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Mick Hannah & Keegan Wright Sign with Yeti

Apr 11, 2022 at 10:27
by Sarah Moore  

Mick Hannah and Keegan Wright have signed with Yeti Cycles, racing on their new bikes for the first time at Sea Otter. Wright finished first in the Dual Slalom, while Hannah took fourth in the Sea Otter Downhill.

bigquotesWe’d officially like to welcome Keegan Wright and Mick Hannah as our newest athletes. They debuted on Turq at the Sea Otter Dual Slalom yesterday, with Keegan taking his first win on his new bike.

We’re excited to once again see Yeti at the top step of a DS podium, and the weekend isn’t even over. Stay tuned as @sikmik83 and @keeganwrightmtb are set to take on the DH this afternoon.

P: @patrikzuest
Yeti Cycles

400 [Failed to load instagram embed] https://www.instagram.com/p/CcMo-t_uACU/?maxwidth=1000&hidecaption=1
bigquotesBeyond stoked to be joining the @yeticycles clan along with @sikmik83, stoked with my first outing on the @yeticycles SB140 this weekend, managed to get the Win at the @seaotterclassic dual slalom world championships as they call it, lessshgooo! Can’t wait to keep the good times rolling this year with a solid brand and all round great crew! Cheers for the week @yeticycles! let’s get this bread. | @patrikzuestKeegan Wright

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 The fact that he can retire and THEN sign with a new team tells you about how good he is.
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 Or he hates household chores too
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 Hopefully HE is helping with getting a new DH sled out. Gotta to imagine HE would be a great resource during development. We need to be able to make fun of DENTISTs at dh events too
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 Sick Mick didn't retire from racing , just the World Cup downhill
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flag shredddr (Apr 11, 2022 at 12:09) (Below Threshold)
 this reminds me of the college football trope of the douchebag coach "retiring" and wanting to "spend more time with my family", which usually lasts about 4 months.
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 @shredddr: Urban Meyer denies reports he is joining Yeti for 2022 season, filmed at local bar in Monterey California "dancing" with CSU student
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flag threesixtykickflip FL (Apr 11, 2022 at 16:32) (Below Threshold)
 ...the Yeti Dentistry Team pays the big $$$
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flag Monkeyass (Apr 12, 2022 at 2:05) (Below Threshold)
 @artistformlyknowasdan: dentists don’t do DH Wink . although the SB165 with a dual crown is pretty dam close to a full dh bike already
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 Mick is a living legend, a gift to the sport.
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 Couldn’t agree more!
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 Let the good times roll STOKED!
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 Hell yes, congratulations on the win & the new ride.
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 After dentist, Yeti now goes after retired people because they know they have money and time to spare.
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 Mic starts a global marketing tour hitting up all the early bird specials & afternoon games of Bridge.
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 my fellas!
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 yeti always seem to do such an amazing job finding ambassadors for the sport who aren’t always *necessarily* racers or obnoxious youtube personalities.
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flag bonfire (Apr 11, 2022 at 11:24) (Below Threshold)
 They seem to be on quite the signing spree. Hopefully old mate Keegan can keep his grasp of the liquor in control.
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 @bonfire: wow, you just love brining that up every time Pinkbike posts anything to do with him
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 @dababy: he's a massive troll. super toxic
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 He’s probably just upset/jealous that he can’t ride as well as him @Jmtbauckland:
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 @enduroNZ: thanks for speaking for literally all of us. Very inclusive!
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 @enduroNZ: nah, he’s not fast and he’s a dick in person at every event I’ve had to deal with him. Plus he’s a drunk. Not really anything to be jealous of or aspire to. Just a sad example of the bike world.
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 So does this mean they are going to be able to get their frames warrantied in a reasonable time?
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 Yes. They are sending Mick and Jared to Asia as we speak to hop on the assembly line and start cranking out frames.
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 They were excellent to me when I needed to warranty my SB5.5 upgraded me to a new SB150 including a Float X2, really above and beyond, and they were quick to boot. Frames are hard to get RN, I tried to order a Transition Spur in February and I'm being told to expect it in 2023....
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 Yeti has always been on point with warranties and service (like the brand or not). Currently almost ALL bike brands are having issues that we are all 100% aware of for the last two years: COVID related delays on manufacturing, shipping, pricing, sales, etc. etc.
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 @XU12XU: Lol I ordered a Spur when it was released... I'm still waiting
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 Warrantied my frame last year. Very smooth process and even got to change size and colorways if I wanted. Same with my 3 Switch infinity warranties and they came through fast when i managed to drop a bolt (dont ask). Can only speak for Europe and Silverfish as the distributor but I am impressed.
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 @XU12XU: 2023? They told me to expect a scout in 2024!
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Currently waiting for half a year (nearly exactly) for a warranty replacement for a SB150 I could only ride for 3 weeks. I think Germany is running through Silverfish also…
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 @timmy1701: three switch infinity warranties? Is it that common? Or are you the outlier?
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 It's gonna be weird seeing Mick on a good bike. I feel all those years racing DH for Cannondale just did him and his incredible skill a massive disservice.
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 Yeti kinda need to make a DH frame? I know we've all been saying this for a while, but it really doesn't make sense to sign Mick and have him on an enduro bike.
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 Unless he wants to race non-DH events. There's been no info on that really, but I'd say him signing with Yeti is a pretty good indication that's the case.
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 I guess for retirement the sb165 could work well enough
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 Not sure Yeti really needs anymore exposure. But happy they are employing more industry talent. And hopefully it's for more than just a free frame Smile

Notice no Ritchie or other Yeti riders there? That actually live in North America? If I missed it/them, let me know.

That's kinda weird...
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 Mik lives in Colorado
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 So good for Keegan, can’t wait to see him back crushing it! Also his yeti edit will be a banga!! Yea boy!!
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 sikmik - lives in my hometown. Great guy, and family man! Much respect for him off the bike as on. Congrats on the Yeti gig!!
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 Love SikMik... looking forward to him bashing and thrashing on a SB165 w/ DC fork. Occasional social media duties on the e160 okay, but let's keep it real Sik!
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 Why does that mental image remind me of him absolutely smashing that single pivot Haro in Earthed 4(?)?
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 He also lives in Colorado, so it makes sense to partner with them.
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 sik news
  • 2 0
 I really hope this means Sik MIk will be at the BME events this summer crushing dreams and killing corners!
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 Also that new beard looks sik!
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 I wonder why Richie doesn't show up more in events might suit him too ...
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 DH frame in development
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 Be careful with your team mates water bottles
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 Are we sure Keegan didn't sign a deal with Yeti Coolers to hold his beer?
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