Built for Success

May 4, 2011 at 9:29
by Ryan Kuhn  

Built For Success” – Part 1

by Todd Schumluck

Hello Pinkbike readers. Since this is my ‘maiden voyage’ in contributing columns to Pinkbike, I should take the time to introduce myself. My name Todd Schumlick, I am from Pemberton, BC, and am the owner/operator of PerformX. I have spent the last 13 years training top athletes in motocross, downhill, snocross, snowboard and other action sports athletes. My downhill athletes include Steve Smith, Remi Gauvin, Kyle Sangers, Miranda Miller and Tyler Alison. My background includes a degree in kinesiology, certification in sports nutrition, national strength and conditioning association professional certification, and various sports performance courses I’ve attended over the past 20 years in the industry. Most importantly, the many years of hands on experience and development. As for my own two wheel background, as a kid it all began as a competitive BMX racer, later in life turning to a mountain bike and motocross enthusiast and recreational competitor.

As for PerformX itself, it includes motocross, downhill and other action sport-specific training services, motocross and downhill schools and camps, and a motocross and downhill team.

Todd with Steve Smith and Remi Gauvin at Crankworx 2010.
Todd with Steve Smith and Remi Gauvin at Crankworx 2010.

Let’s move onto a column I’ve had in mind, appropriately named “Built To Succeed.” As my first column, I think it’s a good place to start. Why? Let me explain.

As a professional “trainer,” I am the first to admit that fitness and nutrition, in my opinion, are not the most important aspects in downhill racing success. I’ve been fortunate to be around world-class athletes for some time now, so I guess you could say I have seen “what it takes.” This includes what I like to call the five D’s: desire, determination, dedication, drive and discipline; and the two A’s: ability and attitude.

Steve Smith has been training with Todd for a few years now...it's working.
Steve Smith has been training with Todd for a few years now...it's working.

I guess I could have named this column “Built To Win,” but in truth, not all of us can win. What we are capable of though, is success. To expand, I also don’t believe championships, wins, money and/or fame dictate success either. What I do believe, is that anyone who can put in an effort that is equal to or greater than the requirements of their goals is a success. I guess this goes beyond downhill racing and sport as well, as this holds true to life. I say all this because I’m 42. That doesn’t mean I’m necessarily wise, it just means I have some experience from being surrounded by elite athletes, those pursuing dreams, and I guess life general. Trust me, nothing will be more satisfying than someday knowing you put in an effort that properly matched your goals…dreams. This is how I approach the development of all athletes I assist. With a bit of guidance, I assist them in properly setting goals, both short and long-term, and then together developing a plan that will help them getting there.

To further expand on some goal setting, I’ll use the following as an example:

1. Long-term goals for 20____ season:

a) Racing Performance:
a. Technically
b. Physically
c. Mentally

b) Practice Performance:
a. Technically
b. Physically
c. Mentally

c) Training (fitness) Performance:
a. Physical assessment/fitness test
b. Verbal assessment
c. Strength and weakness/priorities
d. Schedule and testing

2. Short-term goals __________ to __________ (usually 3 – 4 months) that will assist me in reaching my long-term goals:

a) Training (fitness)
b) Nutritionally
c) Mentally
d) On-bike practice (weather permitting)

Now this is a basic example of assessing and setting goals. We use this type at our MX and DH camps, but would go in to further depth with the athletes we assist in Level 2 Training such as Steve Smith, Remi Gauvin, Kyle Sangers, Miranda Miller, and Tyler Alison.

That should give you enough to think about for now. Next column, I will expand upon how to set such goals, and what you should know before making such commitments. Look for “Built For Success” – Part 2.

Until then,
Todd Schumlick

Here's a season recap of PerformX Downhill Team racer Remi Gauvin, talking about goal setting, training and achieving goals:

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  • + 39
 i woulda stopped to eat the berries at 0:54 because I'm broke and hungry from spending so much money on bike stuff
  • + 2
 Waki, as someone that's worked closely with James Wilson and Gene Hamilton over the last few years they would agree with nearly everything he's saying. Unless you have the dedication and determination to actually do the training and and the skills practice no program will ever work for anybody. Stop hating and start training, however you see fit.
  • + 6
 i cant stand on a swiss ball on its own
  • + 1
 You can't really argue with success. Remi started last year as a relatively unknown junior and absolutely cleaned up all season...whether you are looking at junior rankings or overall, he should be crazy proud of his season. Stevie Smith....enough said. PerformX is combining all the aspects of physical/mental/technical training, and never let up. They also offer invaluable developmental support to their team sponsors and we are proud and lucky to have them included in our North American program.
  • + 1
 "The best teacher I had who made into what I am now said: this is just a job: everyone can learn it, it just takes less or more time for different people."

The best teacher I ever had told me to list the 5 most important things in my life. Then to scratch 2 off the list. That sounds like the bike-part principle.
  • + 2
 PerformX is a Great program and really helps guys going into the sport! Thanks Todd!!!
  • + 1
 i dont race and shumlucks program worked for my personal goals.. glad to see he is still using his talents to help people..
  • + 1
 Hey "Too much hip"...didn't you suck at BMX?
  • + 1
 Hey remi. If your not first your last
  • + 1
 haha why was he talking about farmers? he lost me there.
  • + 1
 Wow. I really like Todd's way of thinking.
  • + 1
 Looking good, I might haave to give this a try
  • + 1
 wow that was a big comment for this vid WAKI ,but you are right ,loved the riding and dam will the rain go away DAMMIT
  • + 0
 poor waki D, have you lost your drive? you will have a hard time winning with no drive and no life.. you should quit and go waki... go to your loved ones.. i did love your rant . this is the kind of stuff that makes me read shit on pink bike..
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 Was there actually GP prism shorts or are they modified pants ?
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