Nino Schurter & Kate Courtney Extend Contracts Until 2024 with Scott-SRAM MTB Racing

Mar 15, 2022 at 9:44
by Sarah Moore  

Nino Schurter and Kate Courtney have extended their contracts with Scott-SRAM MTB Racing until 2024, as have sponsors SRAM and RockShox. In what is one of the longest partnership in the sport of cross-country racing, Schurter will be going into his 20th season with Scott-SRAM.

bigquotesI‘m heading into my 20th season with SCOTT-SRAM. With this team, I've been able to celebrate so many victories in the past years and create unforgettable memories along the way. Surrounded by friends as teammates and the best staff, it’s only logical and clear to me that I don’t want to change anything in this winning formula. I'm excited to continue the journey until 2024.Nino Schurter

Schurter has been on Team Director Thomas Frischknecht's team since 2003, previously under the name of Swisspower MTB Racing. At the age of 35, Schurter is the winner of three Olympic medals, 9 World Championships, 7 World Cup Champion titles, and 32 World Cup races. Now, he has committed to two more years of racing at the highest level, until the end of 2024 and the Olympic Games in Paris.

bigquotesWe can't ask for more than working with the very best athletes and the leading brands in the industry. Being directly involved in the latest product developments gives us the advantage of always having the fastest equipment out there. It's a win-win on both sides. As our success is built on team spirit, the amazing people behind SCOTT and SRAM are just as important. My history with SRAM goes back 30 years winning the World Cup title with SRAM's Grip Shift! And both Scott and SRAM have supported my Swisspower development team since the very beginning in 2002. It's great to continue working with the same people. Never change a winning team!Scott-SRAM Team Director Thomas Frischknecht

bigquotesSRAM has been committed to racing at the highest level since its founding in 1987. Our partnership with SCOTT dates back to the very early days of MTB racing. The SCOTT-SRAM partnership today is one of our most valued. With legends like Frischi, Nino, and Kate leading the efforts, we couldn’t be prouder of all that they accomplish year after year. We look forward to this relationship lasting forever, and that it shall continue to compete at the highest level with the most talented competitors.David Zimberoff, VP of Marketing, SRAM

bigquotesAt SCOTT, racing has been in our DNA since the beginning. Working with world-class athletes allows us to test our product innovations at the most elite level and design products to support their success. The SCOTT-SRAM team has been part of the SCOTT family for more than 20 years and no one represents our “No Shortcuts” philosophy better. Becoming the most successful MTB racing team in history has been hard-earned and well-deserved. Today, we're incredibly proud to have the industry's best partners on our side and look forward to continuing this path of success together.Reto Aeschbacher, CMO & Brand Manager, SCOTT Sports

Kate Courtney joined the Scott-SRAM team in 2019 and won her first three first World Cup races with the team and took the 2019 XC World Cup overall.

bigquotesWhile mountain biking may appear to be an individual sport, it absolutely takes a team to perform consistently at the top level. Scott-SRAM MTB Racing has a track record that speaks for itself, but the team environment is what truly sets it apart. We prepare, battle, win and lose as a family. "

I am excited to announce that I will be continuing with the dream team through 2024! I am grateful for their unwavering belief in me as an athlete and support in becoming the best I can be. Looking forward to accomplishing big things together in the coming years!
Kate Courtney

For the upcoming 2022 season, Scott-SRAM will continue to be a roster of four riders, with European Champion Lars Forster and Andri Frischknecht racing alongside Schurter and Courtney. Forster will be competing in the Cape Epic alongside Schurter, while Andri Frischknecht heads into his 6th year racing the Elite class.

The team will continue to be supported by mechanics Yanick-the-Mechanic Gyger, Brad Copeland and Kurt Gross Physio, as well as "feel-good-manager" Julia Hegar.


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 Stoked for Kate and can't wait to see what she does this year, but also just as stoked for her post-retirement Nacho shop that she's going to open.
  • 4 0
 She doesn't post many tacos lately. Makes me think there is some sort of conspiracy unfolding.
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 I think Nino will never leave Scott.
  • 41 0
 I think Scott will never leave Nino
  • 1 0
 The bikes are pretty good. I don't know why they don't sell in the US well though. Perhaps distribution is not good. Not many retailers sell them.
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 @Acourtney: I'm not a big fan of all that stuff that clutters the handlebar, but you can remove all of it to just dropper and shifter levers.
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 God, I feel for these people trying to maintain the razor edge of pro fitness, mental and physical, while a bunch of sport class internet warriors tell 'em how to be better. FWIW, I have immense respect for Kate and how she handles herself, the image she projects for young female athletes like my daughter (who follows her pretty closely). She's a badass. Rode with her briefly when she was at Stanford - so "together" for her age. I wish her all the best.
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 Nevertheless she did claim she lacked opportunity for skill building. It's NorCal - if you swing a cat you'll hit 7 pros! She's such a clueless, tone deaf 1 percenter. Daughter of adventure capitalist has no opportunity!
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 Nino and Kate are such studs. That course preview Niko did a few years back with Claudio was insane, totally proving that you don't need a lot of travel to haul mega ass.
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 Dang at 15 I didn't have a scott sponsorship, I need to step up my game.
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 So this means another season of ridiculously fast racing, being 29.99 seconds faster than the rest on proprietary parts!
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 @pedalt0themedal: I'm one iteration ahead of you. 29.99 is the new 28.99! 28.99 will be unsupported very soon!
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 Imagine having Thomas F as a team manager! He was also a a demon in the 90s if I recall. Maybe on a Proflex?
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 Richey, with those Girvin/Allsop Flexstems. Then he moved to Scott.

3x world XC champ Henrik Djernis was ProFlex.
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 Edit: The suspension stem was an Allsop/Softride stem. The Girvin Flexstem was, amazingly, an even crappier product.
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 @aaronjb: excellent 90s racing knowledge thank you
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 @johnny2shoes: It's literally my lone contribution to society at this point.
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 I'm hoping for some @mikelevy hype in the next PB podcast episode about this news xD His undying adoration for Nino is so cute :3
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 wonder why nino never got the red bull helmet..
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 maybe he didn't want it. If he doesn't believe that drinking red bull all the time will improve his performance, he may not have wanted to mislead his fans, including kids, by falsely representing the brand.
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 @anaughtymouse: also it tastes horrible.. that might be a pretty decent reason....
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 @anaughtymouse: agree. Sugar is the absolute devil and watching athletes drinking it has always seemed a bit wierd
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 @johnny2shoes: From what I've heard over the years is that in many instances (promotional shots, TV Interviews, etc.) what's ON the can and what's IN the can are two very different things.

IMPO, I love their support of sports but as for the drink itself, it's horrid stuff unfit for consumption.
JFYI, they do have their "Organics" line of drinks but I can never find them.
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 @johnny2shoes: The body does not use insulin to process sugar during aerobic exercise. It’s an incredible performance booster and does not affect your body in the same way that consuming added sugar while sedentary does. What else do you suggest competitive athletes use?
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 @KeeganPelton: yes that’s all fair and true and you’re right.

I guess my concern is that the marketing makes sure it is in the hands of the kids going to school, the late night study folk, and the wandering around towners, none of whom need 10% sugar drinks. Fizzy, sugary, caffeinated drinks can’t be perfect for athletes but are terrible if you aren’t in the beautiful exercise period of non insulin based glucose transfer.
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 @KeeganPelton: Would you say that Red Bull, as a performance booster, is better than other forms of caffeinated/sugary mixes to put in bottles while racing/training? Just curious what a top-level athlete has to say about Red Bull and other sports drinks, of which I have never consumed regularly.
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 Update: despite finishing 9th in petropolis her UCI ranking went from 19th to 22nd in the world.

That's how Strong the field is folks - she's on track to hover around that ranking for the rest of her career. See Yana Belomina.
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 No worries - it's funny how we see the same things but come to different conclusions - that's what makes the world go round. It's pretty bad now that I'm the only one who mentions how good the other young American riders are. Think that's part of the same effect Cheers.
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 He should just change his name at this point to Nino Scott.
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 It is going to be three more years of racing until the end of 2024 (2022, 2023 and 2024).
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 I see you have a lot of hate for Aaron Gwin.. does that make you mentally ill?
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 Nothing in the press release about Kate and I being madly in love and ready to spend a lifetime of happiness together.
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