Myriam Nicole Reveals She Has Been Struggling with Concussion Symptoms Since the Lourdes DH World Cup

May 17, 2022 at 17:09
by Sarah Moore  

Myriam Nicole had a big crash during final practice before her race in Lourdes and, while we don’t know all the details around the crash, James Smurthwaite mentioned on the Pinkbike Racing Podcast that there was a photo of her helmet with mud on it and she was seen lying in a dark room with an ice pack on her head just two hours before her race run.

Nicole had a huge moment and almost lost control again during her run, but luckily, she held it together and ended up taking second place by 0.624.

Normally prolific on social media, Nicole hadn't updated her Instagram account since April 1st. Yesterday, she revealed that she's been struggling with post concussion symptoms day and night, including headaches.

While the French rider knows a lot about dealing with injuries to muscles and bones, she says brain injuries are scary. In the past couple of weeks, she's been doing lots of scans and visiting professionals and she says she is now back to hitting intensity safely and is now in Fort William getting ready to compete this week.

bigquotesIt’s World Cup week! And I couldn’t be more excited about flying to Scotland tomorrow.

To cut a long story short, it’s been a real test since Lourdes as I’ve struggled with post concussion symptoms and to put it lightly, it’s been a nightmare of headaches & other symptom day & night that got stronger with the smallest exertion in the world.

I know a lot about muscles & bones but damn brain injuries are scary!

Take care of your and even if symptoms don’t feel that bad go & get checked!

After doing scan after scan and seeing loads of different professionals (thanks everyone!), I’m now back to hitting intensity safely!
Myriam Nicole

Myriam Nicole thundering down to the finish arena but without the speed to take down Balanche.

We wish Nicole all the best this weekend and hope she stays rubber side down.


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 Whoever allowed her to race after this crash needs to be fired. Thankfully she didn’t crash in the actual race and make the concussion worse. If an athlete is concussed, they cannot make the decision to continue.
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 Completely agree with this. Clearly it was totally the wrong decision for her to race. She dodged a bullet there for sure.
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 And she did nearly lose it on her finals run. Having two hour crashes hours apart would be rushing life changing damage
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 I have to imagine even just riding at the pace they’re at rattles the brain around a bit, probably not great on a concussed cranium
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 @loosegoat: I absolutely agree. Those hits are big and their suspension is set up for speed not comfort.

Data point of one: For many years I rode a really stiff hardtail through rough downhills and I swear I had minor concussion symptoms during that time like short term memory issues and difficulty concentrating. There were times in a run where I would get blurry vision from so many bumps
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 @robomatic: micro-concussions, these are cumulative. I suffered from brain fog for decades and when I finally saw a neurologist on a different issue he reassured me that my brain fog wasn’t from micro-concussions.
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 Both concussions and micro concussions are
Bad. Growing evidence of sleddhead from micro concussions in sledding sports

Concussions in Sledding Sports and the Unrecognized “Sled Head”: A Systematic Review

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 It would be nice if they had concussion spotters like the NHL. If they notice patterns of behavior they yank them from racing. It's not good for the sponsors. It's not good for the race. But, overall, it's good for the sport. Nobody needs to see someone end up needlessly killing themselves for a sport. There's zero excuse for that.
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 Let's not forget Daprela racing at Les Gets in 2021 after his massive crash at the French National Champs.
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 Even EWS which lacks basic things like proper anti-doping measures has a concussion protocol.

It probably only puts the pros under supervision, but still.

I thought that Lorraine Truongs story should've been a warning to every racer?
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 Nicole, Daprela in Les Gets. Questionnable team management at best. And what about the UCI ?
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 U seless
C orrupt
I diots

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 yet boxing still exists!
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 Very thorough but very sad article about suicides in sledding athletes
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 Maybe all races should have a G force sensor on there helmet which is paired to both the team and the start gate. If you have had a hit over a certain threshold, you cant start your another run for at least 3days
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 @waxed: Boxing is openly a blood sport where a certain type of audience pays to see gore, mutilation and a severe TBI (aka a knockout) is considered a desired outcome.
Fortunately most other sports including MTB, I think are targeted at different people.
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 @waxed: Maybe it's just my personality type but even amongst all the martial combat sports, I've never understood the appeal of boxing, for fighters or spectators.
Brains are too important to risk permanent damage from secondary impacts
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flag iamamodel (May 18, 2022 at 1:40) (Below Threshold)
 @gcrider: I heard Joe Rogan mention concussion in mogul skiers from the jarring their heads do, but I couldn't find a study.
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 I remember thinking "why is she being allowed to race when the clearly described a brain injury from her practice crash". I got a concussion a few years ago and it took several months to recover from.
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 Agree; this is as bad as MotoGP for allowing unfit riders to race. Miriam should have been nowhere near a race after that crash. It needs addressing - NOW!!

I don't know what the UCI concussion protocols are, but they're not good enough.
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 UCI: So Mlle Nicole, you crashed hard enough that you needed a new helmet and concussion so bad you had to rest in a dark room with an ice pack on your head? Don't miss your start time.

Also UCI: The ratio of your road bike's seapost diameter to your fork length divided by the distance from the nose of your saddle to a perpendicular bisector from your bottom bracket is over 0.000045 nanometres outside of regulation. You are disqualified.
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 Moto gp has sensors that record the G Force as part of their airbag system. F1 also has g force sensors. Max Verstappen British GP crash was 51G at 160mph /254kph. Rugby players experience 80G in tackles with no external head collision. Your brain still collides with your skull during rapid deceleration.
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 @gcrider: Yes, I know, I do watch it; however that's not helping riders crashing and landing on their heads....The protocol isn't working; I actually think it's a ticking time bomb. Too many riders racing when they shouldn't....
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 For change to happen. The cost / risk of to the team /race organiser/ governing body /sponsor has to be tipped in favour of rider safety.
That means :
Public shaming
Letters to editors/ papers /mags / tv
Complaints to registration body of any health professionals registration council involved with teams and events.
Legal action against teams / organisations /events/ doctors

The reputational and financial and legal risk to those involved needs to change , for change to happen

The athlete cannot make a decision because of their injury. Those involved in letting them race are responsible. And will be held accountable. They need to decide wether it is before or after they have destroyed peoples lives , there sport and there reputation

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 @iamamodel: There is a detailed UCI protocol for dealing with suspected concussions:

The tricky part is that they can only enforce this against the will of teams and riders if they have staff monitoring athletes with suspected concussion. Because DH is such a niche-sport, they might not have had enough people on site.
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flag Rageingdh (May 18, 2022 at 5:56) (Below Threshold)
 Well, I’m pumped she was able to race. It really helped out my fantasy league.
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 @Rageingdh: Ah ah, you admit it ! So this is on you !
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flag johniep (May 18, 2022 at 6:22) (Below Threshold)
She is an adult,Why is she not responsible for her actions. This blaming everyone except the rider is bull shit. people need toTake responsibility for their actions.
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 @johniep: Because, when you have a concussion, you are not capable of making good decisions on your own. This is the whole point. The team and the event organizers need to step in and protect the rider. Don't get me wrong, I love Myriam and have been routing for her as long as I can remember but this was the wrong decision - full stop.
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 Thats the problem. There is no one to fire. Who exactly is the one that would tell her she cannot race?

Everyone wants to blame the UCI or the race organizers or whoever else, but these riders at the end of the day are more like independent contractors. Outside of the team they ride for they really aren't working for anyone. Who exactly would have the authority to tell them they can't race?

Its easy to compare it to the NFL or NHL where there are concussion spotters who can make that call. But the difference is those player still get their paycheck even if they are made to sit out. Many riders don't have that luxury and I'm sure would be against having someone else tell them when they can or can't ride.

I'm not saying concussions aren't a problem, I'm just saying that its easy to see and article like this and immediately come to the comments section and say "someone should do something". When in reality its likely not an easy solution due to the way the sport operates.
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flag BMXrad (May 18, 2022 at 8:13) (Below Threshold)
 WTF ever happened to personal responsibility?
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flag BMXrad (May 18, 2022 at 8:14) (Below Threshold)
 @Starch-Anton: personal reasonability? Woman boxer gets knocked down and get up to win fights?
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 @JohSch: That story of Lorraine is exactly what came to my mind. Insane to race after such a crash
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 It's sad when even the NFL has a better concussion protocol now. People should learn from the NFL, past and present, and what some of those athletes went through with the longterm effects of repeated concussions. No race is worth it.
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 It is not just another crash that is an issue, any exertion and even the pressurization from flying can cause long term issues. The team did her a huge disservice by allowing any of this to happen.
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 @gcrider: the F1 setup is pretty amazing. From what I understand it is integrated into their radio earpieces. 51 G's is no joke, but hadn't heard the stat on Rugby. That is insane.
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 @BaeckerX1: A major pro sports league is a bit different than something like pro cycling. In a league like the NFL all the players are essentially all employed under the same governing body. They know who the players are and they can do baseline testing before the season which is the main part of their evaluation. This is all agreed upon between the league and their players union.

How would cycling ever be able to implement something like that considering that its not the same group of racers at every race, none are employed by the UCI, etc. Its simple to say they should have a doctor make the final evaluation. But what doctor? How would they decided which doctor is making these decisions? And what would the doctor base the decision on? Most concussion symptoms are reliant on the patient telling the doctor about them. Without some baseline testing a doctor really has little reliable way of detecting a concussion if a rider is not forthcoming.
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 And i wouldn't be surprised to discover that riding with a concussion is damaging even if you don't have another crash. I had a concussion that required PT and the symptoms lasted over a year. When i first tried to ride, even on the road, it caused headaches and i couldn't keep my vision (or head?) steady. Everything was in focus but bounced and moved around with every crack in the pavement. If a concussion is basically a brain bruise, jostling your brain around your skull during a DH run could cause damage even without a crash.

My prediction is that this will become supported by hard evidence and will eventually become ingrained in our understanding of brain injuries.
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 @sino428: are you kidding? Any doctor can evaluate concussion symptoms whether they know the patient or not, and they don't need some baseline. There are a battery of tests to run through and if you fail you don't ride. "Concussion tests check for things like alertness, memory, focus, how fast you think and your ability to solve problems. They also check your balance and coordination." Please do more research.
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 @sino428: Outside of the team they ride for? Care to explain why you are excluding all the people inside the team they ride for from any responsibility?

I’d be amazed if any of the larger teams didn’t have physios present at least, and frankly anyone involved in MTB as a sport in this day and age should be aware of the seriousness of concussions and should have told the team management to get her checked by a race doctor. The team principals involved should be taking a very hard look at the culture that they have created in their own organisations that failed to make that happen.

And for the people talking about an athlete’s personal responsibility - diminished decision making capacity is a major symptom of concussion. A concussion is by definition damage to the organ which allows you to work out if you’re ok or not. Personal responsibility no more applies to a concussed person thinking they can race than it does to a person in a club whose drink has been spiked.
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 @wingguy: Because "all the people inside the team they ride for" are not neutral parties. That was like in the NFL when they had team trainers and doctors clearing players. It was a bad idea.
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 @BaeckerX1: How could a concussion test that would evaluate "alertness, memory, focus, how fast you think and your ability to solve problems, balance, and coordination" not need a baseline for comparison??? Thats the only way those kind of test would even be useful.

Those test would literally be useless without a baseline to compare it too, which is why they are used. Does a doctor just assume every person in the world is capable or solving the same problems at the same speed? And that every person is the world exhibits the same level of general alertness or coordination.

Yes a doctor would be able to see if someone is clearly suffering from a severe concussion if they are slurring their speech, or stumbling around. But many people with concussions won't show those outward symptoms at all.
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 @BaeckerX1: The big pro sports all have assets worth billions of dollars, those protocols exist to protect those assets and shift responsibility to the player/team/employees. Oh the player/doctor didn't follow the protocol sorry can't sue us!

10-15 years ago concussions were like smoking in the 70s, we just didn't know any better. Today it is all on her. If she isn't surrounded by a team/friends smart enough to tell her to sit it out she needs a new team/friends. Hard to convince athletes they can't compete due to moderate symptoms btu needs to be done.

Youth sport in my neck of the woods we do regular refresher training on symptoms and I require a family doctor to sign off before letting a player back to practice let alone a game after any type of blow to the head. For awhile I needed to provide links and resources for the docs/parent to get onboard with our back to play steps but now it is mostly common knowledge. Some kids are back the next practice some a few weeks some missed whole seasons. The days of " You good? Get back out there" should be done and gone.
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 A lot of fingers pointed to UCI (fair enough), but that episode when she spent time lying in a dark room just hours before the start of the race honestly screams concussion to anyone who can spell the word, and doesn't reflect well on her team.
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 @sino428: So you’ve gone from claiming that there’s no one who could possibly have told her not to race to claiming that sure there were loads of people who could have told her that but so what if they didn’t want to?

There’s a really simple answer to that - bull shit, they should be expected to protect their athlete above short term results.
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 @wingguy: No, this original thread was about firing whoever allowed her to race. There are plenty of people that could have told her not to race had they known what is going on, but no one with the actual authority to stop her, outside maybe the people who run her team. So to the original point who do you want fired? Her team manager? If so, who has the ability to fire the person running the team?
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 @sino428: Fire Max!
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 @mgs781HD: That is a load of crap most of the time. At the end of the day people just want to find someone to blame.
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 @sino428: you really think league doctors are sitting on hundreds of cognitive tests to compare to them in real time during concussion eval? That's like saying you can't perform a field sobriety test without having a baseline to compare it to.
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 @BaeckerX1: the fst is based on measurable concentrations.

The tbi.. lot of subjective evals.
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 @BaeckerX1: do the league doctors have the results of hundreds of cognitive tests? Yes!!! that’s exactly what they do.

Each player is given a neurological and neurocognitive test and evaluation during the preseason when they are healthy. Those baseline exams are then used to evaluate when/if a player is suffering from a concussion. That’s the only way to know if each individual players is suffering a decline in cognitive performance.
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 @sino428: where are you getting your information from? Are you a league doctor? Or are you just talking out of your ass? I've seen EMTs evaluate crashed mountain bikers for concussion symptoms trailside and in parking lots without any baseline to read.
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 @Willikers: not talking about a breathalyzer. Talking about making people walk a straight line, stand on 1 foot, say the alphabet backwards, etc.
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 @sino428: also my girlfriend is a nurse who used to be an EMT, also worked at a neurology center in Summit County (where there are lots of mountain bikers and skiers), and I just talked to her about this. s
She even told me there are basic tests they can do for concussion symptoms when treating a patient, no baseline cognitive assessment needed. She told me to tell you that emergency medicine has to respond to TBIs all the time and if what you said was true, nobody could get appropriate treatment.
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 @sino428: Maybe??? Again, what’s this obsession with refusing to accept that people inside her team have any duty of care for their rider?

Anyone inside her team who was aware she was suffering but didn’t report to the team boss that she either shouldn’t race or should be evaluated by a doctor before racing is culpable. If the team boss also knew that then he’s culpable. Sure, you can’t fire the team boss but that doesn’t make you any less wrong to claim that nobody could have stopped her from going back on track. That’s a simply absurd statement.
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 @johniep: Agree to disagree here. I was in the exact same position a few years ago. I crashed in practice and got a concussion, went to the ER, was told by the doctor that I should not race the next day, I was worried about series points and ended up racing anyway. Like her, I didn't crash in the race but did suffer concussion symptoms for weeks/months after. I am a grown man with a family, who is responsible for my own decisions. I regret doing what I did and wish I had listened to the doctor as it could have been very bad if I had crashed again. Brain injuries are nothing to mess around with and I feel that it is the team and event's responsibility to put riders first and protect them from doing what I and Myriam did. It is great to see other riders bucking the trend and pulling out of races because of concussions like Tahnee did recently. She is setting a good example here but I will still root for Myriam first as I think she is awesome...
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 @wingguy: no this is an absurd statement.

Why don't you go tell Max what you think about how he runs his team.

I'm sure he would love to hear your input haha
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 @Willikers: Please set it up... I am happy to share my views with Max on this and I'm sure he would do it differently if the situation occurs again, he seems like a great guy that runs his teams like a family. I am willing to bet there are new internal rules within the team should a concussion occur in the future for any of his riders.
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 @mgs781HD: I would bet that also.

But with the French there is always a wild card.
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 @mgs781HD: exactly, the athlete can't be counted on to make a good decision under pressure. Maybe it's your home track, maybe you just had a meeting with the team manager and got warned that you needed to step it up if you want to keep your spot. Maybe you are the star and the team manager just met the owner and got told they needed results. ' you good, get back out there kid' just does not cut it.
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 Part of the problem IMO is the low number of races with no throw-aways during the season. It pressures both athletes and teams competing for the overall to race even if unhealthy.
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 @mgs781HD: man I don't know how the doctor diagnosed you with a concussion without a baseline cognitive assessment to compare to. @sino428 says that's impossible.
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 @Willikers: I would be more than happy to talk to Max on the subject, but why do you think I should? He’s not the owner or manager of the team.

Kind of absurd that you don’t know that.
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 @wingguy: well why don't you talk to the guy who is going to listen to you then?

No one???

That's what I thought. Maybe Pompon will listen to you, I think she's on tinder
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 @pink505: The athlete can’t be counted on to make a decision while concussed, regardless of pressure. People with bad concussions will often think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them despite significant evidence to the contrary, because the tool they use to figure out if there’s something wrong with them is damaged.
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 Absolutely! love racing. But these athletes have a whole life ahead of them. Potentially throwing that away for a title.. very very sad. I have been struggling with issue from a TBI, that happened over a decade ago. Take care of your brain folks, its your temple...
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 @BaeckerX1: It was obvious that I rang my bell pretty good, anyone could have seen that. I couldn't recall the crash or what led up to it. I called my wife to come and take me to the ER, forgot I called her and then called her again and repeated everything. She was like - I know, you just called and told me, I'm on my way. I was foggy, sensitive to light, and very anxious. The funny thing is that it was a whiplash concussion, the helmet looked fine. Looking at the GoPro after, I lost the front on a high speed flat corner and fell on my right side at probably 30 mph. Everything except my brain was fine from the crash. It took a few months to return to normal and I was even more useless at work for weeks. The brain is nothing to mess around with.
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 @wingguy: I guess my point was that some will knowingly carry on due to external pressures, but you are right. I think things are coming around overall and hopefully the trend continues to have more informed folks making better decisions. Those that chose to ignore the evidence can suffer the consequences.
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 @wingguy: let's see, since you are such a genius..

Pompon wearing a jersey with Max's name on it..

Hmm.. I wonder if he sponsors the team..

Nah, that's another commencal.

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 @sino428: wow, that is beyond well thought out.

Deep pockets, cavernous.
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 @Willikers: What do you think you’re proving here? Do you think it’s big and clever to run a team that knowingly send concussed athletes out to race? Do you think they shouldn’t be told that’s a bad thing?

What exactly is your own opinion?
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 @wingguy: my opinion is that you are screaming at clouds.
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 @Willikers: I know he sponsors the team. You said he runs it and it’s his. Those are two very different things, which should be obvious to any non-dumbass.

Maybe put the shovel down now, you’ve dug deep enough.
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 @wingguy: whatever, High Moral Ground boy.

Because you are so dense and need things explicated:

Just because you have a break in your day it doesn't mean you can fix her brain injury on the internet.

Do you understand, slow boy.

Jeez do you live in a council flat in Leeds or something?
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 @Willikers: You think I said I could fix Myriam’s brain? Damn son, you’ve missed the point by a damn sight more than I thought.

Are council flats in Leeds generally where moral high ground types advocating for better handling of brain injuries live? That seems unlikely.
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 @wingguy: dumbass, nobody disagrees with the fact that protocols need to be fixed.

You have just been saying that for a day now without adding anything.

And you can't do anything about it so how about you stfu.
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 @Willikers: So you agree with everything I’ve been saying? Cool! But what are you so angry about? And what does agreeing with a dumbass make you?
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 @wingguy: omg. So much logical fallacy.
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 @Willikers: Indeed. But why?
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 @sino428: I read the entire thing. Those baselines are used for long-term symptom evaluations as well as cumulative side effects from repeated head impacts, not during sideline assessments. You can see they also have a list of no-go criteria. The sideline assessment is very similar to one medical personnel would give when responding to a TBI, and doesn't need a baseline. So either way you're completely wrong that they can't do anything to evaluate riders for concussion symptoms before sending them back to race.
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 @Rageingdh: That was sarcasm I hope?
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 You’re correct they aren’t capable of making decisions at that point. However if you’re laying in a dark room with an ice pack on your head before your race run?… It’s a “ no brained” (sorry for the pun) that you shouldn’t race. A top tier athlete like that should have at least one responsible party looking after them. Sadly the only way this will change is if riders begin to unionize the way they have in other major sports. Then the rider’s union can create rules that all have to follow or the UCI and others can be held accountable. Just like the players are holding the NFL accountable after all this time. I know it’s all about money but I’m not seeing the NFL or the UCI going broke anytime soon. Taking care of the people who bring you the sport is another “ no brainer”. Haven’t ever seen fans show up to any venue to watch NFL executives play ball or UCI executives ride down a hill. Could be funny though.
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 @BMXrad: Personal responsibility does not extend to someone who's had a brain injury that may result in impared judgement. Simple as that.
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 I’d love to see some form of regulation to protect riders, health and career in these instances. Thanks for posting this. Awareness around our brain health is super important. I sound like a dad, but I just got checked out after denting a helmet hitting a rock, a younger me would’ve kept riding all day.
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 I road raced motorcycles in the 80's and 90's. If you crashed you had to report to the referee with your helmet. If there was damage to the helmet you sat out that race. That was 40 years ago, I would hope we have come a long way since then. The fact that she raced the next day makes me think not. The most critical period for concussions is the 48hrs after. This is very serious stuff and team doctors should be there to protect the riders.
  • 4 1
 @Yaan: while I very much agree we need to take concussions very serious and take a conservative approach to them (better to sit out if it’s borderline). Helmet damage isn’t a good metric. I’ve smashed the back of a helmet to where the shell and foam were cracked in multiple places and I was fine. I’ve also hit the top of my head, zero damage to the helmet (barely a paint scuff) and I took a 5 minute dirt nap followed by 3 weeks of concussion symptoms. Both full face, both almost brand new, TLD and Fox, helmets are designed to break
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 @Yaan: The crucial point there could be having the doctors protect the riders, rather than leaving it even partly on the riders.

Be real, in the heat of the moment these riders would eat their own leg off to win.
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 @loosegoat: 100% agree, helmet technology is evolving only for the good.
Mips and impact absorbing technology, all good things.
I have always spent a good amount of money on a helmets.

There wasn't any talk of concussion protocol in the 80's and 90's.
If it looked like your lid was damaged you didn't race.
There's a lot of things that play into the impact, everyone should get checked out after damaging a helmet.
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Completely different experience road racing AMA in the 90's. I witnessed guys including my teammate laying face down on the tarmac knocked out cold to get up and qualify in the next session a few hours later.
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 @50percentsure: You're right. Look at rugby, when the the decision was made by the team physician players were often allowed to come back on the field. Now it's made by an independant doctor and things have changed a lot for the best. UCI sure can think about it.
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 @Ricolaburle: I was going to post about rugby too. The other thing is that the ref will send players to get assessed.
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 Rugby is still in the denial stage . Here in Nz at least. From the NZRU. there own medical staff ,players ex players and media. The discussion was sidelined when the talk of selling at stake in the all blacks came along and $$$$$ @korev:
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 @Yaan: I was hit by a truck two weeks ago while riding to work. I remember nothing, but the main point of impact was apparently my cheek, and I am still suffering the effects of a minor concussion. Next to zero damage to my helmet, just a small crack in the shell on the rear of it, no material damage at all. Looking at the helmet alone, you wouldn't expect that I was concussed.
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 @brightfff: Same happened to me in the 95. I lost like 3 months of memory and the helmet looked like yours. Waking up in an ER gave me a pretty good idea I was concussed. After healing, later crashes it turned out to be easier to get concussed. Take it easy and be good to yourself. Let your brain heal.
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 @loosegoat: I've given myself concussion twice where the helmet hasn't actually hit the ground, both from OTBs where my head got properly whipped around. Didn't really think anything of it until I started getting blind spots...
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 @50percentsure: with limited events a year, small windows for careers, and generally low pay to begin with, the incentive for riders to ride every single race no matter their condition is sky high. The decision needs to be taken out of their hands.

Concussions are tricky and not always easy to diagnose but in this case its pretty clear someone should have stepped in.
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 @brightfff: Thats why the UCI doesn't allow trucks on track.
Heal up
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 @FUbob: Yes that was at our local track, thankfully someone was looking out for us. I have raced in Washington and Oregon around the same timeframe and seen many people crash and be out on track in the afternoon or next day.
I have also had a buddy die from the same, big crash on Saturday wrote off a helmet.
Small crash on Sunday wearing a different helmet, brain was inflamed and he didn't make it.

I've been known to get in peoples faces about concussion protocol at MTB races because of this.
Be safe out there kids.
You can race another day if you take care of your brain.
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 @Yaan: Good on you, Yaan. Your experience is valuable and you're making positive impact.. Nice!
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 Commencal needs to hire some more conservative team doctors
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 I assume you mean because they let Miriam race Lordes. Pays not to think about what could have happened with a second head knock. Sounds like a quick turn around from darkened room to full intensity - I hope there are no further complications
  • 36 1
 The UCI should of had their own doctor assess whether or not she should be racing. Team biases would of wanted her to get on TV...
  • 13 7
 @Mtbiker32: Your butchering of the English language gives me concussion symptoms. Otherwise I agree.
  • 2 1
 @Mtbiker32: I think there is a regulation for that and a UCI team who is evaluating the injured riders, but it does not seem to work properly Big Grin
  • 1 3
 @bulletbassman Did you mean comprehensive?
  • 4 0
 @therealmancub: no I meant conservative but I’m not talking about politics.
  • 22 0
 Tahnee just posted the same unfortunately, get well soon ladies
  • 2 0
 And now Finn Iles is out too.
  • 8 0
 I'd hate to think that the reason Myriam is having issues now, is due to riding hard so soon after the initial injury. Downhill riding is a tough business, and it must be hard to say no to a race run. This is where the Team officials must be more aware and active regarding this type of injury and the possibility of longer term effects.
  • 7 0
 She probably doesn't have "post concussion symptoms" as the article states. She probably has concussion symptoms.

Serious concussions can make you more light sensitive and headache sensitive years later, but she's probably not healed.

Racing after the concussion definitely made her recovery a lot longer.
  • 6 0
 Healing vibes from Austria as well! Get well soon. As a MD who Haß looked into this topic quite thoroughly because a close friend experienced prolonged "concussion symptoms" after a crash that resulted in Diffuse Axonal Injury (only visible on MRI, not CT), all I can say is: DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THIS TOPIC AND ESPECIALLY THE RISK OF SECOND HIT. Therefore the decision to let you start in Lourde was actually wrong. Staying in a calm place would have been best. Crashing during race run could have resulted in a tragedy.
  • 6 0
 So how long are we going to do this dance over and over again.

Racer right after crash: "really, I'm totally okay. No problem at all. Just look at me. Everything's normal."

Racer month later: "In hindsight...."

Not to point on, and imply anything into what Myriam or Thanee said. But it's hard to not see a pattern in all these concussion-related-athlete-statements.

I don't want to see another case, like Lorraine Truong's, where it's been one hit too many.
  • 11 5
 Best wishes Pompon. I do find it odd that PB gets it's news from the same place we all get it-instagram. Do they not do journalism anymore?
  • 17 4
 Your assumption is everyone is on the gram.
  • 9 2
 @Yaan: true point. An interview with the athletes on this news would be cool, I mean, isn't this the worlds largest MTB news site?
  • 8 1
 I bet there is going to near NFL levels of CTE in MTB athletes in the future. Scary stuff.
  • 11 0
 I wouldn't go that far, football players are potentially taking hits to the head every play and are using their helmets as battering rams (helmet to helmet contact can be banned but that doesn't stop this, especially on the line). Mountain bikers are (hopefully) crashing only rarely.
  • 2 0
 @jwestenhoff: yeah that’s true.
  • 4 0
 The NFL has a reckoning coming with the head injuries. I absolutely love watching football but we are just starting to scratch the surface on head injuries and what we know already is terrifying. With all the money the NFL has if they ever throw their weight behind actual research into this hopefully some life changing progress can be made. Its a shame they spent so many years hiding the problem instead of trying to fix it.
  • 8 0
 PLEASE take your time and don't rush it.
  • 8 3
 DH courses are becoming faster and the jumps are getting bigger. I wonder if EWS riders suffer as much head trauma as DH racers. I wish DH courses were more technical like EWS courses and less of that smooth sendy stuff.
  • 3 3
 I don't think that is the case, really. In my perception, the technical DH courses are more likely to have riders crashing than the "sendy" bikepark style courses. The main difference to EWS is that DH racers go all out for 3 minutes, while EWS racers have to maintain a controlled speed over 20 plus minutes of timed stages. Take that approach to a rock garden and you will have more risk of serious injury in DH over enduro
  • 4 0
 @hardtailpunter: the speed at which your skull collides with the earth is what matters
  • 4 1
 About 15 years ago, I had a fee heavy concussions myself riding my DH Bike. My Father who has now been an Optometrist for 36 years, had the thought to do a visual field test to check my peripheral vision. Having subsequently tested hundred's of clients who have suffered a concussion (usually sport related - ie MTB or AFL) there has been conclusive evidence that it can significantly impact your visual system. I've done. a few on myself over the years and all showed a significant sign of impact post a concussion, some taking months to clear. It's not an area that has been studied highly, in fact I hear it's only been recently that certain Australian sporting organisations have started doing baseline Visual Field tests on athletes. Definitely something I would suggest anyone do post concussion to at least monitor those symptoms. . . Anecdotally the only time in the last 15 odd years we have not seen any visual field loss as a direct result form concussion was when I was wearing a MIPS helmet, whether to not that was the savour its always hard to tell
  • 2 0
 I crashed Jan 31st of this year and that’s one of my last symptoms. I do visual reflex exercises Every day and it is getting better but it’s slow. When I am on the bike I have to go slower eyes simply can not keep up with the old pace. Can’t imagine trying to keep a racing career alive while dealing with these symptoms.
  • 2 5
 You definitely type like you had a concussion...
  • 1 1
 I realize now that was I said was extremely dick-ish. Sorry bj!
  • 2 1
 @wpplayer18: All good dude, I didn't realise you can't edit after posting (insert cry laughing emoji here)
  • 2 0
 I had a crash in Lenzerheide riding ob my own in 2017 around noon. After a couple minutes it felt alright and i kept riding the whole afternoon. I was pretty sure i got concussed after a day or two. I tamed down what i did the weeks after, but still did alot of things. Now i still have obe symptom from this: if i am tired and drive in the dark, i struggle much more with the headlights of cars coming the opposite direction of me. I guess this would not be a problem, if i just would have taken the gondola down and kept still for a couple days...
  • 6 2
 I was under the impression we didn't fully understand concussion and what causes it. Then I visited the Pinkbike comments section and found all the experts
  • 2 0
 Not to take anything from the crash and concussions, and Myriam didn't mention Covid but Tahnee did. I felt like I had a concussion when I had covid, and felt like my headaches were so bad that I had brain damage. I certainly didn't as Id been on recovery from a surgery for 2 months already and still havent been on a bike, But add an actual concussion anywhere near that time and shit I reckon the recovery could possibly be worse than normal. I could be totally wrong of course. But covid brain fog and severe headaches seem to be some kind of massive dehydration and inflammation? Link maybe?
  • 1 0
 It is all very sweet,but in the end it’s racing,and to say you crash your out ,it’s a tough call for someone to say ,let the protagonists and the real money makers ,make the call ,it is their job and their life’s ,it’s tough,but there are worst things in life ,and badly poor pay people that risk it more ,it’s their choices,they are all very well informed in this days ,so
  • 1 0
 I knocked myself out DJing and was blacked out for 30-45 minutes. Woke up back at my house. Luckily someone drove me home. I never had any post-crash symptoms, but never want to repeat that experience. So, this was a big one. Take it easy next time!
  • 1 0
 Absolutely love racing. But these athletes have a whole life ahead of them. Potentially throwing that away for a title.. very very sad to see this over and over, haven't we learned? I have been struggling with issue from a TBI, that happened over a decade ago. Take care of your brain folks, its your temple...
  • 3 0
 Get well Myriam, head injuries are no joke. I agree that maybe she shouldn’t have raced… scary risk.
  • 2 0
 Its frankly amazing that we still dont have concussion protocols by UCI. In lieu of this, teams should be coming together to agree some to protect all riders.
  • 1 0
 muliti Billion Dollar Industry. The Pay these riders get is such a joke. Pro surfers Get $100,000 for a win on the CT men and women both. ....the risk vs payoff is way out of line.
  • 1 1
 Hyperbaric chamber for all the concussed should be standard of care. I have seen some dramatic turn arounds in my practice.
The studies from Boussi-Gross R et al [3] and Harch PG et al [4, 5] showed HBOT (1.5 atmospheres absolute [ATA], 60 min once or twice daily for 40 sessions) significantly improved symptoms, cognitive abilities, and quality of life, with concomitant improvements in single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) ...Aug 25, 2015
  • 1 0
 I hit my head in 2014 over jumped a jump and cracked the helmet on the stem and i tell everyone i never been the same since from headaches to having brain pressure ..she is def right its so scary
  • 4 1
 The struggle is real when your bell gets rung.
  • 2 1
 @AFunFox: Yeah we need an update on the twig & berries
  • 5 2
  • 4 0
 Unless you're doing a backflip
  • 1 0
 jesus, this and Tahnee's articles both got me spooked. Is there some tutorial on how to crash properly? Like ways to roll out or bail to minimize risk?
  • 5 0
 If riders of that talent can't crash "properly" then what chance have us mortals got?
  • 3 0
 There are plenty of crashes where there is absolutely nothing you can do
  • 3 0
 First pic is how my gf looks at me when I buy mtb stuff.
  • 4 2
 Pretty sure you want the rubber side DOWN
  • 1 1
 That's what I thought when I read that
  • 1 0
 Me too…ever since ‘98 lol
  • 1 0
 Sending healing vibes and love.
  • 1 0
 Do we say rubber side down or up?
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