Video: Jackson Goldstone in 'Solo'

Feb 2, 2024 at 13:32
by santacruzbicycles  

When he’s not turning heads trackside, Jackson Goldstone will be found turning trails into his own personal playground.

Jackson Goldstone rides the Santa cruz 5010
Boost Bro

Jackson Goldstone rides the Santa cruz 5010

While his 9-to-5 is piloting his Syndicate V10 downhill bike down heinous tracks in pursuit of podium glory, he absolutely loves to get out on his local trails on his daily driver and have some fun.

Filmed this winter in British Columbia before the snow really fell, Jackson spent a couple days on new (to him) trails, looking for the side hits and the bonus air miles.

Jackson Goldstone rides the Santa cruz 5010

The result was captured by Scott Secco and set to a beautiful score. It reminds us of the first 5010 video that featured Steve Peat, but with a contemporary twist. And less canoes.

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Scott Secco
Cinematographer: Liam Mullany
Cable Cam: Robin Munshaw
Sound Design: Keith White Audio
Composer: Jeremy Wallace Maclean
Production Assistant: Kelsey Toevs

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 JG "Let's make it all arty like Semenuk does, like black and white and a format that only works on TVs from 1998!"
Semenuk: "Just make sure mine comes out a few minutes before Jackson's on pinkbike"
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 Does 1998 really seem like a time when TV was B&W?
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 @whydomylegshurt: that was directed at the 4x3 aspect ratio...
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 IMHO this piece was better. Loved it.
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 @Mugen: Ahhh, I retract my defensive crotchety old man statement.
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 This is really cool. Unfortunate that it dropped pretty much simultaneously with one of Semenuk's best in years.
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flag Freakyjon FL (Feb 6, 2024 at 8:30) (Below Threshold)
 Still rather watch this than any Semenuk edit.
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 @Freakyjon: Do you need a hug?
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flag Freakyjon FL (Feb 6, 2024 at 8:39) (Below Threshold)
 @bigtim: strange comment. It's called an opinion.
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 @Freakyjon: sounds like a yes to me
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 @Freakyjon: Ah, but it certainly comes across as a very curmudgeonly opinion. Hug offer is always there!
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 @Freakyjon: Hating on Semenuk doesn't make you core - just missing out on some incredible riding and cinematography...
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flag BalfaPleaseComeBack (Feb 6, 2024 at 11:38) (Below Threshold)
 @Freakyjon: just because you don't like something doesn't mean you gotta try and grab attention in the comments
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 @electrfiedride: who said I was hating on him. His edits are good just not what I'd prefer to watch.
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 Both are amazing, but only one of them made me want to go ride my bike right now. Guess, which one...
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 Do you think Greg is picking him up at the bottom?
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 Nah, Nina had custody that weekend
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 Fantastic video, exquisitely captured. It evokes memories of the iconic Sterling Lorence spreads in Bike magazine. I can almost feel the dampness of the air and smell the pungent aroma of the loam. Jackson's riding is awe-inspiring, always a thrill to watch. The audio quality is outstanding; if I were to define grip solely through sound, it would be the isolated track of Jackson's tires from this footage. Kudos to @scottsecco and the team for delivering yet another masterpiece.
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 ^this. When you have a rider this stylish, why make a basic shredit, when you can make art? Chappeau!
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 @oldmanbucksaw @powturn thanks for the kind words, lucky to work with such an awesome team on this one! Sterl's photos were a huge inspiration for sure - the Shore just looks better in black and white.
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 Or the 360 decade to late taillwhip!
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 Was waiting for it too. The shots showing the cable routed through the steer tube had me waiting in suspense. Still pretty rad edit
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 I appreciate the cable cam, maybe that’s the boomer in me.
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 @oldfaith It's the best way to showcase riding!
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 See, it IS possible to hit a berm fast without blowing the living shit out of it.
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 a smooth schralp is a good schralp!
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 The cinematography was awesome! Great edit!
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 Boostbro is GOLD jerry GOLD!
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 Nice work on the sound as always Keith!
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 The guy is a wizard!
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 Loved the vibe of this one! Awesome shots and sick riding.
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 Thanks Scott, we gotta work on something together soon!
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 wow very impressive @scottsecco , you really touched on something else here, such a standout!
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 @loam33 thanks so much! Lucky to get to work with Jackson on this, incredible to see his cornering in person.
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 5010 = Solo. I like it
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 Well played by SC, for sure.
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 its wild how much is filmed on boogie nights. Maybe we should have more than just one jump trail on the shore?! lol :-)

Great vid btw!
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 5010 = solo

clever or something like that
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 At least SC could legally name a video “Solo”
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 "While his 9-to-5 is piloting his Syndicate V10 downhill bike down heinous tracks in pursuit of podium glory, he absolutely loves to get out on his local trails on his daily driver and have some fun."

I read this in Cilla Black's voice.
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 If this 5010 is his daily driver, that bike needs a nap. My goodness he was flying.
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 much preferred that to the Semenuk edit
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 Je..sus H Christ that young man is fast! It blows my mind that the human body and brain can work together with that much coordination to allow him to ride his bike with that much precision and finesse.
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 Canada with the 1-2 punch today! Keep em coming neighbor!
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 Very moody black and white intro… pretty Kool if a little long. Biggest problem was once the intro finished and I was primed for the epic shred it the player stopped working!?!?
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 So much patience on display from Secco...amazing edit!
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 Bravo Scott and Liam. This is so pure and well done. Probably one of my favorite videos in the bike world.
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 Thanks @biname, that means so much coming from you!
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 Appreciate it!
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 Pretty Awesome Use of Lighting Shots
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 This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. Though Jackson's riding is far from relatable to my own, the mental calm, serene landscape and feeling of grace and bliss throughout is absolutely relatable to how [I feel and think] I ride. I love it!!

One note: could do without the internal routing closeup. Stop trying to make that something we want and like, cause we don't and we won't.
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 Uhm, this bike has same cable routing ports on frame as my 2014 5010 (which set up faster than zip ties & run silently BTW), only Jackson has routed front brake line through the headtube (not headset)! I'm boycotting headset cable tourism as hard as anyone, but these are not the droids you are looking for, move along!
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 That's a drilled out top cap for being able to do barspins, not the cable tourism that everyone (rightly) gripes about.
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 @BrambleLee: well color me corrected. Should've paused it to make sure before I went all PB comment crazy.
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 I now realize I was wrong about the cable tourism. I stand corrected, but the video is still as awesome as I said it was to begin with.
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 @powturn: This is the way.
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 That was freakin sick.
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 That's really nice, well shot and edited. Great sense of calm and speed.
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 Very nice.
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 Username checks out.
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 Holy $&!@, that was fantastic!
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 Now this is art...
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 Pure viewing pleasure! Bit of a Poor Things feel to it.
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 Unreal! Whole crew killed it on this.
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 Such a cool bike. Just imagine if Jackson wasn't held back by the unreasonably short chainstays.
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 is that the fastest a 5010 has ever gone? Wow Jackson is amazing!!!
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 Wait, he wears his helmet when he's driving? Probably for the side-hits.
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 What we’re looking at here folks is the 2024 UCI DH overall Champ…
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 I want to see a video of Jackson reacting to Semenuk's video coming out first....
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 Anyone have a clue where that brake line is going @1.56 ?
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 probably through the steerer tube down to the front brake. So he's able to do barspins, maybe?
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 Into the boost dimension!
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 Maybe I should've watched this before watching Semenuk's.....
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 Santa Cruz should call this bike the "Solo", much cooler than 5010...
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 I may not know the full story on this, but it was originally released as the Solo in ~2013 and they changed the name to 5010 because of a copyright issue. 5010 supposed to look like Solo…
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 @drlancefreeride: yep. Rocky Mountain had a road bike called the Solo and issued a cease and desist to Santa Cruz.
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 Beautifully Filmed!
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 Jackson could care less about the cable thru stem ha! He's young and open minded and until it causes a problem, he's not even thinking about it.
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 play it with some 90' metal and its quite good.
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