Must Watch: Dylan Stark's 'Real Heat 2' Remix

Jun 10, 2022 at 13:38
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesThanks to everyone who supported the Real Heat 2 video project, Charging to watch a video is a hard concept to comprehend sometimes, That's why after charging to watch Real Heat 2 on a 3rd party website we decided its time to give the others who didn't or couldn't pay to watch a chance to see it. So here is a slightly different version of Real Heat 2 with all the banger clips just edited slightly different and to a new song. A lot of work went into filming this video part and I want to thank Andrew "Dr Salsa" and everyone else who helped with this video part, there are too many to list but you know who you are! I would like to keep making these video part series and hope to inspire the next generation of urban freeriders. So sit back, turn up the volume and click play! Thanks for watching and let me know what you think in the comments!Dylan Stark

Watch Real Heat 2 the original here.

See how this was filmed and all the extra behind the scenes footage:

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 Everybody with a YT who is frustrated with waiting to get their warranty parts... They are all going to Stark lol.
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 america knows how to concrete
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 Brutalist Architecture ain't dead!
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 God we need to see him at rampage. I feel like a couple more good years at proving grounds and he's in...
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 After a sick edit like this, he should be there soon!
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 Red Bull, please give this guy a chance to redefine Rampage
  • 4 2
 they wont let him in because he would kill himself.
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 Needs to happen, he's getting close. Him and Brage would both do some crazy nonconventional shit.
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 @TheDownhillDude: I'd give him a little more credit than that. The guys not Benderoni. Starks got elite bike handling skill and could fair just as good as the slopestyle guys that used to get thrown in when it was part of the FMB.
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 Dylan Stark out here saving freeride
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 Hands down the best edit i've seen in at least 5 years. The creativity of the hits and aesthetics.. wow. His riding is insane.. crazy to see his bike control. adapting that big building drop figuring out the angle to land. bonkers. this guy is legendary.
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 Last 5 years?…

I’m a fan of Dylan and this video but have you heard of that Semenuk guy?
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 @coadymacmillan: Semenuk is godly, but more in a very controlled environment. Dylan is just so fkn raw hitting shit he sees on the side of the road.
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 and no Cheesy metaphorical title, overly artsy cinematography with 4 different shots of every hit in various speeds of slow mo. this is what mtb needs.
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 @coadymacmillan: let’s not forget about our favourite viking B-rage
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 Gets better everytime i watch it. So many bangers
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 This edit so brutal, but like in a good way. Raw power and energy
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 Dad musta been proud he raised such a G! edit was gnarly
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 That was incredible - brings me back to the late 90's / early 2000's with the big urban stuff.

Had to take his chain off for that little stunt at the end eh?
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 Removed both brakes for a lot of these clips as well
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 BMX has Dylan Stark background
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 Stark's been a big breath of fresh air to mountain biking over the last few years. Thank goodness for him, the viking, and all the female events that are adding some gumption to this stale industry.

We got to keep evolving and 29r/mullet, the uci, and same old slopestyle courses ain't it, in my opinion. I thought enduro was it, but it turns out it wasn't.
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 My knees and ankles get so pissed at me just for watching this.
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 My neck, those were some serious whippers!
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 Condolences man. Awesome riding!
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 Loved it, so many blind run ins and huge hits. Can understand why he would charge for it, dude has put his life on the line for some of these, at the least one bad crash and his career is over and medical bills would wipe him out. Guys like these need respect for the work and risk they put out there, and it can't all come from sponsors.
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 What do you mean “he would charge for it”?
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 @ZanderShredsMtb: full edit is $4.20 or more (pay what you want). Was worth it and more imo
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 FTW Desert half pipe backwards roll in to front flip!
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 Freecoaster FTW
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 Dylan Stark wins the New School MTB Hero Award 2022
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 I might be mistaken , but this gentleman looks like he can control a bicycle.
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 Pure stoned chaos. Very Jordie.
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 i did see a slight Jordie vibe
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 as incredible as the stunts are the crashes. I can not understand how the back wheel first landing in the first few seconds ended so well that he just slid down and did not break anything
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 this is so much heavier than anything else i've ever seen on a mountain bike
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 rampage! rampage! rampage! rampage! rampage! ramage! ratage! rampaged! ramparggggghgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! put Dylan Stark in rampage.
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 Solid all-around.
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 Wow!, Yikies! and O'Shit!
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 That platform thing was made for this, although the Pongee-Sticks at the bottom add extra pucker.
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 Hot Damn!
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 Massive, heavy hits and huge air.... Standard Dylan Stark content. This is not a bad thing.
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 Unreal skills, cojones, and riding variety.
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 Saw this guy throw a backflip at AMBC Fall fest in Knoxville TN this past year. Been a fan ever since.
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 Pinkbike needs a new newsfeed category “Must Watch and Rewatch”
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 Sick riding especially that reverse flare at the end! Whoever butchered that Metallica song should be get prison time‍♂️
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 I find this the most entertaining type of riding to watch. Not many can pull it off. So creative and just exploring to find lines and making them work
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 Everything hurts watching this. I haven‘t seen such rawness in years. This guy is nuts. Reminded me of the early days of freeride…
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 Dylan list at breakfast :Coffee ,egs and bacon ,one Capra for morning and another one after lunch ,and one Tues afer 5.00PM Tomorrow will see ,but maybe the same
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 Rampage invite STAT.
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 Sick freeride opportunities as the silver lining to a thousand-year drought!
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 That’s some solid crusty demons of dirt vibes right there. So sick.
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 Remind me not to buy a used bike off him...that aside some awesome sends in there
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 This edit is like a timetravel to JIB movie. That sh*t made me start riding ! 3
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 Yes - the Freemix
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 Testament of the only thing you need is any bike... and tons of BALLS!
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 @toddbarber just in time for Rampage athlete selections
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 Shred it all!! Pops is proud no doubt.
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 So good
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 Been a fan for a minute.
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 for my sanity
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 The track sounds like what would be played at an ICP juggalo gathering
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 Whoop Whoop
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 Fu***ng magnets, how do they work? Real talk tho trap music and modern bmx edits is like peas n carrots. If you don't like it, you probably ride hella cross country.
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 Well ya, suicideboys have played the gathering
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 @Bro-LanDog: I think it works fine here. Where it seems strange is when it's being played over an edit from a European dude riding DH bikes in the Swiss alps.

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