Video: Romain Paulhan Rides Epic Terrain The Alps in 'After The Lifts Close'

Nov 27, 2023 at 15:04
by santacruzbicycles  

Words: Santa Cruz

There exists no shortage of lift-assisted terrain to ride in the Alps during the summer. Chairlifts and gondolas are probably the best way to reach epic landscapes and alpine itineraries across the mountains. But when the lifts close, everything becomes quiet and authentic. There is unlimited riding to be added at the peak of the fall season, when dirt gets its moisture back, when the mountains get back to a silent, wild state, when tree colors start popping up, and before the first snow starts showing up. So, here's a video of Romain Paulhan getting the most out of the shoulder season on his Heckler.

a baker rides a santa cruz heckler real fast

a baker rides a santa cruz heckler real fast uphill

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 I'm sorry, but I get a little sad when I see a fit, able bodied person ride an emtb. I understand why people see this as progress, its pretty cool technology and all, but what's wrong with keeping things a little challenging? Why is it that we always have to make everything easier and more comfortable? It might be cheesy, but discomfort and challenge build character and passion, and grit, and a feeling of accomplishment. If you can afford an emtb you probably live a relatively comfortable life already. Why not create a little bit of challenge in your life? Want to ride longer, farther, go higher, do more? Make goals, put in the time, and get stronger. Or take the easy way and let technology do the work.

At the end of the day no one should tell you how to enjoy the sport of mountain biking, I'm just glad that people are getting outside. But, I also really see the value in challenge and discomfort, even if its something you create like going for a long day in the saddle. There's a reason people pursue these things. It feels good to do something hard.
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 @CYCOlogist818: really so no more xc or downhill or bmx road biking, cruisers or people that actually just enjoy pedaling a bike ..all bikes will have motors one day? that what eebtards really local state park just banned them and is actually enforcing it because of so many bad interactions with all other users.. interesting concept..but I think not.
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 I was talking specifically about mountain bikes, and yes in the future you won't see anymore non electric mountain bikes. Or at the least they will be very niche. I don't own or ride one BTW, just pointing out where things are going, good or bad. In my area, pretty much all teenagers who ride two wheel craft ride e-bikes (not specifically MTBs). Ask them if they would ever ride a standard bicycle and you'll just get a confused blank look. Right now (where I live) it's fairly common traditional cyclists use an e-bike for work commuting but still ride standard bikes other times, but based on what teenagers are riding these days, even that will become a thing of the past.
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 Filmed in the cirque du Fer à Cheval if I'm not mistaken. Would be absolutely impossible to ride here in the summer though there is no chairlift here but this place is more crowded than the Eiffel tower in July and August.
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 Sick video! It's entertaining to read all the negative opinions about e-bikes. I have ridden a few and personally had amazing experiences on them, especially when I was limited on time because of work and family. One day, I will own an ebike and will care less about anyone's empty and negative perspectives. Whether you're on foot, with dogs, on a normal bike, an e-bike or a donkey, it's about etiquette and understanding that each of us enjoy our own options that nature provides and where ever there are humans, there will be conflict, no matter what the topic or subject. If I see someone or a group of people on e-bikes having fun and being respectful, who am I to judge or start a petty exchange. Look how far we've come with technology and design. I'd rather be alive in no other era than the one I'm existing in now, that is for sure. Cheers!
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 The shot with the waterfall in the background is beautiful!
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 I guess the video was intended to celebrate shoulder season riding in Haute-Savoie. And it does it justice (beautiful Cirque du Fer à Cheval, not far from Les Gets), be it on board an e-mtb or muscular/real/pedal mtb.

And from what I witness where I live (Chamonix / Les Houches), e-mtb seem to be there to stay and bring a different crowd to the mountains (more Swiss dentists and British bankers to be honest, rather than hard core enduroists).
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 Some mountain bikes fear change, remember all the fear and hate for 29ers, you can get double the laps in on an E bike and still get the same workout, When I am flying up the mountain on the 2stroke is that cheating? Fun is why we do it in the first place.
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 Ahh yes the humm of a motor and clankity clank of thanks
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flag CYCOlogist818 (Nov 28, 2023 at 9:23) (Below Threshold)
 In the end, a non issue. E-bikes are taking over in the MTB world and standard non electric MTBs will eventually be a thing of the past.
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 @CYCOlogist818: this is the weirdest ideology to me.

You invested time and money and effort into a sport you love. But then when the opportunity to turn that sport into a motorized (and therefore different activity) you jump on it.

If your wanna go ride motorcycles in the woods rock on brother! But do it where that's a thing.
We want to go ride BICYCLES in the woods, on trails built for BICYCLES.
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 @BarryWalstead: Two things. First, I don't own or ride any kind of e-bike. Second, Class 1 e-bikes are not motorcycles. They have no throttle and pedal assist only up to 20 mph.
I'll I am saying is the the MTB world, e-MTBs are taking over and non electric mountain bikes will be a thing of the past or at the very lease, very niche. Whether that's a good or bad thing is a non starter because the people who enjoy them well, enjoy them. Will they kill the soul of mountain biking? Perhaps, but that's simply not on the concern radar of the growing # of people (including traditional mountain bikers) who like riding them. In several European countries, they already far outnumber traditional MTBs.
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 Only 20 mph up a hill most people on ebikes could not ride up without a motor and are riding 3 hours instead of 30 minutes
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 Yes, shame about the motorcycle though.
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 are chairlifts and shuttles a shame too then?
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 what is the shame in shuttling some laps on a mountain or catching a chairlift for some bike park laps?
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 @devinkalt: they might be interesting to discuss from an environmental standpoint, but their use doesn't make a motorcycle any more of a bicycle. Just like how ski lifts don't justify snowmobiles on hiking trails and sidewalks.
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