Anthill Films' Long Live Chainsaw Now Available to Watch Free

Aug 6, 2022 at 17:23
by Sarah Moore  

Anthill Films released Long Live Chainsaw in December of last year, raising over $100,000 for the Stevie Smith Legacy Foundation with premiere events and paid digital downloads.

Now, to celebrate the return of downhill racing to Mont-Sainte-Anne, Anthill Films has released the documentary that profiles the life of Stevie Smith FREE on Red Bull TV.

bigquotesWe’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that has streamed, downloaded or watched the film at tour events so far; we’re eternally grateful for the support and know that Stevie would be beyond stoked. The Stevie Smith Legacy Foundation will continue to use the funds to inspire and support the next generation of elite Canadian gravity riders.

The movie was only made possible by a global, collaborative effort from Stevie’s family, friends, fellow athletes, and brands—to every filmmaker and photographer that ever worked with him. We are so thankful to have the opportunity to work with so many talented people to help share Stevie’s story with the world.
Anthill Films

You can still donate to the foundation here.

Image Martin
Stevie Smith won the Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Cup in 2013. Image: Sven Martin

bigquotesI was so excited to have the opportunity to share Steve’s story… and honoured that Anthill wanted to do it. Seeing his (our) life on the “big screen” was surreal…and very emotional!Tiana Smith, Stevie’s Mom

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 Ya it’s free ….but you should buy it !!! …why cause portions of the sale go to Stevie’s dream , getting kids on bikes .

You watched Finn today ….buy this movie and you could be helping the next Canadian kid become Stevie or Finn !!
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 Heck ya, bought this when it first came out and I’ve watched it a bunch of times. Might watch tomorrow after Finns win. I’m sure I’ll cry again
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 Also, the platform it's on (at least the one I chose) has a download feature so when you buy it you can download the full feature in original rez and always have it with you. A bit like how products were in the old days. You can actually own it. Unlike everything else these days that is streamed and legit has systems in place to stop people from recording the screen.

Stevie lives on my external hard drive now. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Internet or not. I can watch this amazing feature.
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 Or at least make a donation to the link above.
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 After watching Finn win today, I'll have to watch this now! #longlivechainsaw
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 Bring tissues
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 If you can, support the movie by buying it. If you can't buy it, support it by watching, this amazing story of one of MTB's most beloved riders. Support it by living like Stevie, and inspire the next generation of little rippers. Beware there will be ninjas cutting onions, and that's OK. Stevie's legacy is alive and strong, particularly here on the island. We miss you!

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 The timing couldn’t be more fitting.
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 I bought it and i would advise ypu to do so as well. Stevie touched me deeply in ways no other humans do. His mum is also absolutely dedicated, you can't get better then this with what their family got. This is pure love, free or not buy the movie and carry the torch.
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 Cheers to this !!
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 Someone bring shorts back to DH racing for Stevie.
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This could not have been scripted any better!!
All Canadians racing with a lot of emotion and they delivered in the most spectacular way!!
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 5 of the tip 10 junior men were Canadian. The future is looking pretty good.
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 Just watched this with my 6 year old son. We both cried. He now knows what a legend looks like. He wants to buy the video… thanks for the free play Anthill/Red Bull
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 It's a good day for Canadian mountain biking! Stevie would be proud to see a fellow Canuck back on top of the Mont St. Anne podium after too long a wait Smile
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 i'm not crying, YOU'RE crying
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 My eyes are fully dehydrated. I have the red Chainsaw t-shirt somewhere. I didn't wear it that much cuz it had a euro-neck, but I will again.

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 Well, that did make my glasses fog up. What a legend, and what a mother
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 Yesss!! seen this already but I could watch a 100x
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 fantastic life story, and a fitting tribute to the Chainsaw.... I even managed to get my mug in the movie......:-)
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 Buy or at least rent it, makes you want to ride more than any $20 part ever will
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 Really amazing film i recommend to everyone got to know the full background of Stevie
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 bought it right away first time such humble beginnings to turn that around was simpley amazing
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 My Devinci Spartan 2015 was partly made by him, it's such a good bike #longlivechainsaw
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 So unreal, what Finn did today most probably without knowing in honor to Stevie! So much respect!!!
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 Long Live Chainsaw!
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 that halo tho...
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 Does Cove still exist?
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 Steve Doc Holiday Smith.

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