Video: Rossignol Announce 2023 Factory Team In 'Hunt For The WilderBiker'

Mar 28, 2023 at 2:19
by Rossignol Bikes  

Press Release: Rossignol

Meet the Rossignol Factory Team, which is poised for its third season of racing in the Enduro World Series (EWS). The team’s mission is to push Rossignol’s products to the limit, whilst also creating the inspiring content.
This year we’re excited to welcome Nils Heiniger to the program as our newest recruit. Nils is highly talented a 23-year-old Kiwi from Christchurch, New Zealand with an unmatched passion for bikes, and style like we’ve never seen!
Morgane Jonnier continues to pursue the adventure as both team manager and athlete. She’ll be wrangling our athletes on and off course, as well as working on video projects that represent the highest level of enduro riding. A veteran of the EWS, Morgane’s unbound enthusiasm and passion for riding has only grown over the years.


bigquotesI’m over the moon to be joining the Rossignol Factory Team and grateful to have the opportunity to work with such an iconic brand in the outdoor industry. I’m stoked to be riding the Heretic, it’s been a blast so far! I can’t wait to get stuck into the season and spend more time on it.Nils HEINIGER


bigquotesI’m really excited for the 2023 season. We’re welcoming a talented new rider from New Zealand, Nils Heiniger! He is gifted on any type of bike, and has mega style! I can’t wait to spend the season with him!
I have complete confidence in my Heretic, along with the new partners joining the team. Rossignol bikes have are a setup geared for success!

The team is grateful for the chance to continue the adventure with the unfailing support of Nicomatic, KS, Hutchinson, Northwave, Bluegrass, Julbo, Wahoo, Hayes Brakes, Protaper, Tioga, Ytwo.
New partners join the team, we thank Mavic, Monkey Sauce, Time for their trust!

Follow us on instagram : rossignolbikes ; morganejonnier; nilsheiniger


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 Lol cool edit but aren't these the bikes that ovalized everywhere during PBs test?
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 That’s a bit of an exaggeration. The rocker link pivot bearings (2 bearings) ovalized. Other testers (vital for example) had no issues over a 3 month test period. Not making excuses, as this shouldn’t happen. But to say the frame ovalized everywhere is a bit much.
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 @Keegansamonster: fair play fair play. I should have looked up the article again before posting. Still not something I'd want to see in any bike review pre-purchase though.
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 Yep. The worst part is they bought Felt and had an opportunity to use Felts cool design and they decided to go with catalog bikes instead. Lame.
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 @agnostic: everyone tries to make money like they can or want. They have a huge rental network for ski, they wanted to have cheap bikes to use that in summer too. They never aimed to do « beautiful » bikes. Honnestly I prefer this than seing pivot firebird with fox factory suspensions destroyed by beginers at every chairlift in Morzine
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 I jumped to conclusions but damn, the kids are rippers. When did Rossi start making bikes? Never seen one or heard of this...

Shreddit title is also a play on The Hunt for the Wilderpeople which is a pretty funny NZ-based flick...
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 I think they started selling bikes a year or two ago. If I remember correctly they're selling open model frames and rebranding them. I don't know anything about how they hold up though.
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 They've been selling them in the US for some time, at least since 2018.
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 They bought Felt bikes a little bit back so I believe (at least their first round of bikes a few years ago) were probably made in the same factory. Their new offerings on their instagram with the Ohlins equipped model seem to have come a long ways and their bikes on their website, while nothing crazy or progressive in terms of numbers do seem like a decent deal/ safe purchase.
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 +1 for The Hunt for the Wilderpeople Smile
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 @schu2470: Gotcha. Mostly I'm replying because...who the hell would downvote your reply here?
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 @colleylucas: Wild, had no idea about Felt. Still have never ridden Ohlins either but honest question: should they also have more progressive geo / #'s and what would that look like as a few examples? I'm a bit of a freak on geo and yet the more I tinker around with reach, headset angles, stack (etc) the more I find I can get used to literally anything (not entirely anything though) and still keep getting faster times (if timing) or have fun. Trying to challenge myself mostly but its fun to play around w/ what you're "not supposed to do".
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 @dorkmire: I didn't know they were imported in the US since it is a French brand.
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 Visit pretty much any ski resort in NA for summer riding and you'll see some thrashed Rossis for rent.. Usually $30-50 cheaper per day than the Treks they're sitting next to.
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 @noodlewitnosteeze: Weird again - been to all the southeast parks, haven't seen one. Oh well...
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 its funny, people giving rossignol crap for being.. well.. crap... but i had similar issues on 2 transition alloy bikes so i class this brand with them
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 Hunt for the Wilderpeople is such a good film!
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 Rossigno thank you
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 Cool video. Congrats to the athletes. I hope they find some races to go to as I've heard rumors that the EWS doesn't exist anymore...
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 Rossignol? LOL!
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 I got a Rossignol emtb a year ago and it's been flawless while getting thrashed all around Colorado
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 @Twowheelfunman: thrashed on all your Chevy Hut runs??
  • 1 0
 Cheba Hut
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 @Bushmaster123: Try having two separate hernia surgeries over the years from literally pedaling your guys out on regular mtb’s then make fun of emtb’s
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 Rossign Dabs
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 Good marketing doesn’t absolve a lousy product. And while Rossi’s high end skis are pretty nice, none of their bikes are.
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 Fair enough but I'm curious - haven't seen a review, and ad, even bashing on these bikes til this article. Honest question - whats the buzz & what sucks. I don't know of a single Rossi rider so I haven't heard shit.
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 This vid is such a banger
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 Great play on a wonderful movie. Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a damn good flik.
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 FWIW if the price was nice I'd be amenable
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 After the not so glowing review of their enduro bikes I wonder if that machined link on their bikes is a bit... custom.
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 End Quote
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 Commençal make skis now, why Rossignol couldn't make bikes?
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 I just never realized you can race Enduro on skis.
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 I’m not mad at it even though I have no interest in their bikes.
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 Wait, like the skis?
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 There's this thing called global warming and they are diversifying
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 And the snowboards.
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