Elliott Heap, Dan Booker & Kelan Grant's Gorgeous Custom Nukeproof Bikes for the Trophy of Nations

Sep 29, 2022 at 15:20
by Sarah Moore  
All photos by Kike Abelleira

Elliott Heap, Team GB
bigquotesElliott is well known for his obsession with interesting footwear. An early adopter of the movement to wear plastic “reptile branded” clogs, he’s some boy when it comes to footwear fashion. But away from the said “reptile brand”, he has a love for a world renown skate brand. This was casually mentioned on a photoshoot for the new Nukeproof Solum. Like any dream makers, the Nukeproof design team set about putting this idea to a reality. Huge thanks to Jonny and his paint gun, the result is stunning with some exquisite details. To finish the look its paired with red anodised Nukeproof Horizon components.

Kelan Grant, Team Ireland
bigquotesQuite simply one of Irelands greatest products and no finer product to inspire our Irish ace Kelan Grant. Kelan’s Large Nukeproof Giga 297 is again hand painted by the talents at Elite Refinish to reflect the 119.53 seconds of making a perfect pint. The Giga is finished with Nukeproof Horizon Copper components to match the frame details.

Dan Booker, Team Australia
bigquotesA proud Tasmanian, Dan is a literally one of the finest tourist advisors for the Island. 5 minutes with him and you will be booking a flight to visit some of nature’s incredible wonders that the Australian island holds. Dan’s spent years working in the National Park at Maydena Bike Park. Whilst building in the woodland he developed a passion to preserving the incredible and unique forests Tasmania enjoys. This Giga 297 is his aim to use his platform to raise awareness for the logging going down on some of Tasmania’s oldest trees. You can read more here.


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 I thought the red one was beautiful but the detail on the Guinness bike is phenomenal.
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 The waffle sole is awesome.
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 I don't get the red one. In my eyes I can't decide whether or not it's boring or tacky. No accounting for taste, I guess.
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 @rrolly: You know it's based on a Vans checkerboard shoe right?
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flag Nandus (Sep 29, 2022 at 20:37) (Below Threshold)
 @JamesR2026: The "checkerboard" you referrer to is the checkered flag, the universal flag for finishing /
winning a race.,.This was the inspiration for the Vans design in the first place.
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 @Nandus: Yeah, but the bike has a Vans waffle sole pattern on the down tube and "Elliot - Off the Trail" is a reference to "Vans - Off the Wall".
It's very clearly a Vans paint job.
Also, checkered flag for finishing a race is black and white. Red and white is Croatian!
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 Totally agree, that Guinness paint job has to be one of the best I've ever seen!
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 needs a shamrock on the EDC Beer
  • 1 0
 I do love me some guinness.
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 @JamesR2026: Sure. It still doesn't look good to me. I'm sure others like it. Give me that Guinness paint job any day, all day.
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 @JamesR2026: You're being pedantic.

It's just this pair of shoes.


I can't believe you jumped online to explain checkered flags
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 @bunjiman82: looks more like a Kilkenny
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 @blowmyfuse: you called me pedantic and then backed up everything I posted with a link.
Thanks I guess. I would have said correct rather than pedantic, but whatever.
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 The Guinness one is amazing
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 It's a perfect pour.
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 Yup, very nice paintwork!
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 Awesome paint job, but if I got that pint I'd be sending it back. Way too much head!
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 @spudmaster: no such thing aside from a peculiar stout.
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 That Guinness one tho! It looks like the pored fresh pints into a frame made of glass
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 Hmmm...In no particular order I feel like I need to get some Crocs. A Guinness. And do some trail work at my local park Smile Sweet looking bikes!
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 Crocs?! Vans dude.
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 @JamesR2026: There is a small hint on the "reptile brand".
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 @pioterski: yes, but the theme is the "renowned skate brand" that is also mentioned, not those awful plastic clogs
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 My goodness my Guinness
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 All beaut's but DAMN Grants bike is on another level. I'd ride that.
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 The bikes can use some orange forks
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 That's irony folks, don't downvote
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 that Guinness SURGE paint job is insane!! Damn i feel like a Guinness now
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 Dear Nukeproof and all the tother brands that do sick custom paint for your riders. Do the fork lowers as well!
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 I literally want to pick up that Guinness bike and drink whatever comes out of the seat tube.
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 Guiness bong Wink
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 Kelan's Guinness-colored bike is probably the best custom paint job I've seen in a long time. *chef's kiss*
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 Drinking beer and riding your bike is pretty dangerous.
It’s much safer to finish your beer first before you ride.
Besides you might spill it Beer
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 Really wish Michelin tires had a different color way/logo. Dan’s bike is awesome!
  • 5 2
 Too bad - racing is loud.
  • 5 1
 I also wish they weren't heavy and slow!
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 I personally love the bold and loud logos, reminds me of racecars. Michelin have most versions of their tires with a regular white logo aswell.
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 @mybaben: bro, you're like, heavy and slow.
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 @suspended-flesh: LOL. You know I should throw down a good your mom joke right? Wink
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 @mybaben: Me and my mom were expecting it!
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 @suspended-flesh: LOL. Nice. Wink
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 Dan Bookers bike is the cleanest ngl. axs xo1 and xx1 casette rainbow with oilslick bits look insane with the paint job.
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 Sarah Moore, If you checked the article before posting, you might notice your a bit off on how you spell Elliott's name.
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 Nigel, is that you? Never mind the spelling, what’s with the Croatian football shirt and American footwear? Surely the sprayers who did the Guinness job could manage to spray a Wigan kebab from Galloways and a flat pint of watered down pony piss from the Bees Knees on a bike? I sprayed my last one all over Wallgate and I’m not even artistic.
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 Tasmania, fark yeah & I'm from New Zealand. But I live in Tasmania now.
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 I had a very difficult time finding Dans chain on that zoom in on the cassette.
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 One of the very few colorways that I have ever seen that works with oilslick components. Suprised and a little mad at myself for really liking it.
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 Where Sam.s Bike?
  • 2 0
 Considering he didn’t make the team probably doesn’t exist
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 I think he’s gonna ride incognito on Dan’s bike - flat pedals, and the grips are a small tip-off. ;-)
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 Nukeproof head badge looks deadly.
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 Kelan, sick rig!!!! Slainte!
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 If i had a head on me like that I'd go home
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 All good things come to those who shred
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 Those Bikes look sick. love when we see all these custom paint jobs from time to time. Super jelous.
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 Seat post clamp, bolt forward or aft?
  • 1 0
 Frame dependent. If the frame has a single slit, then you line the clamp bolt up with the frame slit, if the frame has multiple slits, then you put the clamp bolt 180' from which ever slit lines up with frame center line.
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 Why aren`t they using the mega for enduro anymore?
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 The Giga goes to 11.
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 Paint work is unreal.

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