Martyn Ashton at Mercedes-Benz HQ - Video

Jun 11, 2012 at 18:00
by robin kitchin  
Trials' rider Martyn Ashton goes for a ride around Mercedes-Benz HQ:

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 He should have done this at Aston Martin Wink
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 CONTINUITY ERROR! At 59 seconds he has his helmet undone! In all other shots it's done up. That has just ruined the vision that this was not staged in anyway. My day is ruined!
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 Stfu dude, i see your spamming comments everywhere, we dont care ! ^ (montgomerymia)
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 great catch -- of course it's staged but still... catching the un-done helmet -- nice
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 Pretty Sweet vid wish it was on pb so i could fav it
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 Very original!!
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 The Germans are very serious people, surprised the Bigs at MB gave this the nod. Very cool. Would have liked to see him bunny hop the SLS roadster tho Wink
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 agree --- they should have set up some sorta stunt that he jumps, rides, etc over some sorta fancy car
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 @blakeluis.. seriously wtf, why have all these bots suddenly invaded pinkbike.. Mods do somthing about this, please ?
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 I love the big rotating Mercedes sign at the end!
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 How to get down..
drop Big Grin
or else we call it DH
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 Would have been better at BMW lol
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 not a single fuck was given that day.
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 Got to love how these massive car companies try and associate themselves with "green" sports all the time. I am not not sure what a car company has to do with mountain bikes anyway apart from advertising. Martyn Ashton is a legend regardless.
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 ferrari do bikes, mercedes to a bike i think, porsche do a bike or two. but they do it more for money than being 'green'
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 Er, without cars/vans, how would we get to the mountains to ride down them?
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 Ride. train, bus.
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 i think its aimed at advertising the "Mercedes Vito" he pulled up in to bikers out there. Simple bit of marketing which is fun to watch.
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flag timbud (Jun 12, 2012 at 2:26) (Below Threshold)
 Noshit hooldooly
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 Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.
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 Google Vito Sport. That'll tell you all you need to know. Mercedes have been doing this for a long time now.
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 it's simple the more companies willing to throw money at our sport for advertising means more badass events for us to watch! It's good for the sport.
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 I pretty sure the bikes Mercedes and Porsche bikes are made by other companies with a sticker whacked on them, or, say, a 'Ferrari' edition like Colnago. I think AMP Research did a BMW or Mercedes bike once. Memory getting hazy.
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flag timbud (Jun 12, 2012 at 4:00) (Below Threshold)
 stupid answer chap, you said it. Smile
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 Car manufactures have associated themselves with bike industry for sometime now. VW made the Jetta Trek and Volvo had something as well. I believe Subaru also aligns its marketing around the bike industry? Not sure why people get in a tizzy when a big sponsor comes around. I don't think it will ever become as mainstream as skateboarding or snowboarding. Its a very expensive sport and requires certain elements not accessible to the masses. There is no need to panic....unless you see a Fox 40 at Wal-Mart for $99.99.
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 signs you're a true biker = you can see yourself riding in or at your place of of work.

for me, l used to work at a restaurant that was located at this place called Fair Oaks Mall --- lt's a pretty big, two story mall with something like 200 stores. many a time l wished l had the guts to rip through the mall with my bike and ride inside the mall. l bet it would be super cool.
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 RAD video!!
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 Is this how MB gives new employees a tour? If so I'm getting a job there.
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 I like Bike Trials
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 Although somwthing tells me I would cause more of a scene if I tried to ride into the offices at Mercedes lol
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 Hahaha! I'd have probably face planted just getting out of the van!
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 ya my video wouldn't be anywhere as cool as his. Its would probably end at the front desk when they called security on me haha, assuming I didn't face plant out of the van lol
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 Seeing this Video reminded me of the days I use to work for a huge automotive safety comp (Autoliv). So restrictive they were.
I didn't like the atmosphere there,people, almost everything and from this clip I think things are the same in all multinational company.In my mind auto industry and bikes are like so many miles apart, - target,money,people,mentality. Or at least I like to think it is so.
Anyway he looked like he had lots of fun.
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 Whether you like it or not, the bottom line is always money regardless of which industry you are talking about. Whether its the guys who run smaller companies (I'm thinking NS/DMR/Identiti etc), those in charge at the big bike companies (Trek/Specialized/GT) or those at the big car companies, it will boil down to the exact same things that give them sleepless nights....
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 Agreed .
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 its ALWAYS about the money, and increasing exposure to new markets = more turnover and more profit
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 That looks like a ridiculous amount of fun
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 Ah, marketing.
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 Was good but I prefer Dougie Lampkins tour of the Renthal factory:
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 +1 That was sweet, Dougie is a legend. Don't get to see trials much since I left old blighty......... well apart from the tinternet.
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 Needs to get VOD! I saw this the day it was uploaded to youtube and it has to be one of my favorite videos there is. Martyn is a really inspirational rider and the Animal Bike Tour is what really opened my eyes and got me into riding. Martyn you are a LEGEND!!!

Robin is also great with a camera and has some very creative ideas.

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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 Can't get VOD, it's not a Pinkbike video! Frown
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 Yeah I meant it needs to be uploaded to PinkBike and get VOD!
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 I was just wondering "hmm what about safety regs in the plant..." then noticed that he was wearing a visibility vest in the warehouse. nice touch!
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 I always find it cool when corporate types are willing to be a little funny, and play along with such gags. Good job MB. I would drive your stuff if I could afford it. lol
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 well, if thats how a day of work starts at mercedes benz, i wanna work there lol
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 nice riding. It's a pitty that Vito is likely to have rusted into the road by the time he gets off the roof!
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 Funny 'cos it's true!
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 Makes me want to watch dirty tricks and cunning stunts...classic video. Cool to see a different style of trials riding vid
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 almost read cunning stunts as stunning cunts there! Oops!
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 Funny as I call my missus the same thing when she makes my tea for me
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 What an awesome factory tour!!
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 The world need's more indoor riding, especially here where it rains 10 months out of the year
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 how sick would have been if he jumped of the edge of the building on to a air bag !!!!
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 would have liked to see more cars in the video...

sick drop to flat

that would be sick to set something up like that with our team sponsor (Old Dominion Brewing Company)
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 thats the longest merc advert ive ever seen
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 One thing i can say about this vid: Awesome!!
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 finding out hes not even in his 20's let alone teens was a pleasant surprise
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 impressive, but i can help but think that danny macaskill could do it abit better?
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 0:05 there's an audi a4 on the right...what kind of blasphemy is this at the MB headquarters?!?
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 Does anybody know what bike he is riding?
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 Inspired Hex Smile Great bikes, especially when it's covered in Hope bits...
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 I wish I could do half of that on a bike
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 Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes, TVR
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 wanted him to ride on the glass on the roof, with a view from below
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 NEET Smile

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 Wicked, super skillz
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 +1 from me for the use of a "z".
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 what a LAD
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 i liked Smile nice video
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