Graham Agassiz Announces He Won't Compete At Rampage This Year

Jul 29, 2021 at 11:52
by Sarah Moore  

We haven't seen the complete rider list for Red Bull Rampage yet, but one thing we know for sure is that Kamloops' Graham Agassiz will not be attending the event as he is still rehabilitating from the ankle injury he suffered at the end of March. He says he received a wildcard invite but he won't be competing in Virgin, Utah on October 15, 2021. Red Bull announced in June that there will only be 15 riders competing and Agassiz says he would rather give the opportunity to someone else rather than compete at less than one hundred percent.

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bigquotesI’ve made the decision to pull my name from the Rampage wildcard list. Those of you that know me well will understand that this hasn't been an easy decision for me to make as I’ve always been very passionate when it comes to the event and its evolution.

Back in 2018 I competed after just receiving the green light to start doing push-ups again, I didn’t know how it was going to survive but at the time I felt like I still had to be there and compete. Looking back, I wish I pulled out of that year as I was nowhere close to being mentally and physically ready for the event. In the end I felt like I was taking the opportunity away from someone maybe more deserving to be there and compete. That's not a good feeling to have that resting on your shoulders and in the back of your mind, especially knowing that the other guys are most likely thinking or feeling the same thing. I pride myself in being the guy that takes the time in helping other riders on and off the bike. Providing the wisdom and knowledge that was passed down to me, as well as helping to create opportunities where I can for any rider. Especially to those that are deserving and that remind me of a younger version of myself being in their shoes.

Coming into the spring of 2021 I sustained a pretty good injury to my ankle. I am back on the horse now but still rehabilitating. My journey and experiences over the years has taught me a lot about my own body and mind, what’s important for myself and my career as a mountain biker. It’s been a tough start to my season but shit happens and right now my focus is on creating rad and captivating content for everyone to appreciate. As well as checking off a couple things on my own bucket list of course! I know I’m probably letting a lot of people down by not competing this year but it’s important to me to not have my career defined by just one event. I’ve accomplished a lot of personal goals at Rampage as well as conquering some inner demons and I’m very proud of that.

I do this because I love it, and because it makes me happy. I get just as much satisfaction watching someone else succeed in their goals as I do accomplishing my own.
Graham Agassiz


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 I should take this opportunity to announce that I also will not be competing at Rampage this year. Also due to an injury (lack of talent).
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 Related: we'll miss you Aggy!!
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 this gets a good laugh from me. it's also super relatable.
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 Ok mate, well if you’re out then so am I.
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 @McArdle: I was literally just thinking "if McArdle is going, I'll go too".

Guess I'm staying home
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 @McArdle: First jeff and now McArdle, i am officialy out as well. Will announce on insta soon.
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 Brage! You're uppppppp!
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 Get this outta the way now, Brage got Robbed!
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 I wonder, could he give his wildcard spot to fellow YT rider Dylan Stark? Would be kinda cool to see that guy on the big lines.
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 Class act
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 Such an unselfish and classy move
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 That's our Aggy, the guy is humble, kind and rips and he gets "it". Happy for you, man.
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 Good for him! Very proud of the athletes exercising the right to choose if they will compete and perform, our entertainment should always be a lower priority to their safety and wellbeing.
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 Recent events (Simone Biles in Tokyo) have blazed a trail on highlighting the importance of mental wellbeing. Competing at Rampage at anything less than 100% mentally is looking for trouble (I would have thought).

Aggy, you have made a class call. Healing vibes and look forward to seeing back when you are ready.

PS Reading back on what I have written may look like I think Aggy is struggling mentally. That is NOT what I am trying to say. The analogy with Simone Biles is that she felt that competing with less than 100% commitment could potentially be dangerous. Hence the overlap with Rampage
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 Thought he stopped playing tennis years ago!?
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 You can’t be serious!
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 That's your decision and it's understandable. I'm recovering from a broken ankle too so I hope to recover too. You've been a great rider to watch for years now ever since nwd 10. Keep it up and I look forward to your next video.
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 Jeremy Jones wisdom: I get antsy if I have not backed off a line in awhile

We all need to back off once in a while, and it's great to have icons that celebrate that!
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 Thanks Aggy. Always made me smile seeing you ride, but this makes me smile even more. Priority set right - heal well and hit back hard
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 Legend. Hope to see you back stronger than ever whenever you are ready to attend. I’m sure an invite will still be waiting for you Aggy. Met you many years back, such a humble and all around good guy.

Take care.
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 dang! Always a fav to watch compete. that’s a highly respectable decision though. I’m sure we’ll see some insanely wild riding when he’s properly healed up!
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 Even more inspired by Aggy because of this call than I already was.
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 Nothing but respect for Aggy. That's a tough call to make. All the best buddy!
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 No one's robbing him this time!
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 We all got robbed.
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 I for 1, hope that he's still driving down so we can see his dance moves again. All time Rampage highlight for me.
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(stupid phone)
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 Instead he will be joyfully reading Outside
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 Hard decision. Mad respect!
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 That guy is the real deal. Much respect!
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 Gutted for Aggy. Markus will not be happy, too.
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 Tell Markus to strap on a helmet and go do it himself.
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 Evil bikes probably did not hold up to the abuse it weagled out
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 Still the best beard, over time…
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 Is the list out yet for Rampage?
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 Not fully. We know the guys that are auto-invited based on their finishes last year (top 10). The rest will be wildcard invites. Looks like Proving Grounds isn't a qualifier event this year like it was a couple years ago.
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 Good for u
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 Pure class!
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 Class, pure class
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 Give the spot to a female rider. Make rampage more inclusive!
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 Why... The ladies already have their own event? Shouldn't we support that instead of trying to force fit a woman into Rampage just to full the inclusiveness quota?

Support Formation.
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 @OlSkoolJake: Give his spot to a trail dog then!
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