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Brett Rheeder Announces He’s Sold Title MTB, Intends to Start New Brand

May 6, 2024 at 12:17
by Sarah Moore  
Matt MacDuff x Title Mtb Watch the video at TitleMtb.com Photo by Jordan Sullivan
Matt MacDuff x Title MTB // Watch the video here. // Photo by Jordan Sullivan

Brett Rheeder launched Title MTB in 2020. The initial line of products included aluminum handlebars, stems, seatposts, and a gyro. The line up now includes saddles, pedals, grips, tubeless valves, and casual apparel as well.

Today, he announced that he has sold his interest in Title MTB and will no longer be a shareholder, director, consultant, or rider of the brand. He also hinted at a new mountain bike company he's working on.

bigquotesTo the MTB community,

I have officially sold my interest in Title MTB. I am no longer a shareholder, director, consultant, or rider of the brand. Moving forward, my only involvement with Title will be as part of its history.

If you were one of the riders who trusted in me and the brand, thank you. I am grateful for the support from this community and will always be proud of what we accomplished with Title.

As for what’s next, I am taking what I’ve learned through my years in the industry to create a new mountain bike company. I have a team of brilliant and experienced minds behind me, and we’re putting our heads together to build something that will help advance the sport and continue to uplift its riders.
Brett Rheeder

We look forward to seeing what Rheeder cooks up next.

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 I hope it's called Table of Contents.
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 I heard the new company is named “Chapter 2” and that components are available in matte and glossary. Let’s just hope he doesn’t take the company to Chapter 11.
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 “Race Preface” has a nice ring to it as well.
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 He may skip ahead to the Prologue, although that means he'd need to focus on road cycling gear.
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 Prologue Components or Foreword Components might work too.
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 @jaycubzz: Header is Brett’s new helmet company.
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 @jaycubzz: And Hardcover is his new protective gear company.
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 @jaycubzz: And Spine is Hardcover’s new back protector.
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 @mi-bike: He actually skipped way ahead to the index and trademarked “Index Drivetrain”
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 @mi-bike: But whatever Brett produces, let’s just hope it’s not marginal.
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 I was hoping brheeder.
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 Subtitle — Brett’s new budget brand for foreign markets.
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 If you need a copywriter and wannabe copy-rider, let me know, Brett! =P
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 Lorem Ipsum
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 Foreword Progression?
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 @WRCDH: Chapter2 is already a roady company out of NZ, so that is already taken.
Given that Title and Author are also out, I'd like to see the utilisation of the Dewey Decimal system (b..b..because of the metric system?) as this is clearly non fiction.
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 Keep it underground: Subtitle
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 Let’s just hope it’s not called Chapter 7 or Chapter 11.
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 Would only be natural for a Rheeder to theme their companies this way.
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 @macabre-toboggan: underrated comment!
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 @NO53LF: "underrated comment" is the Lorem Ipsum of internet comment threads.
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 @WRCDH: there might be a copyright feud if thats the case, since theres a kiwi road bike hrand called Chapter2
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 Rheeder’s Digest
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 @Karlos97: look at the big brains on Brett!
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 Or call it Appendix?

Nah that sounds just way too foreboding...
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 TOC. I like it. Kinda catchy
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 Are we assuming this is a text book or something? What if its a novel? In that case perhaps "Dedication Page."
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 Font. Make a DJ frame named Comic Sans.
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 The last one will be appendix.
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 @jaycubzz: Beader
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 He will make his helmet visor and have Nicolai as his first sponsored athlete
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 LOL. Your comment is gold. Made my day.
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 I legit wish someone would do this...lots of half shells have hilariously small visors that do not do much for low angle sunlight. I've been adding tire packaging to my TLD half shell visors to extend them.
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 Title is another brand that’s more logo than substantive alternative option.

Most bike companies (actually most companies) only go to a few of the same vendors for products. Some companies offer meaningfully distinctive products. For example, Ergon saddles are almost certainly made by Velo, but they have a different shape and padding profile than anything else.

Unless Rheeder offers an actual choice with his new endeavor, meh.
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 Could not agree with this more. Had a hard time seeing what their competitive advantage was or how they differentiated the products. Seemed like it was more about maximizing brand awareness to capture some market share rather than actually innovating. If that was the plan then kudos to Brett. Hopefully whatever funds he made off the sale go towards something more interesting in his next venture.
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 This is odd. Title was one of the most refined product lines on the market. It even looked like they were making a DH race presence, but now it's nowhere to be seen. I need a deep dive.
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 I'm guessing is related to the fact I can find Title products on Aliexpress
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 I have a pair of Title alloy bars, now happy I got them when I did if you can't get more, they're the perfect shape for me and look great.
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 @davidesne: play stupid games (sending your designs to China), win stupid prizes (seeing the exact parts cheaper on AliExpress than your MOQ quote price)!
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 @L0rdTom: Same thing with Ingrid?
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 @2d-cutout: The AH1 will stay in our range of products and we will continue to support all our athletes, dealers, and customers. Nothing structuring about the company has changed besides Brett selling his shares. We have lots of exciting things coming up so stay tuned!
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 @L0rdTom: where's the Aliexpress Megatower?
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 @f00bar: miracle fs831. Spoiler alert, it's terrible

And also based on the previous gen hightower.
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 @j-t-g: that's not really "seeing the exact parts cheaper on AliExpress", rather someone browsed youtube, saw a VPP frame in a random Whistler edit and decided to create their own version of it
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 @f00bar: Handlebars are much easier to copy then a frame is, small items like pedals, handlebars etc. are going to be the dominant area of focus for the fake/counterfeit mtb parts trade.
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Yeah, that AliExpress Ingrid stuff is bizarre.
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 @f00bar: Obviously not every single factory are so crooked, but I've seen it multiple times where the parts have become available on Alibaba before the company have even received their first shipment.

Don't Santa Cruz manufacture in Taiwan amyway?
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 @davidesne: brutal! Nice find
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 Title makes some sexy shit.
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 Make another parts company made by the same taiwan manufacturers as the old one, bring the riders of the old company to the new company, sell the new company in 4 years. Rinse and repeat.
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 Generally these types of deals would include a non compete clause which would bar him from doing that.
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 Get the cash out before it goes bust
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 @sino428: Those are no longer legal in the US starting this year, yay!
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 @hardcore-hardtail: that’s true for the most part but I believe there is an exception when it comes to an owner selling their business or their shares in a business.

I’m not 100% sure on this but I believe that’s the case. I’m also not sure what country Title is even based in.
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 nooooooooo, Title has my favorite aesthetics of all the small parts manufacturers...was hoping to run the AH-1 bars forever...
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 The AH1 handlebars aren't going anywhere.
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 @TitleMTB: random unsolicited feedback: i've got a 50mm rise AH1 (love the xtra rise & polished finish); however the length of grip / lever area before the bend is a bit short. ie, trimmed to 770mm, my brake levers run into the bend (i'd like them a bit further inboard, but the bend causes them to angle up). another couple cms of horizontal length (ie, a slightly more steep angle to the slope section) would be nice for those of us who trim.
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 @xy9ine: This is already in the works. We hope to have a revised model released in 4-6 months.
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 @TitleMTB: awesome!
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 @xy9ine: good to know that. My bars are cut to 760mm and this "too soon bend" issue tells me that this AH1 wouldn't match my preferences. Pity 'cos it looks great, especially the polished version.
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 @TitleMTB: please also make more sizes in your 31.8mm stem!
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 I can’t wait to see what comes out of Brett’s mind now
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 Bong resin???
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 @wyorider: I think it might take him a lot of orange papers
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 I’m fantasizing about a bike company that has not a single 29in wheel on any bike in their lineup. A refuge for the free riders and fun seekers.
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 You’re right. No has ever had fun on a bike with 29” wheels.
  • 25 2
 You need refuge from a wheel size? Bless your heart!
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 Airdrop? (Even they have a mullet option now)
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 I still have a 26in Kona Operator in my fleet that I take out from time to time. I feel bad for anyone who never got to ride a 26in freeride bike. The handling is so fun.
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 Probably some kind of ebike.
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 The message sounds suspect… like there was beef..
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 I don't understand any of the rude comments, a Rampage legend just doing business.
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 Dave has been pretty quite lately...
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 *quite pretty
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 So if I buy a bike, I get free uplift for life? I'm in!!
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 New shuttle rig? Chairlift attachment for bikes? Hmmmm...
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 Take a tiny version of a chairlift motor, and put it directly on the bike! Self-uplift! Cordless version is extra.
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 @L0rdTom: maybe an electric motor....
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 Weird turn of events.
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 Thing is, he used the phrase 'moving forward'.
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 "continue to uplift its riders" he's making shuttle buses?
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 This reminds me of Michael Scott Paper Company. I'm gonna leave and start a new paper company. That'll show them.
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 What about “Sarcasm Components” to market at the all forgiving yet cash spending PB comment section?
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 Why tho?
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 to get money to start another project?
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 How much what his share worth is my question.
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 Probably made like 12500$ lol
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 Rheeder owned company, sounds like a great plan...
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 Why Does Pinkbike Capitalize Every Word in There Titles?
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 Does not comply with AP style guide.
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 Maybe you should learn the difference between there and their before you criticize other people's writing.
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 Brett Rheeder...as in a Rheeder of a book Title??
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 Rheeder's Digest
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 @vhdh666: you nailed it!
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 @vhdh666: Food supplements then?
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