Jenny Rissveds Withdraws from Les Gets XC World Champs

Aug 25, 2022 at 14:21
by Sarah Moore  
Jenny Rissveds is a top candidate when it comes to XCC. She ll be in the mix this evening without a doubt.

Jenny Rissveds has announced on Instagram today that she will not be competing in tomorrow's Short Track race or Sunday's Olympic-distance race due to a prolonged cold. She has been sick since Mont-Sainte-Anne, where she was able to ride the course on Thursday, but ended up having to withdraw from both events August 6-8.

bigquotes“It sucks”. That was Jenny’s summary in an interview today with Swedish radio when she announced that she, due to a prolonged cold, will not compete in this year’s World Championships.

Jenny is feeling well overall, but the body has simply not been able to recover as it should after her becoming sick in Mont Saint Anne. Therefore we have made the decision to withdraw from this week’s events in hope of feeling 100% at the last World Cup weekend next week.
Team 31

Rissveds finished third in the XCC in Snowshoe and second in the XCO and has stood on an impressive nine World Cup podiums so far this season. She's currently fifth in the overall despite skipping the Petropolis round and having to withdraw from Mont-Sainte-Anne due to illness.

We wish Rissveds all the best with her recovery and hope to see her recovered in time for next weekend's World Cup final in Val di Sole.

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 It is impossible to not like Jenny!
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 After hearing her post race interviews I think the next best thing would be putting her in the commentator box. Her matter-of-a-fact dry humor is hilarious.
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 This is a fantastic idea, I love it!
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 I absolutely love Jenny but she would a hilariously bad commentator.
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 this sucks. Shes my favorite in the womens field.
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 sucks! ...sure sounds like she may have or had the Rona if its lasting that long. Had it twice this year (fml)...felt like s**t for 48 hours but took weeks to feel normal on the bike again (fatigue and lack of power)
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 Damn..... I got it since monday and holy bananas that s**t takes you back to lvl 0. I can barely walk - don't even want to imagine how long the recovery takes going back to a proper w/kg......
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 @DoctorWatson: I had it. Proper sick for a week. Coughing for about a month when I did no training (XC racer). Three weeks ago started riding again and it's not going too bad. First week anything over threshold and I got dizzy. Yes, I know some have never fully recovered, but most of the racers I know were back to peak after, say, half a year (one is having a great season in Europe right now). Looks grim, but most likely you'll get back to where you were. Good luck man. Oh, and my sore hip of the past few years has never felt better after a month's rest, so, not all bad.
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 There's been a particularly bad cold going around this year, a lot of people I know have been wiped out by it for up to a month and didn't return a single positive covid or flu test result.
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 @iamamodel: thanks man. XC "race" guy here too. Our lungs are the most important part next to the legs. Good to hear some feedback from someone out of the same category. Off season is around the corner and the stages bike and Zwift have to do it to get back on it.
Its hard already sitting on the couch and walking around the apartment for a few days. So hoping that stuff is going away soon´ish and i can focus on recovery.
Thanks again much appreciated even though its off-topic for most but that also shows even the Pro´s have to hit the brake a bit longer than usual....
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 I'm on day two of being Covid positive...feel like shit. In January I got Influenza and now Covid, both knocked me on my ass. It's weird because I haven't had a flu in probably 8 years, including nothing the previous two years when all this went down, but now I get both Sars and Influenza the same year. Terrible luck.
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 @Jamminator: Yeah the lockdown has taken its toll on our bodies cuz' we were isolated for so long, and with masks, that our immune system has weakened as it wasn't triggered by all kind of germs & virus & pathogen we usually breath. Allergies are also on the rise I think. I had some pollen allergies this year (albeit some moderate one) while I never did in the past. And I sneeze more often this year than ever before.
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 @DoctorWatson: XC "race" and Roadie here. I had Covid back in March and it took a solid 4 months to get back to what I'd call 90%.

3-4 days of incredible fatigue, literally doing anything would just wipe me out and I'd have to lay down. I was off my bike for about a month and when I did get back on my power was a ways off and my HR was incredibly high. Just for reference, historically, a 1 hour race or TT my HR would usually be 165-170. After getting back on the bike I was riding around 60-70% of FTP and my HR would be 180+. Three months and a couple thousand km later I'm back to what I consider normal.

I was also quite phlegmy for a few months too.

Fun times
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 I had a "mystery illness" last year (I never tested). I assumed Covid because I had never felt symptoms like it before. The weird part was, I was fine riding my bike or running. It was sitting around where I felt like shit. Granted 90% of my riding is low effort (I ride a very high volume), but still odd.

I did test positive a few months ago and only suffered with a sore throat. I played it cool and stayed in bed for a week to try and recover as fast as possible, I had no noticeable loss of power (had a few big XCM races coming up immediately afterward).

Now my GF on the other hand, she is getting her ass kicked right now. She woke up with a sore throat last Friday, the morning she had a 100k race (65 miles). She showed up for work Monday (brand new teacher) was told not to come back until she had a negative test. She has now had THREE negative tests, but still sick (though mostly better, she's going to try and ride today).

I am wondering if there is a strain that the Covid tests don't pick up. While I am sure she has an extra weak immune system from running that 100k, her body feels strong. She felt like she was ready to run only a day or two later, but for coughing non stop.
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 Sitting here with covid myself…super mild compared to what I’ve heard elsewhere, but the dizziness and just overall feeling “off” in the head is lingering hard.

I had a few days of fever / head cold, but that part of it was no biggie. This lingering shit is annoying as I don’t particularly want to be active…and Thsts all I can usually do to stay sane!
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 Well that's a real bummer. The races will be a bit "less" than they would have been with her.
Jenny has brought competitiveness to every race she's started this year and it's been a lot of fun watching it.
Hope she's feeling better by Val di Sole.
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 And her interviews! Great on a bike and the best on the mic.
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 Wow think we really need Wyn to do some XCO rounds and interview Jenny. Would be an awesome combo.
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 I was dissapointed she was not racing at MSA. Definitely my number 1 rider I am cheering for every race
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 Sounds to me you guys really liked this bike, especially as a FRO bike. Mike you seem to dig it.
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 Oops wrong article..
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 It seems like there are quite a few athletes with a prolonged cold. Among them two top XC Racers from Austria, Stigger and Mitterwallner. I have a hunch that it might also be covid. So many people with negative test results but symptoms af. This thing is horrible to athletes. Hope they all recover well, including my all time favorite Jenny!
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 i like Jenny
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 Damn! ...she was definitely a legit HUGE favorite.

My thinking was that she would absolutely medal, it was just a matter if it was gold or not Wink

Get some rest Jenny! - Kelsey has been looking great, she could top 5!
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 Get better, Jenny. You're awesome!
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 Very decent of her to cede a place for another athlete if she’s not feeling like she can make the most of it.
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 My favorite women's XC racer of the last couple seasons.
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 Well that sucks. The race will be a lot less exciting.
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 Well its cold season so what can you do?
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 I was alarmed when I saw the headline as I assumed that her mental health problems had returned. I was relieved that it was "only" a cold. I hope she recovers quickly.
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 Bummer! Rest assured you would of been a threat to the field
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 Not the J-Train!!
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