Gwendalyn Gibson Broke Collarbone in Crash at Mairiporã XC World Cup 2024

Apr 15, 2024 at 20:11
by Sarah Moore  

Gwendalyn Gibson crashed in the rock garden during the third lap of the women's cross-country Olympic distance race on Sunday and has now revealed that she broke her collarbone in the crash. She had surgery in Brazil this morning and will fly home to Colorado as soon as possible. A fan caught the crash on camera here.

She said she's not yet sure about what the timeline for recovery will be, but she's hoping to make it to Nove Mesto which will be the final Olympic qualifier. Looking at the lap times before the crash, Gibson had the 17th fastest time on the first lap, but had moved up to 14th position by the end of the second lap after the fifth fastest lap time in the second lap.

bigquotesI broke my collarbone, just had surgery this morning in Brazil and I’ll fly home as soon as possible. Not 100% sure on the timeline but I will start PR with my team back in Colorado and start getting me back ready for the rest of the World Cup season, I hope to make it to Nove Mesto!

Devastating to start the year like this but sometimes these things are a blessing in disguise, looking forward to the come back.
Gwendalyn Gibson

Gibson is no stranger to recovering from injuries after breaking her kneecap during the 2022 season. She went on to have a breakout year with a win in Short Track in Snowshoe, a second place finish at Mont-Sainte-Anne and a third place at World Championships. She then signed with Trek Factory Racing ahead of the 2023 season.

We wish Gibson all the best with this recovery.

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 Get well soon Gwendalyn, the crash footage looked nasty.
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 Crash footage?
I thought it happened somewhere off camera, just like most things during the race happened off camera
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 @Nenoflow: The footage of her walking back to the pits looked nasty enough, I think that's as close as the cameras got.
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 @Nenoflow: It's circling around on Instagram. Nose heavy in the rock garden then OTB hard,
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 @Nenoflow: Someone recorded the crash. She nosedived after jumping a big rock. If you check her Instagram, you'll see that someone tagged a video of her crash.
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flag hughbm (Apr 16, 2024 at 7:40) (Below Threshold)
 It looks like someone stole her bike too? Not cool
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 @hughbm: seriously? Seems unlikely but...
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flag hughbm (Apr 16, 2024 at 9:24) (Below Threshold)
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 @hughbm: I think you are projecting negative motivations on a dude clearing the course.
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 @hughbm: I could be wrong but I don't think her bike was stolen. The guy that picks it up turns it facing up the hill and doesn't look like he's running off. Plus that's not been reported here, Trek Racing recap article, or anywhere I can see that it was stolen.
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 Could be!
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 @Nenoflow: indeed it was not captured by race camera, but spectator footage shared online shows it
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 @hughbm: It looks to me like they were just moving her bike off the course to make sure no one else hit it...
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 @hughbm: they were just removing it from the course so no one ran over it.
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 That's the face I'd be pulling in an instagram hospital photo. I don't know how every other pro mountain biker is in the mood to smile give the thumbs up when they're flat out on a hospital bed with new bits of metal in them and blood everywhere after a crash. It must be upsetting, best of luck with the recovery.
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 I wish for a fast recovery back to 110%! You will get out stronger than before!
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 .."sometimes these things are a blessing in disguise"....100% as weird as that is, I've seen it more than once, seems like it is a bit of a forced recovery and helps athletes focus and get back into the right mindspace....
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 I’m no radiologist, but that AC joint isn’t looking so great either…
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 I’ve torn my both my ACs over the years riding. It’s the most common injury I believe, right up there with broken wrists. I’d be surprised if she had both her ACs intact. It’s probably at risk in a collarbone injury too. My level 3+ tear healed in about 6 weeks and my level 2 never really bothered me and I just kept riding.
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: i did a grade 5 back in September, had to get that joker fixed. Looked like i still had a coat hanger in my shirt. Weird injury though, never really hurt that much. Did bike park laps the day after i did it with minimal pain. i got 4 opinions and they all said fix it or you'll have issues later. My surgeon used cadaver tendons instead of metal which is creepy but glad i don't have any hardware.
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 @Struggleteam: Good move. Hardware feels so foreign all the time. Surgeons say you shouldn't feel it, hahahaha
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Yeah I had a grade 3 about a year and a half ago. I think pretty much all of us have done that or broken a collar bone. Maybe both if we’re lucky!
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 That expression is reminiscent of Hide the Pain Harold Guise the Agony Gwendalyn
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 Gwen, get well soon, and we hope to see you in Nove Mesto. Here's to running that #13 upside down in the future.
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 Wishing Gwen a speedy recovery!
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 Coty Schock would've done the surgery on himself.
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 Supercross rider Coty Schock broke his on a Saturday had surgery on Monday and was back racing on Saturday
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 He’s a diff dude, though.
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 Ouch, sending it hard!
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 Hope she heals fast
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 Ouch - those damn rocks.
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