Jackson Goldstone Undergoes Knee Surgery - No Estimated Date for Return to Racing

Mar 22, 2024 at 9:09
by Sarah Moore  

Jackson Goldstone says that his knee is more damaged than expected after his Hardline crash and so he has underwent ACL and MCL surgery on it on Monday, March 18. Now, he's starting rehab and does not have an estimated date on his return to racing.

bigquotesChange of plans this year.

My knee is way more damaged than I expected and thanks to @redbullcanada and @damienmoroney I was able to get a surgery slot super quick.
Got out of surgery on Monday and now we start the rehab. Got lots of it. No estimates on when I’ll be back on two wheels again yet but the time will come when I’m ready. For now I’ll be on the couch.

Also make sure to check out the @santacruzbicycles YouTube for the new series! Link in bio.

Thanks everyone for the support
Jackson Goldstone

We're bummed that Jackson will be missing at least the start of the season and wish him all the best with the recovery.

Redbull Hardline 2024 Maydena Tasmania Australia.
Photo by Sven Martin

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 How many team managers will be making sure those hardline invites end up in the dog?
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 All of those comment about Bruni are aging very poorly right now. Rest up and healing vibes to get back stronger, Jackson!
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 True indeed. However the sponsors probably aren't against it these days. Instagram views sell more products than race wins.
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 hmm, the segment he crashed on could have been on any wc track. whats your argument?
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flag wda1wustl FL (Mar 22, 2024 at 9:51) (Below Threshold)
 Until it is more lucrative for the top athletes to ride RedBull events unfortunately we will probably just see the “up and coming” athletes competing.
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 @dtheio: It is crazy he crashed on a vanilla section on that bonkers track. However, it doesn't matter where he crashed. It wasn't a world cup and now his season is over.
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 @Struggleteam: Yep. The argument is: participating in Hardline presents a degree of risk to a World Cup season, and that risk has to weighed. For all we know, he considered all that with his sponsors and they went ahead so who are we to judge? But IMO a World Cup overall is a way bigger prize than winning hardline. It made sense to me, for example, why Gwin wasn't doing Hardline in the early years despite everyone wondering how he would stack up.
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 @Breeconay: lmao no they aren’t. The latest hardline event wasn’t anything more than a fast wc track with some big jumps…injuries happen in this sport regardless.

It’s Bruno’s choice if he races it, but it’s definitely going to garner respect for those that do and a smirk towards those who don’t.

Gee and other dh pros participating in rampage is an event where I’d question the sanity of my rider if I was a manager. But as a fan, that’s a real badass move.
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 The way the UCI is going Hardline is going to have a much larger viewership than the World Cup races. From a sponsor return on investment standpoint saving your riders for races that won’t be watched by many doesn’t make much sense.
  • 6 1
 @dtheio: exactly. They gave to ride, train, lap, DH, that's their purpose, if it wasn't there it could've been the local trails, the Portugal DH race, etc etc.
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 @Betacygni: Seems like it's headed that way but I think a World Cup overall still trumps any of the Redbull things right now. I'm talking in the mind of the fans. Obviously I tell which one sells more bikes. Not sure how anyone would be able to figure that out.
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 @Breeconay: most probably don’t even know Bruni came 3rd at the first Hardline in Wales.
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 @Struggleteam: It may look "vanilla" but I think Jackson even mentions that tricky corner / tree in his course preview at 0:58

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flag hohmskullkrishten (Mar 22, 2024 at 11:03) (Below Threshold)
 Bruni is the antithesis of of fun downhill racing and I don't care how many races or championships he wins cause i don't care about anything associated with the UCI anymore. Why support complete bullshit recycled over and over again, except it keeps getting worse? Dude wins cause of lockouts, sprint training, and team support.
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flag chrismac70 FL (Mar 22, 2024 at 11:06) (Below Threshold)
 @wda1wustl: RB will pay as little as they can get away with to get the viewership they want for their promo events
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flag chrismac70 FL (Mar 22, 2024 at 11:08) (Below Threshold)
 @BiNARYBiKE: it’s not even close. No one remembers who wins a hardline. World cups and world championships are what count
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 @chrismac70: lol hardline wales has always been more memorable to me than a one off WC.
  • 3 0
 I wonder what the viewership difference is between Hardline and WC is these days?
  • 21 1
 @robito: Hardline Tasmania is approaching 1 million views on Youtube alone so I imagine Hardline it out preforming the world cup by quite a bit
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 @chrismac70: and? This is marketing and business to a point, spend as little as you can to get the maximum return. Basic ROI calculation.

Red Bull doesn't put these events on because they love the sport. It's good business for them to do so. They could pay to sponsor other peoples' events which costs them money or they build their own events as title sponsor and take other peoples' money to sponsor their own events.
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 @dtheio: if your goal is to win a WC overall and World Champs, why race anything outside of those and a few tuneups to start the season sharp and ready to go.
As for the comment that section could have been any WC track, sure, but I bet his bike was setup differently for this event than a normal WC track.
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flag meathooker (Mar 22, 2024 at 12:07) (Below Threshold)
 @Breeconay: Bruni is still a whiny PAB
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 @colinb19: 1m views watching carnage. 90% of the views are of the crash. Red Bull wins!!
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 This could of happened in a training run or pre season testing on any track at any time or at the first race of the actual season so there isn’t really any difference, teams don’t want riders to go out and try without pushing the limits.

The part of the track where he crashed wasn’t exactly crazy like we see in Val Di Sole, and you can’t expect every tree to get cut down.

What if Bernard’s bike snapping in half caused him to miss the season would what would your comment be then ?
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flag opignonlibre (Mar 22, 2024 at 14:30) (Below Threshold)
 @colinb19: you are totally delusionnal.
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 @Struggleteam: what happens if this was during practice of the first event? No difference. Id rather watch hardline than a WC At the moment
  • 5 1
 @BermSkid72: There's just as much carnage at any given world cup race as there was at Hardline
  • 5 0
 @opignonlibre: I gladly paid last year and the racing was great but there's no chance any WC race is getting a million views behind that paywall, and they'll get even less this year unfortunately.
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 @GTscoob: You have simplified what is entailed in a MBA.
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 @HeatedRotor: man I ain’t got a horse in it brother. Just saying his team that is gearing up for the wc race season is probably bummed.
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 @colinb19: Do you have the numbers? The race are broadcasted in a lot of countries through discovery/eurosport.

Also, 1 millions views on youtube doesn't mean much on youtube in term of engagement. Views are counted the same if you watch the whole stream or if you just happen to click the link, yawn and close the tab immediately. For example I am pretty sure I clicked the link but since I had been spoiled the results I didn't even watched the replay of the final so in term of engagement it was very limited.

Ultimately it is not about you and I. There are millions of people who would never log on pinkbike or look for the race in youtube or redbull TV but that will watch some DH races because they happen to be directly advertised and viewable on their TV when they open that eurosport/discovery/whatever app they already have a subscription for (and possibly initially for other interests in sports).
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 Hello Greg, we've got an amazing opportunity for you...
  • 26 3
 Red Bull Tanya Harding'd the world cup season!!
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 The smacked with the old gillooly stick
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 Tonya innit
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 I would love a detailed follow along this road to recovery. Having blown up my knee more than once, I am very interested in how a high-profile athlete faces this comeback. And, being an American who did not have great access to physical therapy or surgeons due to cost wait times or other pressures I would certainly lift some PT moves I probably should still be/should have been doing...
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 Can't imagine how awesome it is to have the Redbull resources when injuries happen. I follow MTB and snowboarding closely, and it's amazing how fast and fully these guys recover and come back.
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 @BiNARYBiKE: do they really come back bullet proof though? I usually feel like a lot of these guys come back sooner than they really should, just like all pro athletes.
  • 3 2
 @BiNARYBiKE: some have injuries for life and concussions and are never the same, you just hear about the good recoveries. half pipe snowboarding and downhill mtb are dangerous sports which is why most people are very young competitors, the people in their late 20s have too many nagging injuries to compete.
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 @nvranka: I'm sure some do. I'm just saying how amazing it would be to have the best doctors in the world doing your surgery and designing your rehab program.
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 @BiNARYBiKE: i hear you, i've gone to many PTs over the years who were useless, I finally found one clinic who fixes all my problems...it's sad that there are so many mediocre PT facilities out there just collecting insurance money for prescribing excercises you can find on the internet.
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flag chrismac70 FL (Mar 22, 2024 at 11:09) (Below Threshold)
 @BiNARYBiKE: I would hope so given he got injured riding their promotional event
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 @chrismac70: Do the UCI pay for surgery when a rider gets injured in a world cup? Nope.
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 Check out Freeskier Andri Ragettlis recovery youtu.be/bpTkDdzXPbE?si=LmpeRJ3IA0zJ3Jqe. Different discipline but similarly impressive.
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 @beaverscratchcat: Brendog even said in a podcast recently that his ACL injury ended his chances at the very top of DH
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 @chrismac70: you make this "Promotional event" comment on every post about a Redbull event as if EVERY single event is not promotional... Have you not looked at the sidelines of every World Cup track? Branding for days wherever they can squeeze it in. The whole point of companies sponsoring athletes is for PROMOTION.
More eyes on more events is what makes them happy. If this had happened at the first WC of the season he would be in the exact same position.
Just 2 seasons ago Red Bull were the ones bringing the World Cup into your home!

Red Bull do huge things for the gravity side of this sport and without them it wouldn't nearly be at the position it is now...
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 @nateb: Possibly, but more likely youth.
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 The problem with acl injuries is that, no matter how quick the muscular recovery in the leg, the ligament needs approx 9m to be grown into its place enough to be stable
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 @beaverscratchcat: agreed. I spent 3 months wasting time with a PT that was essentially massaging my leg and telling me to take it slow while my leg muscles were fading away.
It took me 3 months to get rid of the crutches after my acl injury and when i finally started seeing a proper sports therapist that took a detailed and planned approach with targeted workouts for my knee progress was lightning fast and i was pedaling my roadbikes within a month
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 I just got through ACL reconstruction , and got to discuss that with my surgeons and physios. There are things that can’t be compressed too much in the healing process that are that the new ligament has to get its strength and elasticity. Normally it takes 6 months.
Then top athletes have access to injections inside the ligament that help this process ( but are very expensive) , but it would only make them earn one month on the road , which is why they don’t offer this treatment to average Joe.
Top top athletes can go back to competition after 5 months, but most of the time it means taking some risks anyway
  • 1 1
 @jpnbrider: i believe it also depends on the type of implant that you get. In the US apparently it is common to get pig ligaments. Afaik patellar tendon grafts heal fastest but are most painful. I got a semitendinosus tendon graft, which is less painful but limits knee inward rotation going forward ( i still have cramps when lifting my leg almost 2 years later)
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 He crashed on the DH tech section! So many Karens following this sport. He couldve wiped out 30 secs into race run at FT William.
So wrap racers in cotton wool and release on race weekends only?
Gwin eluded to this style of racing on the edge of the edge. Hard to complete a full season with the depth of riders now doing it.
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 You've got this bud. Young, healthy and strong. Thankfully you didn't smack that tree head/chest-first, you may have never walked again. You'll be back in no time.
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 Oh no, he is having some bad luck the last couple years with injuries. I hope he can recover quickly and get back into the fray. And on a personal note I am going to have to adjust my fantasy DH Team asap!
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 Ouch. Grade 3 acl tears are no joke. That with the MCL.. he’l be out for some time, good news its been operated on early, hopefully hel be back for the start if 2025 season
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 Just been through ACL surgery , it takes a lot of patience to get back Healing vibes to him and Kade , but I am sure they will come stronger, they are under good hands and their mental is another level
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 Well that sucks to have that much damage so early in a young career. Having 7 knee surgeries myself and no meniscus left I know the feeling on how it is to be injured. Though I'm sure Jackson will have better surgeons than I had. Here's hoping its not a career altering injury and he makes a full recovery. .
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 Kneeds lots of rehab... Sending healing vibes Jackson!
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 I wonder if that injury would have happened to a rider on flats? I found clipless pedals to very hard on my knees when I crashed. I realize elite level racers are almost all clipped in these days but I like being able to part ways with my bike quickly in a crash.
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 This just shows you that no one is greater than reality. Your bubble can pop anytime so don't push your luck to far.
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 Bad news on Jackson and Kade in one day. That’s just too much to handle. Hope they both make it back ASAP.
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 Good job he has a stunt double a SC
  • 6 4
 They can afford Greg again.
  • 13 0
 They still have to pay Jackson to sit on the couch.
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 Going by kades post he'll be of the bike for 6-9 months with ACL surgery. Jackson seasons screwed.
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 I'm wondering if Tanya Harding was seen anywhere near the Hardline course.
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 heal up mate (I need you in fantasy)
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 Et merde. It sucks.
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 well time to drop him in fantasy for Ft Bill
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 Very generous guy that Jackson, making room for other guys to win.
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