Darren Berrecloth Fractures Vertebrae in Crash

May 9, 2022 at 11:31
by Sarah Moore  

Darren Berrecloth has revealed on Instagram that he took a digger a couple of days ago and broke a couple of vertebrae. He says that he hopes his injury can be a reminder to everyone to check trail features before sending them as he failed to do so after recent changes to the trail he was riding.

Berrecloth says he crashed since a jump was a little longer than he expected it to be. Luckily, he says he is expected to make a full recovery.

bigquotesBack on the bench again. Def had some luck on my side on this one and def some lessons to take away from this one. Hopefully this can be a friendly reminder to check trail features before dropping in.Darren Berrecloth

We're gutted to see the Claw out with an injury and wish him all the best with his recovery.


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 Wish you a speedy and full recovery. Thank you for sharing this crucial reminder.
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 I like to scout for trees down as well as folks altering trail features…Good luck Claw!
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 @mayha49: This is one of the reasons I like to hike up higher-consequence, lower-traffic trails before first run. one of the few times I didn't, there was a tree down on the landing of a blind drop.
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 Pre-ride, re-ride, free-ride. Exuberance can get the pro's like you and the hacks like the rest of us...... Get well soon,
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 The Claw is like Wolverine, just more hardcore. Heal up well man!
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 Replied on the wrong post, sorry dude. But your words stand true!
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 "Berrecloth says he crashed since a jump was a little longer than he expected it to be."

So the jump was 50 ft. instead of 45. Got it.
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 @scott-townes: instead of like 18 what it used to be
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 I made this mistake a few years back. Ended up being life flighted. Pre-Ride is the law!
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 @scott-townes: that's how it goes with the pros
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 @two-wild-dogs:Yesterday there is still a giant case mark on the landing and an impact mark 12ft down the trail which looks like an otb to the head. Its much longer than it used to be.
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 I think this one goes out to trail builders as well. Walking an already ridden trail isn’t something people do unless changes have been made, so if a feature has changed drastically it should be noted the trailhead.
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 Pro tip, steal your local politicians campaign signs for marking trail work. And don’t forget to vote Gnar.
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 Heal up, legend
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 he will always be this for me-

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 I knew before I click
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 I wish baggy clothing was in style again
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 OG Mullet
  • 3 12
flag vemegen (May 9, 2022 at 17:01) (Below Threshold)
 You’re old
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 ......Big Pants Small Wheels for the win /_/\_\ o-o
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 @hamncheez: slower, less comfortable, look like I dressed in highschool... No thanks.
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 @bctrailblazer68: I had that same Big Hit...and I swear that 24" rear wheel saved me on more than a few occasions when we were hucking off everything
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 @colincolin: I had completely forgot about that, but as soon as the opening shot of him nailing in the slats popped up it all came flooding back
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 @mtb-thetown: less comfortable???? Get back to me on that when you have kids, a desk job, and the dad bod.
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 @hamncheez: I like clothes that are fitted. Baggy clothes reminds me of the tall tees and sagging jeans kids wore when I was in highschool. Swimming in my clothes doesn't exactly make me comfortable riding and trying to move around.

Also, baggy stuff whipping in the wind is literally robbing you of free speed. You don't have to wear a diving suit like Cathro, but the new kit riders like Loic wear looks fantastic and is clearly much faster without having to pedal nay harder. I'll take every bit of free speed I can get.
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 @mtb-thetown: let me make a wild guess..
You did not rode Mountainbikes yet in the 2000s Freeride era, right?

Because of that estimate imma let you slide for this heresy, but only as long as you don’t start criticizing the lovely bucking bronco bikes of the heydays of bike culture!
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 @Pukeproof: I've been riding since then, I'd just say that kit has improved almost as much as the bikes have
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 Oh man! Wish you speedy and full recovery as well.
We all know that you had back issues in the past.
Hope that‘s no holding back for healing up!
Let us know how you‘re doing.
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 The Claw is made of Pure Metal! \m/
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 man, I can vouch for that advice! literally today was riding a trail at a bike park that I have ridden 20ish times, but not in like 3 months. second jump was changed and I narrowly escaped doom. I am still a bit peeved at the park for not having signage, since all the jumps after it were also different. whatever though, It just reinforces the fact that you should stop and look/check features you haven't ridden in a bit.
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 Easy man, all us big kids need to take responsibility for our own decisions.
Saying things like it should be the builders responsibility, or the park, etc, etc is what leads to heavy handed legislation, and lawyers, and what not.
It’s why there’s anti tamper stickers on anything electrical, and partly why you cant work on your own car much anymore.
It’s our responsibility as riders to check, we shoulder the weight, not others
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I get that! But a sign that says „caution, trail was signifficantly alteret“ would help tremendously and not get them any problems.
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 @edfw: the issue with expecting that sort of thing is it lulls us into a false sense of security, we think that others are watching out for us (they’re not, not cause they don’t care, just that they have their own life going on). Then we begin to expect it, rely on it even, and then inevitably something gets missed, someone gets hurt, and people cry out “where was the signage directing me not to do stupid things”?

Slippery slope my man,
Look out for yourself out there, and for each other…..just don’t expect it
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Yeah I get that, and I do. I also don‘t care to much about others Wink
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 Darren, you are my greatest inspiration and one of the reasons I practice this wonderful sport. I wish you a very speedy recovery but I also want to ask you to please not give up on the sport yet. I want to see you shred for a long long time to come still.
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 What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Heal up. I can't wait for the return of the Claw
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 I dislike this saying. Just not true at all. Still all the best for the Claw
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 Where is the go fund me for his medical expenses?
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 So your saying the point is: look before you leap and call your drop!

In all seriousness though that sucks and im sure we've all been there but not on the level this dude sends it. Healing vibes
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 Get well CLAW!! we love you
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 Claw is the law! Next time it will be stomped! Good luck and healing vibes from the dirty south!
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 Wish you a fast and full recovery, legend.
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 Wish you a full and speedy recovery mate.
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 dam darren! heal up bud..
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 Wasn't his back basically disintegrating before this? Scary shit...
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 I was around the time he left rampage. It recovered, there's a story/interview about it somewhere
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 The CLAW will return. Healing vibes sent bro!
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 Been there...done that!
Healing vibes, and get well FAST (as in...F.a.F)!
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 That's horrible man thanks for the good safety reminders for us allGet better soon
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 Speedy recovery
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 stay strong claw
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 Best of luck with your recovery, youll be back at it before you know it!
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 Fuck not the Claw!! Not again!!
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 Still boggles my mind how some people will send blind features.
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 Get better soon Claw, you’re a legend
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 Hope you heal up soon bey!
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 Healing Vibes Bro..Words of Wisdom Smile
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 Rough few years for island riders. Mend up Claw!
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 Just watched The Collective last night :o) Healing vibes from Scotland.
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 Berrecloth the man, always was, brought the sport to the next level.
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 Damn man! Heal up!!
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 Get well!!
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 Heal up Claw.
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 Heal up quick!

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