “great feeling, but too heavy,” fork. The 888 ATA WC feels awesome and is feather light for a downhill fork. I had a chance to rip one for a few runs on a Moondraker Kaiser (FSR 8.5” travel from Spain) and it was sweet. It feels exactly like the ‘06 888 I have at home, but so much lighter and flickable. This is the perfect DH race fork- light, stable and supple. I’m sure this will be the racefork for 2008.


Roco Air RC World Cup- This shock is truly amazing. The dual air chamber allows for infinite adjustment for rebound and compression. To be able trailside to change your shock settings is priceless. The nickel coated air canister means there is absolutely no stiction, which is common in most air shocks. The Air WC feels most similar to a coil shock than any air shock I’ve ever felt. The people at Marzocchi say that it’s the 2nd air chamber that gives the supple feel, but whatever it is, it makes for an awesome ride with heaps less weight than a coil set up. Marzocchi also says that this shock is extremely easy to work on and doesn’t require factory servicing.

Final Words:

Marzocchi’s 2008 product launch is one of the most extensive overhauls of any bike line this year- suspension company or not. They’ve listened to comsumers and given them what they want- lighter forks with no compromise on the amazing Marzocchi feel. The forks will now be made in Taiwan, but Marzocchi now will offer a 3 year warranty on their products. With this line Marzocchi has upped the anti in the suspension game. Keeping in mind the lightness, durability and great feel of the product, it will be a catch up game for other manufacturers for sure.
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 boobies are you serious?! marzocchi came out w/ the 66... and what did rockshox have to do? they had to come out with their own long travel sc (totem). little did they know that they would be making the next good decal style for forks to come, so marzo took it upon themselves to follow the trend. just like any other good compamny does to sell their product.
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 holy fuck i want some 55 for my sx trail. marzocchi have always been buttery plush with loads of adjustments and solid reliability. now theyre light too!!! last year rockshox took the limelight with thier new range but i think 08 marzocchi is gonna own!!
  • + 1
 Whatever its Marzocchi and they made them lighter than ever. Now you can have reliable and lightweight forks...what more could you want?
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 i want that 888 WC ATA,it looks freakin sweet,but damm marzocchi is still one awesome company.
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 Great article! i love the snaps too and OMG!!! the 66's!! SEX IN FORK FORM!
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 am I the only persons thats stoked on the new forks but dissapointed with the whole idea of them being made in taiwan now?
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 they copied rock shox with the axle design..the one side threaded fork..i own an argyle and thats how all 20 mm axles are for rock thats what i think they copied from rock shox
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 ques where rockshox got the idea for the design in the first place, marzocchi's qr20. my 99 monster t has the same design other then 1 pinch bolt to keep it locked down
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 to add to this, why is the boxxer 8" now? the 888
8" 888 came out in 04
8" boxxer came out in 05 to compete
air boxxer in 06
air 888 with adjustable travel in 07

its called a tech race
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 not that i dont trust the taiwan made products, mostly because there fine and people just complain all the time about stuff from that area of the world, its bomb that there offering a 3 year
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 anyone still want to ride 08' Zocchis? ;D
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 sooooooooooo fucking sweet!!!! paintjobs r cool 2. but they kinda copied rock shox on the paintjob
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 exactly, they have shut everybody up about marzocchi's. now everybody has to catch up, GOOD!
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 how did marzocchi copy rockshox... marzocchi was the first company to make a long travel single crown.
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 r u guys retarded ever heard of a sherman
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 marzocchi kep better and better marzocchi rules Razz
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 the new 4X is doppppppppppppe
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 the 888 looks dope. will the roco air come in big sizes like 9.5x3?
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 manitou was the first with the sherman, but marzo did it better and then rockshox copied
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 Is it just me or does the Big M just wait for SRAM to show them the way and then copy?
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 boobies ur soooo right
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 they look like fox forks not happy

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