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Date Announced for Red Bull Rampage 2022

Aug 11, 2022 at 9:22
by Sarah Moore  
Photo by Robin O Neill

Red Bull has announced that the 2022 edition of Red Bull Rampage will take place on October 21, 2022. They've also confirmed that there will be 18 mountain bike athletes descending upon the steep desert landscape of Southwest Utah, compared to 15 that were invited last year.

The contest format will remain unchanged for 2022 with riders and their crews having four days to build their lines followed by a rest day, and then four practice days, before the big showdown.

One major change for viewers at home is that this year the event will be streamed live exclusively on ESPN+ in the U.S., and on Red Bull TV in all other countries. However, the complete event will be available on-demand on both ESPN+ and Red Bull TV in all countries following the competition. On October 30th, viewers can also tune-in to a condensed 2.5-hour replay that will air on ESPN.

For fans looking to attend the event in-person, tickets will go on-sale via the Red Bull Rampage website at a later date, to be confirmed.

bigquotesThe inaugural Red Bull Rampage was held in 2001, and last year we celebrated 20 years of Red Bull Rampage. Since then, 15 different events and 9 different winners have earmarked their place in the history books. This year we’ll look to spotlight the future of freeriding - from the new crop of athletes grabbing the baton and continuing to innovate the sport, to the changemakers that drive the scene, to the mind-blowing action itself.Red Bull Rampage

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 Discovery takes over rampage in 2023. The start list has been cut to just Brandon Semenuk and only bikes with internal headset routing are allowed to enter.
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 Don't forget the new "Rampage Short Track Cross County Race" and the mass start 60 mile gravel centry round from Lifestyle. Super excited about those. I hear the vendor list for the product village is going to be lit!
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 What year do we expect e-rampage?
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 I expect to see a custom Dangerholm rampage ride for Semenuk in 2023 then!
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 @foggnm: Beat me to it.
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 @grumbly: non-alcoholic beers for days, bro! Gonna be so epic!
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 @foggnm: do they go up the mountain in that?
  • 3 0
 @pdxjeremy: They jump up the drops
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 @foggnm: gonna need to be more specific. Is that the E-bike or E-sports version you’re asking about?
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 Oct 20th we’ll get an article about VPN’s and how to use them
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 True dat
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 It’s time to re-up my vpn sub
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 With these big corporations taking over the athletes will finally be paid a living wage right? Right...?
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 Athletes already worked out things a few Rampages back but who knows if they have a say in prize money still. Thank god for prize-matching sponsorships.
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 i know that's rhetorical but i don't think they're employees of those companies but hopefully the athlete contracts will continue to grow as exposure for those brands increases. also, does anyone know how many athletes are employees for rather than contractors? would be curious to know how many of them are getting company-sponsored health plans, 401k, etc
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flag iamsx (Aug 11, 2022 at 13:52) (Below Threshold)
 I honestly don't understand the "living wage" criticism regarding prize money. There are probably hundreds of riders who would kill for the opportunity to ride in Rampage for free. It is in Red Bull's best interest to create a competition where the world's best riders want to ride, or at least where the sponsors of the best riders want to ride. Prize money is only one part of that equation. As far as I know, all of these riders are free to refuse to ride if the risk is not worth the reward. If not then we have some serious human rights violations going on, and I don't think that's the case.
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 @iamsx: These riders need to make a living doing this. They more than deserve it.
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flag iamsx (Aug 11, 2022 at 16:08) (Below Threshold)
 @MT36: I 100% agree that the riders work hard and provide a real benefit to the companies sponsoring them and the competition. But they do not have a "right" to make money doing this. I would love to make a living riding bikes, too, but no one is willing to pay me to do that. The riders are voluntarily accepting a deal which each sponsor has presented to them. If the terms and conditions of that deal are not acceptable to either party, then everyone is free to not accept it. To compel either party (by force, coercion, regulation, or other means) to enter a deal that is not favorable to them would be a terrible thing. This applies to both the sponsors and to the riders.
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 @iamsx: Ethics and optics matter. If Red Bull and ESPN are making tens of millions on an event like this, you hope that the athletes are paid some portion commensurate with the product they provide. I don’t know who you are or how well you ride, but I will venture to guess that even if you are a better rider than I am, you probably suck balls compared to someone like Tom Van S. and so I am not going to pay money to watch you ride like I would someone like TVS. As a consumer who spends thousands a year on this industry, I want the industry to ensure these folks are treated well and can make a living. They are exceptional athletes who provide off the chart entertainment and a ton of stoke and inspiration for the masses of mountain biking consumers like us.
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 @peetyjay: Exactly! If the optics are bad, then fans won’t watch and Red Bull won’t make money. If the pay isn’t appropriate, then riders won’t ride and Red Bull doesn’t make money. I want everyone involved to come out on top, and only they know how to negotiate within their best interests. I wouldn’t ever want to force a rider to ride for a wage below what he or she is willing to ride for, and I wouldn’t want Red Bull to pay a wage higher than they are willing. If Red Bull doesn’t take care of the athletes and event staff, they deserve to be put out of business by we the consumers. A lot of these riders became who they are BECAUSE of Red Bull - should they have to pay Red Bull a living wage because of that service Red Bull provided to them? NO! Because that was not part of their mutual agreement. Both parties win when both parties are able to freely negotiate their terms. Both parties lose when one or both lose that freedom.
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 @peetyjay: Maybe I’m just talking past everyone - I 100% want to see these guys make a living wage. My point is that, if I, being an unaffiliated third party, dictate the terms of what each deserve for their part in the competition, one or the other is going to get screwed. If the riders get screwed, they leave and Red Bull looses the competition and the money it generates. If Red Bull gets screwed, then they stop the competition and the riders lose their source of income, anyways. I’m not anti-rider.
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 Big Corp(s) have agreed to pay for all band-aids consumed by Rampage Athletes, but were adamant that medical tape and gauze pads would still be at Rampage Athletes own expense.
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 Has it been decided who's going to get robbed yet?
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 Absolutely everyone doing an earlier run
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 Anyone that only does rugged chutes and raw lines without flippy whippys at the bottom.
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 The fans.
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 People who don't know how to use a VPN
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 still Norbs
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Or brendog
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 Does ESPN have announcers who know what a MTB is or do I re-up my VPN subscription?
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 Didn't we get Sal Masekela last year from red bull? wouldn't take much to improve on that.
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 If we use the X Games model, the announcers only need to be able to say 'next level' over and over.
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 Its probably the same broadcast being produced by redbull, just being streamed on ESPN+. I doubt ESPN plans on producing their own broadcast.
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 Almost certainly ESPN+ has bought the US rights so they're just broadcasting RedBulls production
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 So this 18... I can only presume this means Brage is 100% absolutely in already.

I have no other interest in this event. Other than Brage's line.
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 Bold move Cotton, putting it on the ocho! Maybe cut the riders in on some of those advertising dollars?!
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 I was quite surprised to find out the ocho is an actual thing now.
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 Is it just me or does it seem a little late to announce an event that is just over 2 months away
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 The people involved (organizers, riders, dig teams) would have had known this for quite a lot longer
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 Way too late. I’ve always wanted to come over from the UK to watch but the late announcement always makes it difficult to plan…
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 @TrevZ: i can tell you fore sure that the riders involved were updated just a week ago about all this.
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 They had to make sure the swell was big enough and the set intervals were…oh wait wrong sport…yeah, why the hell did they wait so long?
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 RED BULL rampage can't be watched live on RED BULL tv. Sweet...
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 Only for us commies.
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 VPN always works just fine. Melon VPN app is super easy to use and watch on your phone.
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 Wait, so you can’t watch Red Bull Rampage on Red Bull TV in the US this year? How f*cked is that?
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 Someone got robbed. Everything's too buff. Freeride is dead. Blah blah blah, wah wah wah.
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 Freeride still lives with Brage.
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 Hopefully it’s time to make room
For the next and current gen riders. Lots of talent not being able to compete casue some old heads who wouldn’t even qualify if they needed to Has to change.
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 Same site as last year?
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 hopefully no
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 Honestly I'd rather watch Rampage with no commentators and instead just a feed from a microphone aboard the chain-stays of the bikes. It would give a better impression of what they are going through up there.
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 Beep machine would be needed,
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 There is no money in Freeride its only for the love you see. Years of digging, building, testing, genie pig, injurys, recovery, paying out of pocket, real blood sweat and tears. There are so many good builders and riders not just 18 showcased at Rampage. They need to close the gap. Start paying or riders should unionize. Don't be like the stupid fighters of the UFC used and abused like cool looking dogs. Then only to be tossed aside with nothing to show but a lifetime of injury. Sad
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 I mean, it’s a great event, and the riding is fantastic, but when a “condensed” broadcast is 2.5 hours, this explains why a six pack of beer doesn’t cover watching it live..
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 New location?
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 The new location fuckin sucks
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 @KeithShred: Been there?
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 What a bunch of bull dink…..now I gotta hope someone Live Streams this on TikTok too?
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 Had the website on constant refresh till the tickets were available and tried for an hour to buy some, no dice. For any of you that actually got some - HOW?????????
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 Did the same this morning as well as a buddy of mine, I got 1 ticket and he was on at same time but got skunked. I tried to get back in for another but too late. They were gone after only a few minutes. Last year they released another batch later so keep watching. Also need eventbrite login already going to have a chance
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 curious if it's going to be a Slopestyle or Freeride event/judging.
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 Is Tom Van planning on going this year? How is he healing up?
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 interested to see the bikes this year. It will be a mix between 29'ers because the rider's bike sponser can't comprehend there's more to it than being the fastest to the bottom, or custom bikes with normal sized wheels that will never be available to the public.
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 When do tickets tonight sale
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 Meant when do they go on sale
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 Is there really any reason for anyone besides BS to show up anymore?
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 @jsobrie: maybe the kid who hit his drop
  • 9 2
 I would argue Bas would have won last year if he hadn't crashed. His front flip was by far the most insane trick of the contest.
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 @Lokirides: Amazing move. Does anyone know how he's doing with his injuries?
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 Bro lol
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 Why does that photo show what looks like concrete piled on top of sandbags.
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 That's a "natural" feature.
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 that's Natural concrete on the cliffs of Utah, at least that's what they told me.. BS
  • 4 1
 Here’s a real guess for you. The sandbags are obviously holding the feature up since it’s such a steep face. As for the “concrete”, if you look in the background you can see other pockets of “concrete”. My best guess is that’s the dirt in the area that packs the best so they go grab it from other spots and use it for the takeoffs so they keep their shape.
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 It's not concrete I promise you. It's pounded and packed hard by pro builders. You've just never watched a skilled builder. Why would they use concrete? It's terrible for jumps or everyone would use it.
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