Video: Bernard Kerr Testing the Road Gap at Red Bull Hardline Tasmania

Feb 9, 2024 at 9:48
by Sarah Moore  

The first-ever Hardline outside of Wales will be taking place February 23-24, 2024 at Maydena Bike Park, in Tasmania, Australia. Bernard Kerr has been on site this week testing some features on the track, including this massive road gap. We look forward to seeing what the rest of the course looks like.

The rider list is stacked with a great mix of World Cup racers and freeriders, although we have had confirmation that Loïc Bruni will not be taking to the start line and there will likely still be a couple of other changes to the list before the event in two weeks.

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 I don't get why this is called Hardline? I could easily do that on my fully rigid, non-superboost, non t-type fat bike with alloy handlebars and bamboo cranks. I think we need to level up the amount of risk present on these tracks. Pro riders at the tip of the spear these days just don't earn their $300 podium payouts like they used to.
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 I'm gonna steal BK's container drop KOM on a mountain unicycle with flip flops, easy.
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 BS, you need an electric derailleur you can stand on to hit big jumps
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 Yeah man it's basically a curb. Look how he bottomed out too. Better pump up that suspension a bit :p
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 There was a guy from the original redbull who rode a hardtail with a dual crown fork
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 @BalfaPleaseComeBack: except he broke his jaw 2 stunts in on his run.
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 @counterpoint: Rider error though, not because the frame broke
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 @BalfaPleaseComeBack: tomato tomato (oh wait, that doesn’t work without saying it out loud LOL)
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 @Dogl0rd: an electric derailleur that's double the weight, double the price and double the new shit!
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 @Dogl0rd: As far, it will work in crucial moment.
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 @BalfaPleaseComeBack: he was on a balfa and it never came back.....
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 ye mate speeds good just take like 25 cranks and pop like your life depends on it ... cause it does
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 Seems perfect for a race track, you don't want riders to have to slow down while racing to safely hit features.
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 The entry to this feature wasn’t finished during testing- the run in speed for Bernard in this clip is way lower than the finished course speed.
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 Crackup! But Remy Morton still will ride it in Jean shorts for protection
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 haha i wasnt hating on the build just goofing cause australia
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 @J-Gordon: sounds funnier when you say it with an aussie accent
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 Sam pilgrim would flip it on a 1970,s raleigh racer with the handlebars upside down no brakes and foot straps
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 in a santa costume
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flag suspended-flesh FL (Feb 9, 2024 at 21:48) (Below Threshold)
 With an STI, though?

We call them STDs in that States - hope that made sense in the Isles. If you see the cops coming, Warner Brother.
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 I hope the Tasmania edition has some legit tech and isn't "hard" just due to big drops with too flat landings.
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flag sb666 (Feb 9, 2024 at 12:46) (Below Threshold)
 Have you walked the course in Wales? There are several tech sections that have slowed riders down over the years.
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 @sb666: I didn't read a comparison into the Wales course in the comment. Just there should *also* be tech in this course.
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 @pmhobson: ah, re-reading… that tracks. Mah bad
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 I was thinking the same thing. All the clips I have seen look just like big bike park features. I guess we will see.
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 I was riding there a few months ago when they first started to build it. Maydena is on a steep mountain with a big flat section at the bottom with the trail head. The track goes straight down the mountain on the steep side. The container drop and the jumps are massive, but they are all the big machine made features at the very bottom. This is testing the flow section, what would need time to fix if not right. The tech above it, just skill and luck will get you down. Initial site inspection was done by Dan Atherton who said make it harder. They made it even harder again. Just wait and see.
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 Loic BruNo
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 Maybe he hurt his Bruknee.
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 He's also a bit too hirsurte for the climate there. I now recall I had a friend who was backpacking in France and reported a case of the French Butt Sweats. Guessing that's similar to the Swamp-Ass they get in Florida.
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 I love that these events exist, and hope for more.
Seems like an excellent place for RedBull to exist, after WC/DH coverage. This "feels" like a better fit for them as a sponsor.
I can see a time when the WC/DH is going to be competing directly with a Hardline series. We should be so lucky!
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 Hardline has been ok. The problem is the jumps are all so big and there is so many of them, and they require a fairly specific speed. Basically its a race through a wooded section where everyone wins or loses book ended by some big, yet irrelevant, jumps. As a race track I dont like it, as an exhibition event I love it.
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flag onawalk (Feb 9, 2024 at 12:05) (Below Threshold)
 @RonSauce: thats fair, but couldnt we say that about virtually any DH race course?
race through a wooded section...those that can jump most effectively, can make the landing most efficiently, if you lose your line, mess up the speed, get bucked, it can have a bigger effect on your total time outcome.

Maybe you just want more wooded tech sections?
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 @onawalk: not really, im only talking about the old hardline track, I dont really know their plans going forward as a series. The manicured tabletops make it feel more like im just watching pros do park laps than a race. Its not like there are alternate lines, or optional gaps or features, and that kills much of what I like to watch in a race.
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 @onawalk: Haha! Seriously, ol Ron literally described every race track in existence.
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 @RonSauce: You’re describing Fort William.
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 @RonSauce: some of that is fair,
Its likely more subtlely than youre expecting in terms of line choice. Hardline does focus on the big jumps, which obviously are a big audience draw, but the line choice, and tech aspects are there. most Hardlines are won and lost in those techy bits, especially the later bermed, tech section in the woods.
The jumps are for spectators, and views
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 @onawalk: not really, im only talking about the old hardline track, I dont really know their plans going forward as a series. The manicured tabletops make it feel more like im just watching pros do park laps than a race. Its not like there are alternate lines, or optional gaps or features, and that kills much of what I like to watch in a race.
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 may just be me, but I'd say 90 footers are very relevant.
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 @owl-X: I’d say you are correct.
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 @RonSauce: the guys racing hardline are going faster over the jumps and squashing them.
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 @onawalk We do agree 100% on this one. Redbull is in a good position here from a true DH fan perspective and hopefully a future 'competitor' series to WC DH. Not apples to apples, but....
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 @RonSauce: What you describe is what the cameras show most...but listen to the the riders talk about the course. The tech between the features is harder than World Cup courses. It is usually the tech that keeps riders from completing the course...not the features. The "magic" of hardline is huge features connected by the hardest course most riders see each year.
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 @RonSauce: i think the idea behind Hardline is not a competition like the wc, but the challenge of mastering the track in a racing format. The riders have fun doing the race together, helping each other. To be the winner is not the primary goal, to finish hardline together as the fastest of a world class field of riders is the most important thing.
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 @Boschie: I didnt say I've never watched hardline and need racing explained to me, I just said its not my favorite type of course. It's not like im over here screaming "shut it down!"

If you are watching a race because you want to watch these guys hang out YOU are missing the point, while agreeing that its closer to pros doing park laps than it is a race.
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 @RonSauce: True, last year's Hardline was won and lost because of a turn entering the woods. Also, that section before the road gap is super techy. I think of the mental side of the race. Riders have to shift mentally due to the variation of the track. They need enough run up for jumps that big.
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 @njparider: True, and listening to many riders talk about the course it is the section after the road gap that determines the race....and that many of the non-racer freeride and slopestyle riders struggle to even ride. The camera doesn't capture it. There is one line, most of it is semi blind...get off line or miss one of the landing spots on those little drops and you don't have the momentum to recover and get through the section.
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 The fact that Bernard actually looks forward to Guinea Pigging these mega stunts says a lot about him.
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 Was lucky enough to get out to Maydena last month, and holy moly, video will not do these features justice. Just insanely huge, and don’t worry, from the lines i could see getting cut, there will be some tech too. Most the big jumps were forwards the finish. Seemed like a lot of raw tech up top.
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 Spot on. I was there in December, the road gap was big and long before they put the container on it. Let alone with the extension.will be even bigger with red bull branding on it.
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 I like how the shipping container was just not tall enough so they added some risers to it.
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 They lowered the landing beanth the whole contraption too
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 I wonder how this conainer ended up in the forest Props to the guys buidling this track. Lot of work and when jumps that big hard too calculate
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 Word has it there is some serious discontentment & concerns about the Hardline track at Maydena...
The lower part of the hill simply isn't steep enough to accommodate the massive jumps & hence the steep landings required

Dave McMillan's hugey crash during testing there that put him in hospital for a week is case & point (no pun intended)

Track builders are freaking out a bit & in over their heads
Major track changes are needed but its too late now

I predict pretty heavy rider kickback about the course once the event proper gets underway...

Mark my words: this will be a one-event-wonder, never to return...
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 You sound like your very salty toward mpb. Tryna stir up trouble.
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 @Joe89: There's building big because it makes sense for the elevation, gradient and speed, and then there's building big senselessly to look cool. Wyn's initial track walk didn't look promising and now looking at how flat this landing is it looks like the builders weren't exactly thinking logically when building these features.
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flag chrismac70 FL (Feb 10, 2024 at 6:40) (Below Threshold)
 @Joyrode: They are building it like that because that what RB are paying them to do. This is a RB marketing event first and foremost
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 @chrismac70: That's not how building for a Red Bull event works. They hire builders expecting them to have competent skills and experience to build a track that works and isn't going to destroy the riders.
Hardline Wales didn't start out with 100ft jumps, it took years of things working and progressing to get to the truly huge stuff. The sensible move in Maydena would have been to start with 50-80ft jumps max, with landings that aren't gonna snap bikes... and get the first year in the bag before trying to build the biggest shit in the world.
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 Saw the chopper that day, was wondering who it was for. Sorry to hear it's our local boy. Any word on how he's doing? @OzzyPhil
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 “Mark my words”….
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 Looks like someone needs Marzocchi Super Monsters.
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 Needs to not land nose heavy. lol just kidding
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 That would be me,you won't believe the height of the sidewalk in front of my house.
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 Damn, he had to crank and yank to clear that.
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 The more I think about it, the more amazed I am that pedal spindles aren't snapping constantly snaping.
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 Yeah. I've been going down the rabbit hole of designing suspension by myself for the last year, and reading some the manufacturer specs of things like plain cylindrical rods of a certain material. 15mm diameter of steel rod can handle... 11 tons loaded in shear?! ...Wow.

I also liked the IG comments telling a skilled rider how to ride, haha
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 @RegularCyclesLLC: the account I'm pretty sure you're talking about is a meme page and 100% taking the piss.
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 its the cranks that are snapping, ask 5dev about it
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 Road gap doesn't do that justice.... like a 4 lane road gap
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 Highway Gap
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 High dive even! We stood under it, the drop is easy four times overhead.
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 Wow, some serious air time, and to keep bike under control with that hard of a landing is impressive. And the fact the bike held up ok, lol.
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 Loic BrU-turn
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 Why is his instagram post flooded with bot likes? Who's buying or pushing that post? It's super weird? Or it just went viral in Indonesia and Pakistan. Is red bull pushing their drinks in new regions?
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 ~10 more psi and a few more clicks of lsc haha. That trajectory is rough af.
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 Or hsc.... you know what I meant.
  • 5 1
 @nateb: I feel you have much experience at this
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 @Roost66: turning the wrong dial on my fork? Yes that's fair haha.
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 @nateb: all the sc
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 Road gap in hardline Wales is bigger?
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 The weather looks too good for Hardline. Stoked for this!
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 Yes, it's a big, groomed road gap

But is it actually hard? Or do you just need to be brave?
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 It looks pretty f*cking hard to me. Not like he rolled off drop the hammer… he absolutely slayed a berm, sprinted into the drop, and then pulled up super hard for what seems like a minute, and then bottomed out a long travel bike that was probably setup for a mortal who weighs 20 lbs more than b Kerr….. but also he seems brave.
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 @deez-nucks: THey bottom out DH bikes on most DH races. Look at all the videos from the world cups. The road gap at Fort William has them bottoming out their suspension before they hit the berm
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 Go big or go home. Excited to see how this turns out.
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 Even in slo-mo, how the heck is his body so composed on landing...? Awesome...
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 I’m still waiting for this stacked entry list to be published. So far all I can see are a few dh riders with 3 or 4 who would trouble the podium
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 There is a link to it in this post. It was published in December.
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 @sino428: I read that hence my comment. Only a small proportion of the names on that list are ever going to worry the podium
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 Seeing BK land that Pivot reminded me that we have not seen a huck to flat video around here for a while now.
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 Get that man his helmet asap!
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 I was under the impression BK wasn't really about that and kinda memed on the idea of taking money from fizzy sugar drinks. But that may have been an off handed joke in an old episode that I'm misremembering. I'd reckon as a fan of supercross he would know you can just wear the logo and drink water out of a branded can but... Otherwise I feel like this guy could easily get a helmet if he wanted to. Not sure if there are any in the past reasons why this would not be the case. I'd think his hardline wins and youtube make him a shoe in for nearly any sponsor of his choice.
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 Babycham helmet would be cool. Or maybe Heinz Tomato soup.
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 A fraction deeper scrape off to landers gradient....
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 The jumps give me time to go get a beer and get back for the tech bits.
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 Anyone concerned about bl being a groomer?
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 Imagine your chain just going nah... Good thing he has two chains!
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