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An Update from Kasper Woolley After His Stage 2 Crash - EWS Tweed Valley 2022

Jun 6, 2022 at 14:55
by Sarah Moore  
Wishing Kasper Wolley a speedy recovery after a big crash today.

Kasper Woolley has posted an update on Instagram following his big crash on Stage 2 of the Tweed Valley EWS that resulted in a course hold and the results from that stage being cancelled. His list of injuries are a stable T6 vertebrae fracture, a fracture on the scapula, and a concussion.

bigquotes@world_enduro round 1 yesterday didn’t exactly go to plan. Ended up having a big one at the bottom of the first stage of the day. Lucky to be walking away with a stable t6 vertebrae fracture and a fracture on the scapula. Definitely hit my head good as well so will have to see how that develops. Big thanks to the medics for getting me off the hill safely and taking all the extra precautions. Also big thanks for all the messages from everyone. Means a lot!

And of course the @yeticycles team for taking care of me. Especially @crayolaing for spending 8+ hours with me at the hospital. Flying home tmr morning and hope to be back soon. #bonesmendpresssend
Kasper Woolley


We're bummed for Kasper since he was off to a flying start with a 6th place in the prologue, but we're glad to see him back on his feet after a huge crash and we're sure he'll battle back to the top once again. We wish him all the best with his recovery.

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 Richie frantically googling ice cream ingredients
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 LoL'ed xD
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 Absolutely gutted for Kasper, he's been working incredibly hard to make it to the top. Wishing him a fast recovery so he can continue his quest to take Richie downSmile
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 Yeah I really was expecting top 10 overall for him this year. Just glad he seems to be o.k.
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 Probably our best enduro equivalent of Bruni and Iles.
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 Woolley by name, Woolley by nature... I'm thinking that thick head of hair probably adds some additional padding within his helmet! (Spoken by a balding man). You'll be back stronger than ever Kasper tup
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 2008 was last year, guy.
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 Damn that sucks but his hashtag at the end is legendary #bonesmendpresssend
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 Get well soon Kasper
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 The bro clearly needs to go lie down in a dark room and let that brain chill, not be eating ice cream in the sun, travelling around the world or posting on social media. We all want to see this shredder shred hard in 10+ years time. #brainsdontmendpresspause
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 Nah he deserves that ice cream
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 He’s got his sunnies on he’s chillin lad
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 "travelling around the world" - he needs to get home?
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 First and foremost he needs the Pb comments to navigate medical decisions
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 Username checks out
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 Pinkers are not only suspension engineers, but also medical doctors
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 Collectively we're the smart people evar.
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 @Alexanz1: He's not wrong though
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 Lets maybe leave the advanced medical advice to the pros Dr. 1996.
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 @robomatic: the body is just a series of high pivots and bushings made out of meat
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 @browner: probably one of the best comments I've seen in a while
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flag bunjiman82 (Jun 7, 2022 at 2:16) (Below Threshold)
 @broscience I just finished watching a documentary about how brains do mend, incredibly well, forging new connections to make up for loss of brain function in other areas etc, even saw one kid who had a cyst in his skull preventing his brain from growing in size so it was tiny within his skull cavity. Surgeons removed the cyst and said he would have very little function and be massively delayed... 3 or 4 years later the whole brain has grown to fill in the gap and he's fully functioning. Not to say people shouldn't be careful about recovery, but careful that you preach truth broscience!
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 @landscapeben: share the documentary name, if you would? Your comments and the doco may be correct but the lasting effects of a badly treated concussion are real, that is not a mis-“preach”. It’s also fair to say that this sport has a bad record of treating concussions… My # around brains not repairing was purely a witty gag to the # from Kasper, zero preaching.
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 He has age on his side for now.....
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 current science says at most 1-2 days of completly rest followed bu increasingly normal life, with increasing cardio to regulate bloodflow
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 @broscience: "My Amazing Brain: Richard's War" and "The Boy with No Brain: Extraordinary People" Seen a lot of other programmes on it recently too, but those are the two which stand out the most.

Totally agree that the sport should do better on treatment though!
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 @broscience: kyle Warner has been undergoing a treatment for his non-bike injuries and mentioned that the treatment seems to be helping with his long term concussion symptoms that he's had for a while. I forget what it's called but essentially they put you in a pressurized room so that your body uptakes more oxygen than normal. Having lost some memory from a concussion, I found it interesting.
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 I don't think he clearly does. I hope he takes care of himself and look forward to him racing again but what that looks like and how he should go about it is up to him.
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 @ripridesbikes: Hyperbaric chamber. Great for injuries, ms etc.You should try it if you get the chance
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 @ripridesbikes: hyperbaric chamber
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 Kasper isn't the sort of guy to do anything less than 100%, he was taking it very easy yesterday, the ice cream was a necessity for mental health
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 Breaks neck, posts #bonesmendpresssend . What a boss
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 Actually T6 is down below your nipples. So unless you have a boob lift T6 is in your mid back. Still a boss.
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 Pretty good advert for the new Giro helmet! Glad to hear he's somewhat ok. The radio silence had me worried it was going to be something much more severe. Hopefully he'll be back better than ever once he's healed up.
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 the helmet did its job perfectly for sure
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 Thicchie Rude in the back there
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 thiccc with 3 C's
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 Thiccie Rude tho lol I'm ded
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 I watched the short instagram video and he seemed out of it when describing his injuries. I hope he takes a long time to properly heal and get back to it.
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 Yeah, he was trippy.. perhaps he got the good stuff in the hospital Wink
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 Seemed normal to me... in some pain, but normal for Kasper.
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 He had pain meds in the morning an threw them up straight away, that was a very normal Kasper. Maybe more down to being so ready for the season and then it all coming undone straight away. He was understandably not feeling great, mentally and physically, he described the crash as hitting a soft pocket of dirt and instead of popping over a stump his rear wheel snagged it and he was thrown over the bars instead.
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 @jaredgraves: is durability an issue? everyone crashes . . . . . .
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 @MX298: faster you ride the harder you crash. You know your on form when even the small crashes hurt. I lost sponsors in my early years after 3 major crashes/injuries in 2 years, and got a rep as injury prone. then went 12 years and only missed 2 races due to injury. Its the luck of the draw.
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 @jaredgraves: hope your right?!
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 I hadn't heard of Kasper. Nice little bio here: yeticycles.com/ambassadors/kasper-woolley. He apparently has a medical condition that makes him more susceptible to broken bones. Brave guy to still be racing at the highest level.
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 He's the new "Apparently Kid" on YouTube.
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 Dude is no slouch! And one tough monkey! I remember reading he's had a medical condition leading to lower bone density. In our insane and painful sport, that just shows his determination. Hope he recovers well and gets some solid results!
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 Heal up soon! All the Casper´s I know had a bad sunday
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 How many do you know
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 Oof, right between the shoulders. That must have been a hell of a whack. Heal up Kasper!
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 Scapula fractures can be an absolute pain in the ass (broke mine into 3), hopefully he makes a good and full recovery and has no long lasting effects from this crash.
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 Jesus, you must have really smashed it to have a piece end up in your ass
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 @n734535: I have been called many names, Jesus isnt one that I am called very often Smile
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 A famous Caldwell's ice cream will sort it!
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 Easy now Freejack, Jagger might catch you
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 Hahaha the resemblance is striking
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 Richie workin on the that diva booty pop. Healing vibes Casper.
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 Hahaha the friendly ghost shit
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 Can’t stop ghost like skills
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 Cover photo looks like some 90's band album photo
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 Heal fast!
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 Damn… wondering why I didn’t see him in the results. Heal up soon!
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 I picked him as my heavy hitter for fantasy. Kasper I am so sorry!
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 Heal up fast Kasper!! Hope you are back in no time!
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 Heal up Kasper!
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 Is that a ditto
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 Heal up!
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