Privateer Life at Windrock Pro GRT - Video

Mar 20, 2018 at 8:13
by Rooted MTB  
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I don't think any of us would have expected to go to Windrock in Tennessee and race one of the coolest tracks we've ever ridden at such an awesome venue. Thanks to Neko Mulally, Sean Leader and everyone else involved. A legit track, super stiff competition, and some interesting weather brought together an epic weekend. Follow our journey in our first full "Rooted" episode!

Big thank you to everyone involved that makes this such a cool place to race.

Danny Hart scrubbing his way to the win.
Racing against guys like Danny Hart and Greg Minnaar is pretty neat, and not something we get to do every day.

The number 1 plate looked smooth as always.

Heading to the shuttle to go get dirty.
Heading up to get muddy.

Austin ready to drop the hammer and get to the finish once he touches down.

Smooth fast and sideways.

Wiley loves to huck.

Next up, Port Angeles. And if you haven't seen the prelude, here it is below. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy.

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 If you're not a fan of this, I don't want to know you.
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 Definitely one of the best edits I have seen. This is the core of racing and very well put together. Can't wait to see the rest of the series now!
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 Rooted Prelude- Beating Off the Season
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 I made a few sarcastic quips on other's peoples commments, but wanted the filmers and racers to know what you pulled off was no easy task. Not getting a seeding run Saturday to fight for an later start time and substantially drier track I know had to be very frustrating. Going into a race run you've traveled cross country and put it all on the line for only to be hamstrung by getting pushed to the front of a start que on a track that is drying out more with every rider is not an easy task to get mentally amped for. That being said, 20th from the back of the field on a wet track after sharting your pants all week was freaking impressive!!! My only complaint is that if you ate BBQ while here, you forgot to include it in the video. I hope you ate BBQ or it was a wasted trip.
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 Where are the good BBQ joints close to the Rock?
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 @Bigernmcracken: when I say "on the left as you leave ' that's the event of my knowledge of the joint
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 I really enjoyed this video. You guys have cool glasses.
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 Great video. These youngins she revel in their achievements instead of being bogged down. I wish I had half he skills they have. BUT, as young athletes they are very right in hoping to achieve more. Best of luck to them.
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 yall should do a pit check in at the next GRT with privateers. some people and setups out there. Itd be great to hear about people's sketchy fixes and setups in contrast to the big pros.
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 This is one of the first videos I've actually watched start to finish.
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 Not even the diarrhea I had while watching this in the loo could make me not like this video. Stoked for the next one!
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 I relate to them quite a bit, it's so refreshing to see that there is a privateer team!
and that they're putting out videos showing how difficult it is to hit the road of "becoming a pro"

support is everything.
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 leather seating, climate control and all those hard to deal with what nots. Wink

Not hating...just jealous. Where are the kids road tripping in old Volvo's with an extra 5 qt jug of motor oil in the back?
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 @bizutch: You're looking at them! That $800 2wd Ford Ranger took them from CO, to TN, then all the way to Canada and back to CO last year. I'm sure it will make the trip again, along with a couple other guys driving beaters (shout-out to the CR-X) Fortunately there are nice people around willing to share nicer rides every once in a while.
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 @bizutch: just saying that all those things are expensive and that its not easy just getting those things paid, i am a privateer as well Wink its not a fancy lifestyle
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 @sstokoe: lol ok. Living in that place in the middle of Boulder? The struggle is real I’m sure
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 Well done duders. Thanks for coming out to the rock.
  • 4 0 BS...No Drama...just fast.
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 awesome video guys, awesome!!
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 Cool edit, and 20th is a great result considering all the factors. Only a second or two off some World Cup names on that results sheet.
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 The weirdly best video
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 This was really good, Nice work guys! Good luck in PA!
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 What a great serie! ... and a great sunglasses sponsor opportunity.
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 Yesss! Keep these going! Must have been pretty wild showing up to realize ~10 WC guys are there as well!
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 What's that thing on Minnaar's fork?
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 Telemetry gear, tracks travel and other data so they can analyze suspension setups.
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 The video was suddenly renamed...
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 Agree. Weirdly entertaining
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 Well done lads! Weirdly entertaining...
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 awesome vid. waiting for the next!
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 Hell yeah guys.
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 Yeah boyz keep it up!
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