Video: World First - 720 Tailwhip

Mar 5, 2013 at 23:55
by Sam Davies  
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 World first on a mountain bike
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flag Icculus19425 (Mar 6, 2013 at 4:22) (Below Threshold)
 More like a 630...about 90 degrees short
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flag scott-townes (Mar 6, 2013 at 5:54) (Below Threshold)
 They were celebrating a lil too hard I'd say, haha. Still it was pretty tight!
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 ^^ Oh c'mon ya pair of miserable bastards. His feet were on the pedals and he's landed something for the first time on MTB. I think you must be emotionally retarded because I've been bundled by mates for just hitting a jump before now. Call me a sceptic but if he was a yank I doubt you'd be so negative.
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flag scott-townes (Mar 6, 2013 at 7:39) (Below Threshold)
 gavlaa- in what way do you feel that I'd care any more if he was American? Someone has xenophobia-related issues...
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flag bermroller FL (Mar 6, 2013 at 9:02) (Below Threshold)
 So... not the worlds first 720 tailwhip. Maybe the first on a slightly larger bike, marketed as a "Mountain Bike". Don't get me wrong, it was sick, and I can't wait to see him take it to the slope, where the "mountain" term will actually apply.
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flag bermroller FL (Mar 6, 2013 at 10:16) (Below Threshold)
 Neg props away! That's ok. Your ignorance isn't your fault. You have been sold these definitions. Have fun on your heavy, expensive, fragile contraptions. I have a couple of those as well. Just realize that the kid out at the trails on the little bike that cost less than half of yours, and will last twice as long, is doing the same thing as you. It's the SAME THING on a very slightly different bike.
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 hahahaha^^^^panties in a bunch?
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flag bermroller FL (Mar 6, 2013 at 12:34) (Below Threshold)
 Not at all. I'm laughing too. Im not being sarcastic when I say have fun. Let's break down these barriers, dirt jumping is dirt jumping, no matter what size wheels you're on.
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 Meca, it has nothing to do with that, it has everything to do with the fact that doing the same trick from BMX on a MTB is a hell of alot harder. Bigger wheels, more weight, more bike to haul around. It's completely different a hell of a lot harder. That's why we have a distinct difference for tricks landed on MTB vs. BMX
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flag bermroller FL (Mar 6, 2013 at 14:59) (Below Threshold)
 Agreed. It is harder, and of course tricks are going to be learned at traditional bmx style trails and step ups before they're taken to the slope, (which I enjoy seeing). What I don't enjoy is seeing kids who can't afford a decent mtb jumper, don't know that they can do the same thing on a lower priced, more durable bmx, out at the trails breaking their bikes and not being able to ride because they're constantly more focused on the equipment that the actual riding.

This is where I have a problem with the distinction. Not at the pro level, but on the entry level. Riding a bike off a jump IS BMX, no matter what bike you're on. This fact is ingeniously hidden by the marketing departments of all the major bicycle manufacturers. They can sell mtb jump bikes, that cost the same to manufacture, for twice the price of bmx bikes because of this distinction. And as suicidedownhiller said, its a hell of a lot harder to do the same tricks on a mtb. So the focus is put on the bike, when that same kid could have just been focusing on the riding.
Take a look at some of your favorite mtb jumper/downhill/4x/slopestyle riders bios. You might notice a common beginning between a lot of them.
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 Dude what tha feck!!! I think that doing this trick requires a lot of practice... I've landed 720's a couple of times and i've dialed tailwhips but dude just imagine JUST IMAGINE combining those tricks... and in a MTB... Really DOPE! and besides that thing you say about the mountains, maybe it's ok and we should start calling it 26" instead of MTB. But there is a difference between 20" and 26" bikes. Let me make you think about this examples

20" are more small, so the tricks are way more easier than 26"
20" are more short, so the spins tricks like backflip, 360, 720 and tailwhips requires less effort
20" are lighter, so for what im going to explain that... I think you got it Big Grin

Trick is pretty sick and its really good rated in BMX, so imagine that in MTB...
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flag freeride-forever (Mar 6, 2013 at 16:08) (Below Threshold)
 Meca, just STFU. "Very slightly different bike"? Yeah, one's a kids bike & the other is a grown up bike. More people can relate to the bigger bikes & that's why they're so popular & no one really gives a shit about BMX. As far as the tricks being harder, some are & some aren't, it depends on the trick & the size of the jump. Bigger bikes are more versatile overall & I'm sorry that your rendition of the sport is dying, but that's the way natural selection works bitch, the weak die & the strong survive. Some of our favorite rider's bios may show a beginning in BMX, because of the time we're in. In 50 years, or less, if you're still alive then you'll see that'll no longer be the case. Take a look at the 1st video in this months "VOD" & see what that kid is riding. There may be a lot in the sport with 20" roots, but there are a lot now that started on 26" & it's rare that anyone "downgrades" back to a 20". Where did you get the idea that disc brakes & suspension forks cost the same amount to produce as rim brakes & rigid forks? You can buy a decent 24"/26" for about the same $ as a decent 20" & have a rig that can do much more. It's like the difference between a PC & a console. The PC costs a bit more & it's bigger, but it can do a lot more & do it better & that's why there are billions of PC users & a few console users. Billions of 26" users & a steadily dwindling few 20" users. Maybe sad, but completely true.
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 Its got nothing to do with marketing some people like riding 26" bikes instead of 20" bikes is personal preference.
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flag bermroller FL (Mar 6, 2013 at 17:53) (Below Threshold)
 Ha! This is a great conversation! Guess what? You're all right! I don't even ride my 20" anymore. I ride a Jackal and a Transition Double, but there is no way I or my parents could have afforded one of these kinds of bikes, (if they had existed) when I was a kid.

Everyone should be able to ride what they want.

The cost to markup comparison is relative. Of course disc brakes and suspension cost more than u-brakes and rigid forks. If you look at frame prices, the difference is bit more clear. It is close to twice as much. A few more inches of tubing don't account for that much of a mark up.

How about if the main point is that mtb prices should come down and quality should go up? It's actually happening, slowly.
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 I will contribute to this debate by simply saying " AIDS bro, it happens"
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 Safari FTW!
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 I was just saying that it wasnt a 720. Close, but no cigar.
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 only took an mtber 7 years to catch up and do this trick
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 We need to keep this distinction between 26" and 20" wheels. People can't be thinking a whip is a whip irregardless of wheelsize, that kind of thinking leads to scooters. And scooters must be destroyed.
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 What's up with the video player?! it's not working on Chrome any more.
Don't make me go to IE, please!
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 Not working on IE for me either :/...or on chrome, or on firefox
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 Mine Works fine on Chrome
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 it works but the fullscreen mode is fucked up.
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 it works perfect for me....
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 I use safari, and it works completely fine.
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 Safari works perfectly
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 chrome is working just fine for me
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 No fullscreen, otherwise a huge improvement!
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 install divx
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 oh and for fullscreen double click the video
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 no fullscreen for me on chrome otherwise it works perfect in normal mode,,so much better.
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 update ur flash player---
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 People are so judgemental of new tricks. Like holy shit that doesn't count at all because he didn't land it perfectly. It's pretty rare for anything being done for the first time to be done perfect. Get over yourselves and give the man some credit. Rant over. I love how fast shit is progressing in mountain biking lately, components, tricks, everything. I can't wait to see some kind of crazy flip or something thrown into that trick. At this point it's going to take a lot to blow my mind
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 pause at 15 seconds... HA
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 missing teeth everywhere haha
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 Pilgrim should be sponsored by The Gap.
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 to anyone bad mouthing this vid:

feel free to post your own video of you doing it.... ill be waiting as well as a billion others Smile

god knows i cant/ never will be able to
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 Ok seriously...this goes to pinkbike, the new video player is like watching a slideshow with sound. I looked and made sure that it wasn't the computer and thought I'd give it a second chance but it's still a slideshow with sound. Would you please go to the old video player. .
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 Wow that was a lot of man love, I think we know who's get a reach...
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 so much bro love
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 That's awesome couldn't imagine trying that on a mtb good job You know someone is gonna hate on it but what you gonna do haters gonna hate
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 Different sports? I ride both and it is the same sport. Just a different tool and terrain
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 I think we'll see it first at the Holdshott round of the Spank Ind. Dirt Wars dirt jump series in the UK. ;-) (If not before!)
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 #1) Adam is rad- duh
#2) If I am on a hero run down my local trail on my 6" bike, feeling like i am on an enduro mx bike, is it BMX?...
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 Can't claim "Worlds First", need to be more specific that it was mtb.. Still sooooo crazy though!!
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 You can hear his foot fit the spokes of his front wheel on the first attempt. Awesome though. Nailed it!
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 I had to watch it like 5 times just to figure out what he'd just done, mad skillz
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 Group hug! I would have to see that in slo mo to understand what i saw. Double 360 and a whip? crazy wiked cool!
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 the reaction from Pilgrim done it for me!
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 Full propz & ride on. Ignore the negativity.
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 tabernack esti thats fucking sick
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 That was so awesome. Now that has been completed, what's next?
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 that was sick bro bro good job man
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 It's guy love it's guy love beeeeetweeeen twoooo meeeen....
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 Yes adam that was mental. Stepping it up this year for sure
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 Are you guys going to persist with this shitty media player........really?
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 good work Adam!
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 and the crowd go wild
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 Holy Mother Of God.
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 Just sick
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 a href="">720 Dub tail/a>

meh Wink
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 I really don't see why this mtb vs. bmx debate comes up every time someone lands something new. They're different sports
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 yes its been done on a bmx but you gotta admit if you've ridden both its a lot harder to pull stuff on an mtb! I can 3 on flat on my bmx, but I'm not even close on flat with my mtb ....... besides a 720 tailwhip is crazy no matter what you pull it on! props on this one! so cool to see the sport progressing!
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 haha fucking nasty british people! pretty hyped on the tricklevel of 2013
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 Explain why my nations nasty?
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 god knows.?? haha

only negative coments from Americans on this thread....
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 if you translate nasty into german and then say it in the austrian form "grausig" it would also mean gnarly. so let's try again
haha f*cking gnarly british people!
is that better for you and the queen?
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 Yeah cause we all know German don't we.
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 Fair enough for the Misunderstanding.
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 please don't compare austria with germany! w
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 Dude stop digging and chill.
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