Introduce to VR-LINK suspension & the prototype

May 5, 2015 at 14:17
by Guanchou Woo  
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Video of introduction

General info of the prototype
Design number: BF02-V261
Property: Technology demonstrator
Intend of use: AM / ENDURO
Patent status: China
Patent holder: Mr. Bruce Woo

Main spec
Rear travel: 164mm - 208mm (adjustable range 44mm)
Rear shock: 216*63mm
Front travel: 180mm
Wheel size: 650B
Head angle: 65°
Set tube angle: 74.5°

Main feature
 164mm-208mm rear travel quick adjustment
 SAG 24%-32% change with travel adjustment synchronously
 Only normal rear shock required.
 Different leverage ratio curve for different travel setting, multiple use experience.
Prototype of VR-LINK suspension 180mm front travel 164-208mm rear travel
The prototype bike

Introduction to VR-LINK suspension system
Prototype of VR-LINK suspension Setting on 208mm travel mode
208mm travel mode

Prototype of VR-LINK suspension Setting on 164mm travel mode
164mm travel mode

Prototype of VR-LINK
Components of VR-LINK

Prototype of VR-LINK
Upper, lower main linkage found a virtual pivot structure of rear wheel, together with front and rear triangle. (The RED parts)
Upper main linkage, front triangle, floating link and traction link found a virtual pivot structure of the rear shock. (The Yellow parts)

Prototype of VR-LINK

How it works:
The rear shock driven by the Floating link. The trajectory of the Floating link was defined by instant center which generated by the Yellow parts.
After changing the position of one hinge point of the Traction link, the trajectory of the Floating link was changed, and also the leverage ratio.
Benefited by having 2 individual virtual pivot structure, the leverage ratio has more flexibility to design with less restriction to other features. Many leverage ratio of different styles can be designed.
Prototype of VR-LINK

Prototype of VR-LINK
Rider weight 65KG,FOX DHX 5.0 rear shock,400lbs spring
SAG for 208mm mode is 32%
While change to 164mm mode, SAG changed to 24% automatically.

Prototype of VR-LINK
Pedaling efficiency
164mm mode,,24%SAG,36T-16T chain line
Anti-squat value 95% , similar to DW-Link style

Prototype of VR-LINK
Brake response:
208mm mode,32% SAG
Anti-rise value 84.8%, similar to BANSHEE Legend around SAG range.

Prototype of VR-LINK
Pedal kick-back
208mm mode, 36T-16T chain line
The kick-back peak value is 3.65 degree.
Much lower than some well known design.

Making of the prototype
(Hand make with carbon fiber with CNC parts)
Prototype of VR-LINK
Prototype of VR-LINK
Prototype of VR-LINK
Prototype of VR-LINK
Prototype of VR-LINK
Prototype of VR-LINK

Looking forward to any proposol of Investment/ coorperation.
Please contact:

Mr. Bruce Woo
+86 133 1873 1879


Q: Is it safe with the quick-release?
A:The Traction link and adjusting mechanics are away from the main force direction. The Traction link only provides centripetal force for the Floating link.
So, the strength is more than enough.
It is not a force analysis. Only a simple sketch.

Q: Will this structure reduce the lateral rigidity of rear triangle?
A: Not at all.
Front and Rear triangle were connected by 2 groups of main linkage, same as other short-link designs.
The lateral rigidity only relates to strength and length of the main linkages, and strength of the Rear triangle it self.
It is not a force analysis. Only a simple sketch.
Only for reference

Actually, the lateral rigidity for this only prototype is not the best.
To save some CNC cost, I designed the main linkages as flat shape. I have to use very long bolt and spacers to connect the Upper link to the pivot point of the Front triangle.
Also the Lower link, I only use bolt and a piece of aluminum tube to reinforce them.
These factors will reduce lateral rigidity but I did not feel any problem during the test ride.
If the system come to mass production, the connection and linkages part would be much better and of course no problem of lateral rigidity.

Q: Some people might see a little waggle for the linkages in the video.
A: The frame was hand-made with carbon fiber, there are some waves on the surface. It will cause misconception when the linkages pass by. And there is also misconception caused by fisheye camera.

Q: There are some many pivots. Are they easy to be damaged?
A: Like the other designs, The Main linkages endure most of the forces.
We did force analysis on all the pivots, no any parts was taking abnormal high force.
So, the overall maintenance interval is no difference from other design.

Q: Is there any shortcoming found on the prototype?
1, The geometry is not good, BB to high. The prototype is mainly to test the suspension design, so I did not focus on the geometry.
2, The leverage ratio curve on Max travel mode is AM style, the end stroke support is not enough.
3, Some other improvement should be made. The mass production model is whole new design.

Q: What usage is the prototype for? Why rear travel 164-208mm?
A: The prototype is AM/Enduro use. The whole idea of the adjustment is to climb easier and descent like a DH bike.
The maximum travel 208mm is a little overkill indeed, but it is for testing after all.
For the mass production model, the travel range is 140-180mm.

Q: IS it stepless adjustment?
A: Yes. You can set any travel within the range by setting the quick-release between both ends of the slot.
But I more love to set it to Max or Min.

Q: Is the geometry changed by travel adjusting?
A: Yes and No.
The initial geometry stays the same at any travel mode.
But the SAG will be changed by travel adjusting, so with the SAG, the geometry will be changed for 0.6°maximum.


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 The music is so good.
  • 2 0
 thanks, but please dont only pay attention to the music.
I hope to get some opinion on the suspension, any question or doubt, and whether you think the function is useful for you Smile
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 Suspension design and working action all looks great! impressed with the tracking even under braking.

My only worry from the information given - rider weight and pivot forces.

I'm only 5'7" and weigh 80Kg's without gear on. If you upgrade the shock to compensate, would the forces on the pivots still be acceptable ?

Lots of riders are heavier than me ???
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 Hello @Dopeslope , the force on pivots and linkages wouldn't be any issue, for I did FEA on them. The result for higher leverage ratio is the linkages should be alittle bit stronger which will cause the bike heavier. And the spring should be higher lbs or more pressure for air shock, but it will not exceed the pressure limit normally.
And thanks for your comments.
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 Looks all good then!!!

Hope you get some investment, cant wait to see a more production ready version.

Good luck and all the best to you :-)
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 TEAM-ROBOT u make my day
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 All your Mountain Bike Future is Secured. Best easiest and most efficient suspension design of future is here to be ridden for all types and idioms of bicycling on and off road riding when to be compared with modern day suspension designs that lack easiness of adjustability and contemporary design styling that most assuredly will provide traction in climbing mode and control, absorption and traction in varying level of impact and size on decending mode giving all riders of all types utmost confidence everywhere forever!
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 Nice Bro! I really liked the bike, you got a great idea! hope we get to see your design in the near future! Probably not the best looking bike, but if it works as it looks I am fine with it! I would really like to ride that bike! It must have taken a ton of work, to make that prototype bike though......Cheers keep it up man!
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 I'm guessing the initial leverage rate of damn near 4:1 has something to do with the AM style not feeling so hot. That poor shock won't last long being worked that hard.

The lack of pedal kickback is impressive, but it make me wonder at what the resultant axle path must be.
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 for the prototype, initial LR about 3.6:1
but it will not wear the shock greater.
you just need alittle bit high damper setting and stronger spring.
the problem of large LR is more force on the linkages and We need to build strong, which will cause the bike heavier.
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 the result of low kickback, is too little clearance between rear triangle and the seat tube when fully compress.
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 Very nice project sir! My suggestion is to improve a bit the final end of the leverage ratio curve. I think it should be more progressive, or linear, at the end of the travel, and not regressive. But that's a detail. Keep going Smile Bye
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 Thanks for your advice. I already came to a new design for production, which has a more progressive curve which provides stronger end stroke support. I will update the progress soon enough.
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 I want to test this sonofagun!
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 Now there is only one hand-made prototype, and its geometry is not good. I am looking for factory which good enough to make the improved design. Of course I will need investment in future.
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 dude, if you dont mind could you forward my blog or video to other forum you familiar with.
I have more design but need investment~~
  • 2 0
 Sure does! With pleasure! Shame that im so poor that i can't do anything to help your work Frown But i will ask my boss. Only time will tell
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